The Sum of All Fears – Super Bowl Terrorism in the Movies

ALL FEARS =29/38/74/263/444/34/70/223.  MASONIC =29/38/74/263/444/34/70/223. 

Searching for movies that feature terrorism at football games, The Sum of All Fears from 31 May 2002 features a nuclear bomb go off at the Super Bowl in Baltimore. While not actually called the Super Bowl, it is the championship game held at the fictional Baltimore Forum and while there are no official NFL teams depicted, we do see that it’s the Blue & Silver versus the Black & Yellow; Chicago VS Florida, it’s said. The Big Game is attended by the President of the United States and the Director of the CIA who are forced to evacuate just before the nuke detonates, levelling Baltimore, the hometown of Tom Clancy and his character Jack Ryan. [Watch the clip here.]

The movie is based on a Tom Clancy novel from 1991 in which terrorists detonate a nuclear bomb at a Super Bowl in Denver between the Minnesota Vikings and San Diego Chargers. In the book most of Denver is destroyed, and the bomb coincides with a false flag attack on U.S. forces in Berlin by East Germans disguised as Soviet soldiers, aiming to begin a nuclear war between the U.S. and the Soviet Union so that they’ll take each other out and Europe can once again rule the world.

And I’ve once again went WAY way down the Rabbit Hole here, ladies & gents 😉 

While we can’t find an exact publishing date, the novel written by Thomas Leo Clancy =996 “released days before the 1991 August Coup (19th to 22nd) which signalled the dissolution of the Soviet Union.” Counting from 8/19/91 to Super Bowl LII =966 we find a span of 9666 days. Hines Ward’s career ended 1166 weeks 6 days after The Fall of the Berlin Wall =996. Second Korean War =996. North Koreans =996. The Closing Ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea is 16,069 days after the Munich Massacre.

  • Former Steeler Hines Ward plays himself in The Dark Knight Rises, which also stars Morgan Freeman and also features terrorism at a football game involving a fictional team in the colours of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Black Sunday also prominently features the Steelers as one of the championship teams. Roethlisberger =966. Benjamin Roethlisberger =999.

The Soviet Union dissolved on 26 December 1991, a perfect 777 days after the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Brexit happened 7 years 7 months 7 weeks 7 days after the Dow Jones fell 777 points and William Henry Harrison, the first US President to die in office, died exactly 777 months after American Independence. Donald Trump took office when he was 70 years 7 months 7 days old and was born exactly 777 weeks before the birth of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

We just saw that Cam Newton was born 7707 days after the death of Martin Luther King and for the Pro Bowl on 1/28, Kim Jong Un will be exactly 1777 weeks old. US Bank Stadium =777 (in Jewish Gematria). Ben Roethlisberger =777 (in Satanic Gematria).

17/18 days after the fall of the Berlin Wall =162 was the 77th Grey Cup on 11/26 at the SkyDome =26 in Toronto =26 won by the Saskatchewan Roughriders =1602/260. CFL will tie into the subject at hand later but what strikes me about this game is the possibility that Super Bowl LII =62 in Minneapolis =62 could be Steelers VS Eagles, which would be a repetition of the same colour-coding from 1989 to wrap up the 17/18 Season.

All Fears =126/26. Tom Clancy =26. The August Coup =126 ended 126 days before the Dissolution of the Soviet Union =62 on 12/26 – which happened 26 years ago. Super Bowl =260. Florida + Chicago =1602 is the matchup in The Sum of All Fears, which opened 262 days after 9/11/01. The protagonist’s full name: Dr John Patrick Jack Ryan Sr =1602 and he’s an agent for The Central Intelligence Agency =262.

  • Minnesota Super Bowl LII =262/1626. Hines Ward, the Steeler from Heinz Stadium, who watches his field destroyed in Dark Knight Rises, is from South Korea =126. An interesting parallel with all the nuclear weapons propaganda featuring Kim Jong Un. The Buffalo Bills made the playoffs for the first time since 1999, their team co-owned by a South Korean lady named Kim Pegula =26/62.  

We’re told that North Korea =62 recently telephoned South Korea to discuss the XXIII Olympic Winter Games =126 held in PyeongChang =621. Two Thousand Eighteen Winter Olympic Games =206. The football scene in Sum of All Fears was filmed at Olympic Stadium in Montreal, which broke ground in ’73 – a span of 10,626 days before the film opened. (Olympic Stadium also opened 40 years 5 days before US Bank Stadium, which synchs up with patterns we’ve been discussing previously).

Last year’s Super Bowl LI =62 aired on 2/6 in England and finished with 62 points combined. Steelers’ Rookie of the Year is JuJu Smith-Schuster =262/62 who went Round 2 Pick 62 and will be 1106 weeks 2 days old for the Super Bowl, the youngest player in the NFL. JuJu =62/620. John Sherman “JuJu” Smith-Schuster =162. He signed on May 17th, Jack Ryan’s birthday.

The sum of “ALL FEARS”, a Gematria joke, is (1+12+12+6+5+1+18+19) =74. The Sum of All Fears =174/741. Super Bowl =1407. Super Bowl LII =47. US Bank Stadium =147/47. Minnesota =47. Tom Clancy =47. Nuclear =74. Fears =47 .PyeongChang =47. Twenty Eighteen Winter Olympics =147. Dark Knight Rises =74. 

  • The 74th prime is 373 and these two movies came out 3703 days apart. Sum of All Fears opened 37 weeks 3 days after 9/11/01. Super Bowl Twenty Eighteen =373.

Sum of All Fears and Dark Knight Rises also opened 10 years 1 month 20 days apart like 112 as 211 is the 47th prime, again connecting back. Super Bowl =112. Calvillo =112. Alouettes =112. Black Sunday =1211. Super Bowl Twenty Eighteen =112/121. Olympics =112/1012. PyeongChang Olympics Closing Ceremony =112 which comes 1 year 12 days after the assassination of Kim Jong Un’s half-brother.

  • The first Jack Ryan film was Hunt for the Red October (1990) which opened 10,201 days before Super Bowl LII; its most recent instalment Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit =112 which opened 211 weeks 2 days before Super Bowl LII, the Big Game 11 months 2 days after the birthday of Benjamin Roethlisberger =112. Big Ben =121. 

Tying it back to the 47/74, Shadow Recruit opened 4 years 17 days before Super Bowl 52 and Ben Roethlisberger =174 was born 417 weeks after Red October opened – on his eighth birthday.

Clancy’s repeating character Jack Ryan =81 was trained as a Jesuit before being recruited into the CIA. We’re told he was born on 17 May 1950, which means Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis Minnesota =1818 comes 8 months 18 days after his birthday and 818 weeks 1 days after the release of The Sum of All Fears =181. Super Bowl LII Minnesota =1810. The matchup in the movie between Florida & Chicago =181. PyeongChang =181. Two Thousand Eighteen Winter Olympic Games =181. 

  • The ’18 NFL Playoffs begin exactly 5700 days after Sum of All Fears opened. Baltimore=570. Nuke =57. The Dark Knight Rises =57. Hines Ward =57. LII =57. Minneapolis =57. Super Bowl =1157. The Jack Ryan films constitute the 57th highest-grossing film series.

The Dark Knight Rises =89/98/1680. The Sum of All Fears =89/98/1086/68.

FEARS =86. US Bank =68. Morgan Freeman =68. Thomas Leo Clancy =86. Super Bowl Twenty Eighteen =1860. XXIII Olympic Winter Games =86 which really make a hot target to blame on North Korea. Two Thousand Eighteen Winter Olympic Games =186. 


All Fears =52. Minnesota =52. Morgan Freeman =52. Nuked =52. Jack Ryan =52 was 52 years 11 days old for the premier of The Sum of All Fears =251. Twenty Seven Thousand Nuclear Weapons One Is Missing =251. Here we find a perfect synch with its tagline and the other film Dark Knight Rises =251 as well as the upcoming Super Bowl Fifty Two =251 and the two teams in the film: Florida + Chicago =251/52. 

  • The Dark Knight Rises =205/125 opened 2025 days before Super Bowl LII =1205. Steelers =205. Pittsburgh Steelers =1521. Hines Ward =52. JuJu Smith-Schuster =125/215. John Sherman JuJu Smith-Schuster =525/2205/152 coded up like that was 20 years 5 months 25 days old when he signed and will be 1052 weeks old for the Conference Championship.
  • Soviet Union =152. Berlin Wall =152. Fall of the Berlin Wall =205. Nuclear Bomb =152. Chris Pine =52 plays the new Jack Ryan in Shadow Recruit =152. PyeongChang =125 and the Twenty Eighteen Winter Olympics =2250 end on 2/25. The Winter Olympics =225. Kim Jong Un =225 was born 12,250 days after the Korean War began. Korea =225. 

Remember the main two Super Bowl terrorism movies, Two Minute Warning =205 and Black Sunday released four months apart in 76/77, with Super Bowl XI (Raiders over Vikings) occurring in between. SB XI was a very clean 15,002 days before Super Bowl 52. Roethlisberger & Coach Tomlin are born exactly 520 weeks apart.

FUN FACT: Anthony Calvillo, professional football’s all-time passing yards leader, made a special appearance in The Sum of All Fears (the film shot at the Montreal Alouettes home stadium) as the GREY team’s quarterback and sure enough, 5 months 25 days or 25 weeks 2 days after the movie opened, Calvillo and the Alouettes =125 won the 2002 GREY Cup. A pretty tasty predictive programming example for the CFL.

  • The Monteal Alouettes were formerly the Baltimore Stallions, to connect to the Baltimore ground zero in the movie and perhaps what we’ve been seeing with all the Baltimore Ravens coding that didn’t even get them to the playoffs.

I also see that Calvillo was 30 years 3 months old when he won his first Grey Cup in 2002 – which incidentally is the the exact same age that Colin Kaepernick will be for Super Bowl LII. Calvillo & Kaep were born 5550 days apart (15 years 2 months) and Kaepernick was also born 555 days after the birth of Cam Newton.

ALL FEARS =444. MASONIC =444. Thomas Leo Clancy =44 died 4 years 4 months 4 days before Super Bowl LII. Dark Knight =44. Steelers =44. The Minnesota Vikings =1404. Philadelphia Eagles =144. Alouettes =144. SkyDome =144. Hunt for the Red October =1440. Twenty Eighteen Closing Ceremony =144. PyeongChang Olympics Closing Ceremony =404. 


The Dark Knight Rises =656 (Jewish). Pittsburgh =656 (Jewish). Quite the synch.

  • XXIII Olympic Winter Games =1812 and the closing ceremony comes EXACTLY 812 months after the Korean War began – for another big synch to go with all the 218 coding of the previous post. TRUMP =218. 

As for the Pi coding, I see that Super Bowl LII comes 10,314 days after the Berlin Wall fell. I’m working on a follow-up to my Twin Peaks Decipher and have found that the Season 3 Return (back 25 years after the previous finale, as they prophecied in that episode) premiered the exact same span of 10,314 days after the 2/23 death of Laura Palmer, who happens to have also been born on 7/22 in the show. PyeongChang Olympics =227.

And while I’m sure there’s plenty of buzz about this possibility, I’m definitely gonna have to follow up on some more coding to suggest an attack on the Closing Ceremony of the Winter Olympics – as I see it also comes 6011 days after 9/11/01.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 10.03.58 PM.png

7 thoughts on “The Sum of All Fears – Super Bowl Terrorism in the Movies

  1. Black sunday filmed at Superbowl X. Steelers won, total of 38 points.
    Minnesota = 38. Ben Affleck = 38.
    Affleck – Batman – Dark Knight – Steelers. Round and round we go.
    Afflecks birthday 5 months 20 days before SB 52.
    Ben’s got a brother casey.
    SB 52 with Ben (Roethlisberger) and Casey (keenum)
    Casey was Robert ford who shot Jesse James. Jesse James is also a steeler.
    Little tip of the hat to Dan Behrandt for some of that info.
    Then there’s the Batman v Superman connection, Cam newton plays the Superman.

    I think I need to go back and re-read your old posts.
    I thought I was reading them but there must be too much info to process in one go.
    If it wasn’t for Affleck attracting my attention then I wouldn’t have re-read this post 4 times.
    It was that last time that I noticed John Ryan shares a birthday with the atlanta QB Matt Ryan.
    I did quite a bit of research on him last year connected to 9/11 and the patriots.
    17/5 birthday = flight 175.
    If Atlanta beat the rams their season record will be 11-6 (we know 6 is sometimes 9)
    Will then play Philadelphia on 13th or 14th. I’m guessing 13th. 1+1+3+2+1+8 = 16.
    We’ve just had the 16th anniversary of 9/11.
    Sixteen = 33.
    Matt Ryan is about to turn 33, on 17/5. That’s 17 wks 5 days after Jan 13th.
    17 wks 5 days before Jan 13th takes us back to 9/11.
    They say 65 died on flight 175.
    Philadelphia = 65.
    9/11 is also 124 days before Jan 13th.
    12/4 is Tom Clancys birthday.
    He died on 10/1. Philadelphia = 101.
    12/4, like the 21/4 death date of prince. Prince = 38, minnesota = 38.
    Clancy was 38 when Matt ryan was born.
    Clancy born in baltimore, Prince wrote a song called baltimore.
    Clancy’s Wikipedia page has a picture of him at Boston college, that’s the same college Ryan went to.
    Flight 175 left boston.
    Boston is a jesuit college. Society of jesus = 56. 56 passengers on Flight 175.
    Jesuits are a ministry in 112 nations. Matt Ryan = 112.
    Sum of divisors of 112 add to 248.
    248 days before Ryans birthday is 9/11.
    This is all a big mess, literally started thinking out loud and wrote it down.
    Lots of links for lots of teams. Pretty impossible to work out what’s a real connection and what’s not.
    But like you said……It sure is fun trying!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • More awesome finds from Nicky T! I covered Affleck with the Accountant as it connects to the Las Vegas Shooting – that event is coded up with some of my favourite predictive programming and it’s sure to be a gold mine for future decodes.

      Matt Ryan born on Jack Ryan’s 35th birthday! So good. Exactly 420 months. Ryan =42. Cam Newton from Atlanta same as MLK.

      And I’ve been meaning to dig into that Jesse James connection for some time now, run the proper long counts on it. Did you hear the legend that Jesse James assassinated John Wilkes Booth, years after Lincoln, for running his mouth about the secret society they both belonged to, the Knights of the Golden Circle.


  2. I’d heard of the KGC only once before. Was in an episode of Bones. Episode 6 in season 7.
    Episode was called ‘The crack in the code’ ha.
    TJ Thynes character mentions them while next to a statue of Lincoln.
    (Thyne was born in boston)
    Episode aired on 1/12. Matt Ryan = 112
    The main character in that show was Seeley Booth played by David Boreanaz.
    His character was related to John wilkes booth.
    Seeley booth = 131. Boreanaz born 131 years after John wilkes.
    The guy they say killed John wilkes was ‘Boston’ corbett.
    The final ever episode of Bones was aired on 3/28.
    Lady Gaga born 3/28.
    Matt Ryan blew a 28-3 lead against New England, who are from Boston.
    Stumbled on Superbowl 51 coding I think.

    Might follow on to this year though, Robert ford shares a 1/31 birthday with Timberlake.
    Ford was shot by O’kelley who shares an October 1st birthday with tom clancy.
    That’s 4 months 3 days before the superbowl.
    Ford allegedly shot james on 4/3.
    O’kelley died on 1/13 the date I mentioned in my first post. Died in 1904, the same year the gun was bought to baltimore.

    Clancy died aged 66 on 10/1.
    The Steelers played Baltimore on that date.
    Won 26-9. Twenty six nine = 66. Baltimore ravens = 66.
    That’s mostly dates, not even started on the gematria yet.


    • From what I gathered from SB LI, they were running parallel themes up to the 2 Championship final games …. Cowbow/Indian theme (Jesse James / Geronimo) v’s Space/Royalty theme. Ultimately the Space/Royalty theme won out with Atlanta Falcons and New England winning through to the SB.

      AFC Championship final …. New England 36-17 over Steelers…. 36+17=53 (The year the Queen was coronated).
      NFC championship final …. Falcons 44-21 over Packers…. 44+21=65.
      The Queen celebrated 65 years of becoming the Queen on 2/6 (6/2 day first in England when SB51 was shown live) … When New ENGLAND won the SB with the combined score of 62 pts.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The Sum of All Fears premiere was on 29/5/02 – the same date plane 404 MH370 was delivered to MAS. The Atlanta game coming up on the 8th is 1 day shy of 815 weeks, with Trump in attendance, Atlanta home to the CDC (7x7x7) blown up 370 weeks prior in the Walking Dead – Atlanta former name Terminus as in end of the line

    Liked by 1 person

    • VERY Awesome finds my man! Olympics Closing Ceremony comes 404 days / 1 year 1 month 9 days after search for MH370 was called off. Terminus =119, love that ATL trivia and Walking Dead synch. The CDC =119. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention =144.

      And CDC (formed 17/18 days after Trump’s birth) is currently prepping Americans for Nuclear War. So many directions to take the CDC/MH370 route, i love it.


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