Governor Ventura: Super Bowl LII Clues

Presumably Jesse Ventura was presented with this Vikings #98 jersey sometime during the ’98 Season when he was elected Governor of Minnesota. Incidentally, Minnesota is hosting the Super Bowl in the 98th Season of the NFL – in which the Vikings are looking mighty strong to become the first team in history to play the Big Game at home. Ninety-Eight =62.

Saint Paul Minnesota =206/62 is the Twin City of Minneapolis =62 – host to Super Bowl LII =62 – and has a new mayor: Melvin Carter, the city’s first African-American mayor who assumed office on 1/3 of this year, the day after the new Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey (a 36-year-old Jew replacing a woman from Baltimore). Mayor Frey =126. Jacob =206. Twin =206. Mayor Melvin Carter =206. Carter 26/62 replaced Christopher B Chris Coleman =126/162. Coleman =126. Jacob Frey + Melvin Carter =126, the new mayors of the Twin Cities who as we’ll see, are full of clues for the Super Bowl =260. 

  • Indeed all these men are perfectly coded up with the cities they represent, the ubiquitous  and omnipresent 26/62 coding we see continue: St Paul =26. Minneapolis MN =162. Minneapolis–Saint Paul MN =1602. Twin Cities =260. Twins =260. 

But the discovery that made this deserving of a post is where the trail led – straight to the former Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura =62. Jesse =26 Ventura =1126. Governor Ventura =62. His real name James Janos =26. And of course Mr Ventura was a former WWF wrestler and Navy SEAL who, like his co-star of PredatorThe Running Man (Schwarzenegger & Ventura born 206 weeks apart), graduated from entertainment to politics. This theme we’ve just been reminded of with the (s)election of former soccer star George Weah to the President of Liberia =126. Ventura’s character in Running ManCaptain Freedom =216/620 and in Predator: Blain Cooper =162. 

Born on 9/1/61, the previous mayor of St Paul – Christopher B Chris Coleman =261 (EO) as its written on his Wikipedia – will be 20,610 days old for Super Bowl LII, which comes 26 years 10 days after the last time it was held in Minnesota (Super Bowl 26 on 26/1 of 1992). Governor of Minnesota =261. Minnesota Vikings =261. Justin Timberlake =261.

  • Teddy Bridgewater =162. Minnesota Vikings =1206. Viking =26. Franklin Steele =26 was the founder of Minneapolis, born in Pennsylvania =206, which suggests Pittsburgh Steelers VS Minnesota Vikings =206/260 in Super Bowl LII. Steelers Vikings =260. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania =2062. Timberlake =262. Denny Green =626, the former Vikings Coach who died the day before US Bank Stadium’s grand opening.
  • Jesse Ventura reminding us of another football-themed movie: Ace Ventura Pet Detective =262. Ace Ventura =162. The movie that features the Philadelphia Eagles =2016. Philadelphia =62.

26 weeks 2 days is equal to exactly six months, perfectly half a year. If we subtract that from Super Bowl LII on 2/4/18 we arrive back at August 4th 2017, the very first NFL preseason game, Cowboys over Cardinals (man defeats bird).

As it turns out, August 4th 2017 was exactly 50,002 days after the death of Franklin Steele =52. Let that sink in for a quick second before carrying on. Again, he’s the man from Pennsylvania =152 who co-founded the city of Minneapolis MN =52 (read about him here). Minneapolis–Saint Paul MN =250/252. Minneapolis–Saint Paul Minnesota =152/125. The cities once again coded up with their mayors: Coleman =125. Mayor Carter =125. Mayor Frey =125/250/1052. Jacob Frey + Melvin Carter =225/2052. Synched to SB 52 like 52 weeks in a year.

  • Steele =25 built the first permanent bridge to span the Mississippi River =152. Steelers =205. Pittsburgh + Minnesota =250. Pittsburgh the City of Bridges and the Minnesota Bridge Collapse of 8/1/07 that happened 152 years after that first bridge (1/23/1855) and 10 years 5 months 20 days before the Conference Championship. Half-time show by Justin Randall Timberlake =251/252. 
  • As Dan @ Mindless Freaks talks a lot about, there really does seem to be Bridge theme in play. Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater who returned on 12/17 from a devastating knee injury in 2016 training camp that reportedly nearly cost him his leg. Bridgewater’s first Playoffs game on 1/14 will be 502 days after that ACL “injury” (from 8/30/16). There’s also news recently of an executive from Bridgewater Associates who was killed in a plane crash (post on that other recent plane crashes the draft folder).

Also on 8/4/17, Dennis Earl Green =255 would have been 25,005 days old. The City of Bridges =255. Super Bowl Fifty-Two =255 and 255 days after it is the release of the latest movie in the Predator franchise called simply: The Predator =52. Coach Zimmer was born 255 weeks after Jesse Ventura who was born 125 weeks after Coach Green.

Eric Robert Rudolph =252 was captured exactly 2500 days after the bombing at the Atlanta Olympics =52. Which deserves mention again in light of ongoing patterns (and that perfect 2500 day span). And one of the defining features of the Predator is its Dreadlocks =255. Perhaps we look for teams with players wearing dreads.

George Weah the new President of Liberia =25/52 was born 52 years 25 days before Super Bowl 52. Predator =520 and Running Man =125 both came out in 1987, a span of 5 months 2 days apart. Predator also came out 5205 days before 9/11 and 11,025 days before the death of its actor Sonny Landham, the native tracker who died on 8/17.

Schwarzenegger & Ventura were actually in a third movie together, Batman & Robin =152 which opened exactly 10 years after Predator, or 521 weeks. And another thematic film, Schwarzenegger in Twins (1989) which opened 1521 weeks before Super Bowl LII. Ninety-Eight =521. And tying it back around, 521 is the 98th prime – this the 98th Season like Ventura’s #98 jersey.

  • Ace Ventura Pet Detective =125 came out 1252 weeks before Super Bowl 52 which will air on 2/5 in Europe. Pet Detective =250/52. Ray Finkle =52. Super Bowl XVII is featured in Ace Ventura (Redskins over Dolphins) with John Riggins as MVP. Riggins was born on our Aug 4th date and will be 25,020 days old for Super Bowl LII.
  • (Stated another way, Ace Ventura =142 opened on 2/4 exactly 24 years before this 2/4 Super Bowl. Ace Ventura Pet Detective =242.) Of course Ace Ventura is based in Miami and features the Dolphins, host to Super Bowl 54 on 2/2/2020.

The ’87 Super Bowl on 1/25 was the inaugural year of the “I’m Going to Disneyland” =252 campaign, which we mentioned previously. The pattern that sticks out to me between the ’87 & ’88 Super Bowls (Predator & Running Man opening between the two games) is that the Denver Broncos played – and lost – both. Perhaps a clue to the Falcons repeating this year? Or is the other bird team, the Eagles? After all, the conclusion of Ace Ventura was a Super Bowl between Miami & Philadelphia, with Ventura whooping the Eagles mascot, Swoop =25.

Now I once again got carried away, as these 666’s of Ventura was the whole original purpose for this post.

African-American =696. St Paul MN =696. Minneapolis–Saint Paul Minnesota =696 and its lowest elevation is 666 ft. Ventura will turn 66 years 6 months old on 1/14/18 for the Divisional Round Final between Vikings and the Wild Card Winner, which means that for the Conference Championship he’ll be 66 years 6 months 6 days old. He took office on 1/4/99 which means that the day of Super Bowl LII =966 will be exactly 996 weeks later. Denny Green =666. Teddy Bridgewater was 9066 days old the day before the 98th season began. Ninety-Eight =966.

  • Eric Rudolph =669 was born on 19/9/66 and is the patsy for the Centennial Olympic Park Bombing =1666 at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta GA =966. There’s a TE for the Vikings called Kyle Rudolph whose got some numbers on him (he’ll be 10,301 days old for the Conference Championship and 10,314 days old for the Super Bowl). Rudolph’s also born with 52 days remaining in the year.

And as if we can handle any more synchs, Mayor Frey was born 10,966 days after Ventura. The previous Super Bowl was 10,969 days after the aforementioned ’87 Super Bowl and half-time show this year is Justin =669 Timberlake. This year we also saw the death of the native tracker from Predator, Sonny Landham who played Billy Sole =666/966. The Predator wears Dreads =666.

That’s 30 years 8 days and Ventura was the 38th Governor of Minnesota =38 just as Schwarzenegger was the 38th Governor of California =138 both actors starring in Predator =380. Theodore Bridgewater Jr =308. William M Sonny Landham =308. US Bank Stadium =38. Ace Ventura =38. There’s a new Predator film coming out on 8/3 of 2018 and filming on it wrapped 8 months 3 days before the Super Bowl. Football =83. Dreadlocks =38/183. 

Now seriously, who in these playoffs has dreadlocks? I see Johnathan Cyprien =251 for the Titans (who will be 10,052 days old for the SB….), Sammy Watkins =552 & Todd Gurley =125 for the LA Rams =125. The Steeler on the right is DeAngelo Williams who has a pretty funny resume as after being let go by Pittsburgh last year he became a pro wrestler, reminding us of Jesse Ventura, then retired 3 months 3 days after his first appearance (his career lasting officially only three days).

  • Also before I even got onto the Predator tangent I had a free-association of St Paul’s new mayor Melvin Carter with rapper Wayne Carter =125/52 aka Lil Wayne =25 whose got himself some good dreads and is from New Orleans (though supports the Packers and is associated with the Atlanta scene).
  • Then I thought of Sean Carter aka Jay-Z who just dropped his 4:44 album 205 days before the Conference Championship. Justin Timberlake will be 444 months 4 days old when he does the half-time show, and the 444s is a story for another day. Timberlake =1044 performs 14 years 4 days since his last half-time show, the notorious Nipplegate (between Patriots beating Panthers).

I may have gone way off track here, imagining that as the Predator alien gets defeated in the films, so too will the Rams & Titans both go down in the Wild Card round, so let’s bring it back to something concrete. 

There are 446 bridges in Pittsburgh. Timberlake =446 is doing the half-time show and Schwarzenegger & Ventura are born 1446 days apart. Once again we see this synched with the new mayors of the Twin Cities: Jacob Frey + Melvin Carter =446. I’ve seen this sequence show up a few times lately but haven’t kept track, so let’s keep our eyes peeled for it eh.

17 thoughts on “Governor Ventura: Super Bowl LII Clues

  1. I think you’re onto something with bridges and water. George Weah (pronounced ‘Wier’). A wier is used to affect the flow of water …. To bridge water in effect, sometimes in association with a bridge. Then there’s timber lake as you mentioned. The etymology of ‘wier’ given in wiki being “to defend, dam”….. Perhaps alluding to New England defending their title? Who knows for sure.
    Great work on the decode. So many scenarios at play.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ventura’s birthday 204 days before the Superbowl on 2/4.

    I’ve got Georgia winning the NCAA, based mainly on the number 38 and linking to SB 52.
    Minnesota = 38 etc…
    Never even watched a college game but I saw a couple of interviews yesterday.
    One of the guys interviewed was Jalen hurts, the Alabama QB.
    As soon as he popped up on the screen I said ‘Fuck me it’s predator.’
    If you google image search him then you won’t see a likeness but his wiki page has been updated with the picture from the interview I saw.
    Likeness is unbelievable.
    I’m even more confident with my Georgia pick now.


  3. Remember RM won back to back CL titles and they were wearing purple for the final in Cardiff Wales. SB52 is being hosted by the Vikings who play in purple and Pats can win back to back SB’s. Since is why I have had the Patriots since the start of the season. We shall see what unfolds.


  4. There’s a new series out about the knights templar called Knightfall=108. Pittsburgh Steelers =108 New Orleans Saints =180. Georgia Bulldogs =180


  5. Nice breakdown and comments here. I’d like to add that on Jesse Ventura’s birthday in 2017 it was reported in Minnesota there was the shooting of Justine Damond.

    She was shot and killed by Mohamed Noor, a Minneapolis Police Department officer, after she had called 9-1-1 to report the possible assault of a woman in an alley behind her house. She was to be married soon and had taken already taken the last name of her husband-to-be.

    Jesse Ventura + Justine Damond and Mohamed Noor =227.
    Jesse Ventura + Justine Damond + Mohamed Noor + Super Bowl LII =2270 (Satanic).

    The Running Man =197 debuted when she was 10 years 7 months 9 days old. Justine Damond + The Running Man =179.

    Justine died 30 years 1 month 4 days after Predator debuted.
    The movie poster was: Predator Soon The Hunt Will Begin =227.
    Justine Ruszczyk-Damond =314. Justine Ruszczyk + Predator =314.
    Justine Maia Ruszczyk and Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger =227.
    the Running Man =314 (Baconis).

    Justine =1044 was born on 4/4 and when the new Predator movie debuts she would have been 41 years 4 months old. The Predator =414 (Primes). Justine Damond + The Predator =144.

    Justine (Damond =129) was born with the maiden name (Ruszczyk =129) and she was 10 years 2 months 9 days old when the Predator debuted on 12/6. Donald (Trump =88) posed with a bald eagle named (Uncle Sam =88) on (18/8) in 2015. DailyMail, HuffingtonPost, Buzzfeed, and a few other sites ran stories about this incident on 12/9 in 2015. From (12/9/15) to the day of Super Bowl LII is a span of 2 years 1 month 27 days. Eagles are apex predators btw.

    President Donald John Trump and Super Bowl LII =227. Trump won the election held on November 8,2016 and that was 1 year 2 months 27 day before Super Bowl LII. Trump’s birthday is 7 months 22 days (Pi reflection) before Super Bowl LII.
    Forty fifth President of the United States of America Donald John Trump =314.
    Forty fifth President of the United States of America Donald John Trump and Super Bowl LII =314.

    As of right now I like Super Bowl LII to be a Phil-Pitt Combine/Steagles tribute with the Steelers vs Eagles.
    Super Bowl LII Pittsburgh Steelers vs Philadelphia Eagles =314.
    Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis Minnesota Steelers vs Eagles =227.
    Trump + Super Bowl LII Pittsburgh Steelers vs Philadelphia Eagles =314.
    Phil-Pitt Combine + President Donald John Trump =227.
    Phil-Pitt Combine + President Donald J Trump + Super Bowl LII =2270 (Satanic).

    Trump was born 131 weeks 6 days after the Steagles played their last game. Steagles + President Donald Trump =1316. Donald Trump =36/136. The Steelers =136. The Eagles =361.
    Trump was born 141 weeks after the first game played by the Steagles. Phil-Pitt Combine + Donald Trump =141. The Steagles =41.

    The Steagles played their last game 2270 weeks 6 days before Predator debuted.
    The Phil-Pitt Combine =165 played their last game 16,050 days before The Running Man debuted.
    Phil-Pitt Combine and The Running Man =165/1065.

    Also on October 22, 2017 Chuck Weber of the Philadelphia Eagles died. Weber and the Eagles won the 1960 NFL Championship. Last NFL Championship the Eagles won. Weber died a span of 3 months 14 days before Super Bowl LII. Sorry for the long comment.

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