Jerry Van Dyke & John Young: The Minnesota State Screaming Eagles

Jerry Van Dyke died on January 5th (the same day as legendary astronaut John Watts Young, Apollo 10/16), which is crazy because we were just talking about his brother Dick Van Dyke on 12/29 [Bronx-Mumbai Fire Ritual] in association to the death of Rose Marie (12/28/17), who co-starred on the Dick Van Dyke Show with Jerry & Mary Tyler Moore (who died 1/25/17, her show set in Minneapolis) as well as the death of Heather Menzies (12/24/17) with her connection to Julie Andrews who starred as Mary Poppins with Dick Van Dyke. You with me?

Anyway, less than a week after researching Dick Van Dyke and his dark Disney ties, his kid brother gets popped off. Best known for his character on the TV sitcom Coach, Jerry died the day before the NFL Playoffs began. Looking into this show for Super Bowl clues, we see that it stars Craig T Nelson as Hayden Fox, head coach of the fictional Division I-A college football team the Minnesota State University Screaming Eagles. That’s right. MINNESOTA + EAGLES. Dying 17 days before the NFC Conference Championship that could very well be Eagles VS Vikings to decide who plays in Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis.

Coach =62. Van Dyke =162. Screaming Eagles =1602. Minnesota State University Screaming Eagles =162. Purple and Gold =26/62/206. Philadelphia =62. Coach Fox =26. Fox =216. Hayden Fox =612. And Coach Fox reminds us of John Fox, former head coach of the Carolina Panthers (and recently fired by the Bears), who entered the NFL as defensive coordinator for Pittsburgh in ’89, the year that Coach premiered. And speaking of which, here’s Dick Van Dyke with some Penguins.

Mary Tyler Moore =62. The Dick Van Dyke Show =126. Dick =26/162. Kelly Jean Van Dyke =1062. Super Bowl LII comes 26 years 10 days after the last time it was held in Minnesota and, on theme of astronauts, 2601 weeks after the death of Yuri Gagarin (the first man in space *cough* bullshit *cough*).

  • Another astronaut just died on 12/21, Bruce McCandless II, who died the same damn span of 2601 weeks after Christopher McCandless, the vagabond kid from Into the Wild, who shares the surname (no relation) and was born 6 weeks 2 days before the death of the fraudulent Gagarin. I might have run that one a bit off-track but we’ve been discussing NASA coding for years, which reminds us of these old classics that fit the bill here:

Including end dates, Kurt Cobain was born exactly 261 weeks after John Glenn made the first orbit and Chris Cornell was exactly 261 weeks old for the Moon Landing, which happened when Buzz Aldrin was exactly 2061 weeks old. The Eagle =261. National Aeronautics and Space Administration =261. The Philadelphia Eagles =261, in Francis Bacon.

There’s another connection here with Minnesota and NASA as there’s an astronaut from Minnesota currently “in space” on the International Space Station: Mark Vande Hei =666. John Watts Young =996 died the same day as Jerry Van Dyke =996 and 16,696 days after his moon landing and two weeks after McCandless II =666. National Aeronautics and Space Administration =666.

  • Fox =666. Super Bowl LII =966. The Eagles =966. Falcon =666. Marvin John Nance =966 (Jack’s full name). Jerry’s nephew / Dick’s son Barry Van Dyke will be 66 years 6 months old for the Super Bowl, born 17 days after Jesse Ventura, just like Jerry Van Dyke dying 17 days before the Conference Championship. Purple + Gold =666. The Screaming Eagles =666. (Both in EE.)

And get this, the real life Minnesota State University is home to the Mavericks, whose alumni now playing in the NFL is apparently a list of one: Adam Thielen, WR for none other than the Minnesota Vikings, going to the Pro Bowl this year. Thielen =696 was 9999 days old for the death of Jerry Van Dyke =996 (which sets up his days after for some sweet long counts).

Barry Van Dyke (born in ATLANTA) is a bit of an enigma. Wikipedia says he lost his wife, Mary Carey Van Dyke, in 2017 but no where can I find the date she died. What I do find, however, is many articles claiming that BARRY died, including this one that says he passed away on 29 May 2017. There’s also a Reddit forum about a Mandela Effect of people swearing that Barry Van Dyke killed himself in the mid-nineties. Weird stuff.

It gets weirder when we find out that Jerry Van Dyke’s daughter, Kelly Van Dyke, was a porn star (known as Nancee Kelly) who actually killed herself in 1991. Maybe that’s the confusion with the Mandela Effect claim. Turns out Kelly was married to Jack Nance, best known as Pete Martell from Twin Peaks and his awesome performances in many David Lynch films. They married 7 months before her death, and Nance died young too, under mysterious circumstances, in 1995 (apparently from a brain injury he sustained from a brawl in a donut shop parking lot after telling off some kid). Kelly died 26 years 2 months before SB LII. Jack Nance =26/62 died 21 years 1 month 6 days before SB LII.

Before landing the role of Coach Fox, Craig T Nelson played a football coach in the Tom Cruise movie All The Right Moves (1983) – which is filmed in Pittsburgh and set in a shitty company town in Pennsylvania dominated by a steel mill. The high school football team even wears the black & yellow, Cruise in #33. The flick opened 12,525 days before SB 52. Jerry was born 2052 days after his brother Dick. Adam Thielen =205 was born 1 year 5 months 25 days after Coach premiered.

  • And here’s another ruby of a find: the actor who played Predator in the first and second films was one Kevin Peter Hall, who died of AIDS at the age of 35, just four months after Predator 2 opened. Hall is from PITTSBURGH, of all places. At 7’2″ he was the tallest actor in Hollywood. (Fun Fact: Hall went to the same high school as Barry Church, Jaguars strong safety, and Aaron Donald, Rams d-tackle – both players on 2017 Wild Card teams).

Hall also starred in that TV sitcom 227 which we’ve talked about before, and on the Pi tip he died 31 weeks 4 days before the death of Nancy Van Dyke. Minneapolis–Saint Paul =227. The Minnesota Vikings =227. Franklin Steele =227. The Running Man opened exactly 28 years before the Paris Attacks or 10,227 days (and Predator opened exactly 29 years before the Orlando Nightclub Shooting). Schwarzenegger =1314 was born 3 years 11 months 14 days before Ventura and took office 2 years 27 days after 9/11.

3/14 (March 14th, Pi Day) this year will be 17,770 days after the Moon Landing and 2027 days after Neil Armstrong died; a good day for Buzz Aldrin to buzz off to other worlds than this. Buzz will also be 32,202 days old on 3/22, which will be 17,777 days after the Moon Landing. Interesting eh, and as it turns out, John Young (and Jerry Van Dyke) died 17,700 days after the Moon Landing. The square root of Pi is 1.77.

  • The series finale of Coach came 1077 weeks before the death of Van Dyke and Thielen was born 77 weeks 1 day after it premiered. Minnesota State University =1177. McCandless =177. Christopher Johnson McCandless =177. Kelly Jean Van Dyke =177. Jack Nance died 7707 days before Super Bowl LII at US Bank Stadium =777. 

Van Dyke =107. Young =1117/17 landed on the Moon =17/170 a span of 1007 days after the Apollo 11 Landing and 7110 days after the death of Alan Shepard, the first American in space. Young was also born 7 days after Edgar Mitchell =117, the astronaut who was a major proponent of alien conspiracies and died 701 days before Young. NASA =17. Kelly Van Dyke (aka Nancee Kelly) died on 11/17. Thielen =117. Adam Thielen =117 will be 10,007 days old for the Division Final on 1/14 (and 10,014 days old on 1/21). The roman numerals LII is an upside-down 117.

So weird how everything we look into here keeps showing up clues for Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Philadelphia & Minnesota. Jerry Van Dyke’s assistant coach character on Coach is named Luther Van Dam, which is interesting because Jean-Claude Van Damme was originally billed to play Predator and JCVD was in Sudden Death – the movie featuring terrorism at the Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup that I reported with last year’s death of Powers Boothe setting the stage for the Penguins’ back-to-back Stanleys.  Boothe died on 5/14/17 – exactly 20 years (240 months) after the series finale of Coach. 

Boothe co-starred with Bill Paxton in Tombstone and Paxton (who died on 2/25/17) was in not only Apollo 13 for the NASA synch but also PREDATOR 2. And good call Nicky T that Alabama QB Jalen Hurts is a dead ringer for the Predator with those dreads so we’ll see if the Predator theme continues: Falcons using their talons on the sheep, Titans (like the OG gods of Greek mythology and Nashville home to the Predators) defeating the Native Americans, and Jaguars devouring the buffalo. If Panthers maul the Saints I’d say we’re go for launch on the pattern.

Jalen =666 (Jewish) Hurts =216 (Satanic) and he’ll be exactly 233 months old (the 51st prime and 13th Fibonacci number). A Crimson Tide is a Bloodbath and as per the Coach angle we should amplify the focus on the coaching staff and see what comes up.

UPDATE: Priests beat Panthers, maybe Sexual Predators trump Big Cats.

14 thoughts on “Jerry Van Dyke & John Young: The Minnesota State Screaming Eagles

  1. NASA is an anagram for “SATAN” just remove the letter “T” and put the “S” in its place. Also, those same letters “NASA” are hidden in the word “AStroNAut”. These deaths somehow represent a “Mocking” of the “BrAiNwAShed” or “Sleeping Masses”. They are also symbolic of how all of these industries(Entertainment, Politics, Sports, and Science) are intertwined.

    “Eighty-Six”-Jewish Reduced=55
    “Disneyland”-Reverse Full Reduction=55
    “Sports”-Reverse Ordinal=55
    “Sleeping Masses”-Full Reduction=55/Jewish Ordinal=155
    “Astronaut”-Francis Bacon=155
    “Entertainment Industry”-Septenary=87(Age of Young’s death)
    “Mockery Brainwashed”-Full Reduction=86(Age of Jerry’s death)


  2. The Mary Tyler Moore show was set in Minneapolis. On 1-11-75, a day before SB IX, Season 5 Ep 17, “The System,” aired. It’s about betting on the football season and culminates with SB IX (Pittsburgh Steelers beat Vikings by 12pts, 16-6, on 1-12-75).
    Mary Tyler Moore’s death (1-25-17) to SB 52 = 1y 10d (110th prime: 601).

    Van Dyke: name for someone who lived by dikes in the Netherlands.
    There was a bad flood at Terminal Four at JFK Airport today…chaos on all flights.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dikes are used for Sea (see) Defense. Possibly a clue for New England or, New Orleans Saints?
      Civil rights and the predator themes in play with Jesse Jackson and the Jacksonville Jaguars? Or, perhaps a link to Jesse Owens somewhere? ….. Just putting it out there 😉

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  3. The SB IX – Steelers defeat Vikings – was in New Orleans.

    Games Fun Facts: SB IX (9) & XI (11) Olympic Games (Olympic Stadium) opening in Berlin (8-1-1936) was 14,044d apart. The Hindenburg flew over the stadium that day like the Black movie poster. Also, Hitler’s 1936 Games began the 5-linked ring Olympics logo. He also started the Torch Relay that culminates in the ceremonial lighting, which originally was done by sending heralds in the streets.
    Olympic filmaker, Riefenstahl, “…had the rings carved into a stone altar at the ancient Greek city of Delphi, spawning the myth that they were a symbol dating more than two millennia.” Tony Perrottet — ‘The Naked Olympics’

    Day 1st Olympic Torch lit by Greek high priestess: noon 7-20-1936, which was 80y 1d before Trump’s Convention (7-21-16) speech. Today ,8-1-18, Trump Tower roof fire.

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  4. Trump carried Olympic Torch on 5th Ave (T Tower on 5th) on 6-19-04, which is exactly 4999d before closing 2-25-18 Olympics. # 4999: 669th prime.

    Exactly 4103w (Pi) before SB 52: Nazis rallied (German– American Bund) promising to make Germany and America Great Again on 6-18-39, in Chicago, estimated assembly 4,000 – 8,000 people.

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  5. I think we may have a feminist / suffragette theme which links to Mary Poppins.
    The character ‘Mrs Banks’ sings ‘Sister Suffragette’ in the Mary Poppins movie.
    This coming Feb 6 (2/6) marks 100year anniversary of women being given the ‘vote’ in UK, mainly attributed to the suffragette movement.
    I find it interesting that the imprisoned Suffragettes who went on hunger strike, after which sought refuge in ‘Eagle House’.


    • Nice one. I thought of Bowie’s Suffragette City which he recorded on 2/4/76 – exactly 46 years before the Super Bowl. That’s also 2400 weeks 2 days and Pink will be 2004 weeks 2 days old when she sings the anthem.

      I’ve also been looking into whole Wardrobe Malfunction stunt of Timberlake exposing Janet’s breast, which is so messed up the more I think about it – especially as Janet took about 90% of the blame and the heat while Justin (the white man who essentially mock sexually assaulted a black woman) got off scott free. A controversial subject very much in theme in Trump’s America with the Sex Pest Witch Hunt of 2017/2018.

      Pink will be 14,030 days old for the SB which comes 14 years 3 days after the Wardrobe Malfunction. – Whitney Houston was 10,034 days old when she sung the anthem in 1991 (generally believed to be the best SB anthem ever – despite the controversy that she lipsynched) and as its the reflection long count, Whitney & Pink were born on mirror dates, 8/9 and 9/8. Talking bout Twin City.

      PS i watched Mary Poppins last month and man i teared up when they sung Feed the Birds (Tuppence a Bag)


      • Wiki says of ‘Eagle House’ … “Blathwayt’s diary also includes details of the sexual relationships between many of the participants of the movement many of which took place at Eagle House.”
        Dyke (slang) means Lesbian.


      • Eagle House is located in Somerset, England (like Bridgwater is also in Somerset).
        In the US, there is the ‘Fraternal Order of Eagles’, founded Feb 6 (2/6), 1898, who have lodges in …..
        Somerset Fraternal Order of Eagles #1801, Somerset, Pennsylvania.
        Somerset Aerie #2137 F.O.E. Bridgewater, New Jersey.

        Fraternal Order of Eagles established ‘Mother’s Day’ holiday in the US.

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      • Awesome find! Fraternal Order of Eagles =117 like an upside down LII and the Bird VS Bird matchup this weekend comes 11 months 7 days after FOE’s 119th birthday. Arnold Palmer =1170 was also a member; he died 71 weeks 1 day before SB LII.

        On SB the FOE will be exactly 6261 weeks old. Very interesting number, as Titans QB Marcus Mariota was exactly 1262 weeks old when he beat the Chiefs last weekend.


      • Arnold Palmer =181 died in Pittsburgh and was born in Latrobe PA, home of the Steelers training camp. Mr Rogers is from there too, also born in Latrobe and died in Pittsburgh (one day shy of exactly 13 years 7 months apart)


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