Compass CEO Killed in Plane Crash

Richard Cousins, CEO of Compass Group (square & compass anyone?) the largest contract foodservice company in the world, was killed in a plane crash in Australia on New Year’s Eve. The seaplane carrying five passengers – Cousins, his two sons, his fiancee and her daughter – went down in Jerusalem Bay, of all places, what with the current drama over the Israeli capital. Compass Group operates several major brands including Papa Johns Pizza, whose CEO and company face John Schnatter stepped down on New Years Day, hours after Cousins death. Interesting timing, especially as Papa John resigned due to his comments about the NFL negatively effecting his profits due to the anthem protests fiasco.

  • Richard =366 and John =366. Cousins was exactly 3066 weeks old when he died onboard a bird operated by Sydney Seaplanes =366.

There was also a top dog hedge-fund executive and his family killed in another plane crash on 1/2 in Costa Rica. Bruce Steinberg worked for Bridgewater Associates, which reminds us of Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater, fresh back from injury on 12/17, the 50th anniversary of Australian PM Harold Holt vanishing at sea like MH-370. There’s also a Bridgewater University in Massachusetts, its campus a half hour drive from Patriots’ Glilette Stadium in  Foxborough.

Quick tangent here on the Cousins angle, the quarterback for the Washington Redskins is Kirk Cousins =76 who will be 10,760 days old the day before Super Bowl LII (when Eagles’ Nick Foles will be 10,607 days old and N Foles =67 took over at QB 7 weeks 6 days before the SB). Teddy Bridgewater =1706/167 and Vikings Coach Zimmer extended his contract 1 year 6 months 7 days before Super Bowl LII. Cousins’ final game was defeating the Georgia Bulldogs in the 2012 Outback Bowl – exactly 314 weeks (6 years 7 days) before Bulldogs play the National Championship in Atlanta =314Atlanta =67. 

  • I see too that a South African rugby player for the Border BULLDOGS named Mlungisi Bali was stabbed to death on January 3rd. Mlungisi Bali =1176/79 was murdered at the age of 10,079 days old. Dick Cousins =179. 
  • The Border Bulldogs =79. The Georgia Bulldogs =97. Alabama =79/76. William Jacob Fromm =76, the Georgia QB, was born 1179 weeks after the birth of Georgia’s Coach Kirby Smart =67 and  Fromm was 7097 days old when Bali died.

Notice the Border Bulldogs rock the red & black like the Atlanta Falcons, AC Milan, and Bridgewater State University (the latter specifying crimson red & black). We could also note that in the CFL, the Calgary Stampeders lost the last two Grey Cups back-to-back. They’re also red & black (and two years ago lost the championship to the Ottawa Redblacks, ha).

Richard Cousins =966. Compass Group =966. He was replaced as Compass CEO =966 by a man named Blakemore =966 born in 1969. Jerusalem Bay Australia =696. They crashed near a river called Hawkesbury =1696.

  • It’s said the de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver aircraft went into service in February 1964, making it approximately 19,660 days old at the time of the crash. CEO Assassination =669. And with all these synchs we should find it very suspicious that not only were Papa John and Cousins born 969 days apart, Teddy Bridgewater was born 9096 days after the disappearance of Harold Holt.
  • On the day that Matt Ryan the Falcon =666 was 1696 weeks old he announced that his wife is expecting twins.

Searching for other high-profile CEOs to die in plane crashes we find that of Christophe de Margerie of French corporation Total SA (one of the seven ‘Supermajor’ oil companies in the world, who was killed on 20 October 2014. That’s 166 weeks 6 days before Cousins. His plane crashed (3 months 3 days after MH Flight 17 and 227 days after MH-370) after his visit with the Russian President and French authorities opened a manslaughter investigation.

Cousins became CEO of Compass Group on May 31 2006, meaning he was killed exactly 11 years 7 months later. Compass Group CEO =711. Earlier this year Cousins was named #11 on the 2017 100 Best Performing CEOs in the World by Harvard Business Review. Christophe de Margerie =117. Vikings =117. Minneapolis =117. The Minnesota Vikings =117. Remember the Aussie PM Harold Holt =117 vanished while out for a swim fifty years ago on 12/17.

  • I covered a bunch of 107s in the previous post, well the 107th prime is 587. The Minnesota Vikings franchise will be 58 years 7 days old for Super Bowl LII.
11 years 7 months is exactly 139 months. Teddy Bridgewater was 1309 weeks old when he returned from injury on 12/17, the anniversary of Holt’s disappearance. Bridgewater =1193/913. Kirk Cousins =139. Twins =139. And Falcons QB Matt Ryan, who shares a birthday with Tom Clancy’s CIA analyst Jack Ryan, announced on Nov 21/17 that his wife is expecting twins.

Then the internet took the piss, referring of course to the Falcons blowing a 28-3 lead at half-time against the Patriots in Super Bowl LI. 283 is the 61st prime. Ryan =61. Super Bowl LII =161. Minneapolis =161. Twin Cities =161. 

Falcons are playing Eagles on 1/14, Bird VS Bird, and the Golden Ratio is PHI = 1.61 like Philadelphia, which happens to be Ryan’s home town. Eagles QB Carson Wentz, out for the season, launched the AO1 Foundation on 7/11 last year. O=15/6 so AO1, as he has tattooed on his wrist, is code for 161. Ryan made his Twins announcement 161 days after Beyonce, who performed at his last Super Bowl loss, gave birth to twins (which she announced four days before that last SB).

Fun Fact: Ryan & Foles are born 1345 days or 1344 days apart and the winner will face either Theodore Bridgewater =1345 or New Orleans Saints =1344. 

8 thoughts on “Compass CEO Killed in Plane Crash

  1. Allegedly the CEO of another food company “Golden Krust” committed suicide over tax problems and some other stuff.

    “Lowell Hawthorne”-Chaldean=67


    • Nice one! Lowell Hawthorne =74/1146. Golden Krust =47/146. Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill =1406.

      Whoa, he would have been exactly 3014 weeks old for SB LII, ok I gotta do a post on this. Cheers buddy.


  2. Nice one brother.
    Guys, we need to be paying closer attention to color. I mentioned on another post, and I’ve been telling anyone willing to listen, that newscasters have been wearing all black for months, and I had no idea why, but it certainly makes more sense now after the Golden Globes last night. Everyone wearing black, black symbolizing death/the end of the old, Oprah‘s speech about a new day/new dawn, at the GOLDEN Globes, like Golden Dawn. This shit is sick.

    The World Series it was all about orange and blue, for the fire and flood, then the Astros dancing around on the field after winning in LA, in their orange uniforms, looking like fire. Now with the black (and gold) everywhere, you certainly have to think the Steelers (vs Saints, but nfc is loaded with black, so who knows). Of course, the point is, as Capsa knows, this shit goes way beyond rigged sports. They are ushering in a new era here, no doubt. Right in everyone’s face. What it will entail, is anyone’s guess.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Oprah’s big role, playing the guardian of space/time in A Wrinkle in Time, talking at the Golden Globes about ushering in a new dawn. Oprah being a guide for so many women, seemingly since forever. Now she’s the guide to this new era, people are saying she could be president. The movie releasing on March 9 — 93 for the Saturn tribute, the keeper of time.


      • Awesome insight Dex-Man. I agree we need to be paying more attention to colour, it’s like waveform morse code for the subconscious – or something. I don’t watch news so missed the all-blacks but good catch, i read about the black-out dress in the Golden Globes and it’s like a mourning, the absence of light. Like we’re at a funeral but we don’t even know it – the question is whose? The end of era, the beginning of a new.

        Oprah Winfrey =966 will be 66 years 9 months 6 days old for the 2020 Election. Makes perfect sense.


      • They mentioned ‘everyone was wearing black at the globes’ on breakfast news this morning in the UK.
        I don’t watch much tv, it was on in the background, but I did catch them making a point of the black. However, didn’t catch whether or not a reason was given.


      • Thanks Berg-Man! I don’t really watch the news either, more like scan for clues sometimes. Boom, nice find on the 966.

        The alleged reason for the all black is that it’s protesting the whole ridiculous contrived sex abuse thing in Hollywood (and elsewhere). Not that that even make sense, are they black block or something ?

        The real reason appears to be as capsa says, as ritual, “mourning” the end of the old way. Interesting time to be alive, I’ll give it that.

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  3. Sorry to keep linking it back to the NFL but links keep popping up without me looking and seeking them out.
    Seth Meyers presented the Golden Globes.
    I know he’s a massive steeler fan because they showed him on the pitch at a game a few weeks ago.
    Knowing this I had to have a little play around to see what popped up.
    He was born in ’73. Minnesota lost in the SB that season.
    His birthday is 38 days before the superbowl. Minnesota = 38. US bank stadium = 38.
    It was the 75th golden globes. Minnesota Vikings = 75.
    The Steelers game that they showed him at was against the bengals on 10/22.
    Cincinnati bengals = 75.
    That’s exactly 15 weeks before SB 52. Fifteen = 38.
    Steelers won to go 5-2 on the season.
    Bengals dropped to 2-4. SB 52 is on 2/4.
    Vikings also went to 5-2 that day, scoring 24 points.
    I Googled ‘seth meyers pittsburgh steelers game’ and that’s the only game and news story that pops up.
    Again, apologies for always mentioning NFL.


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