Trump & the 25th Amendment: President Oprah and the Golden Dawn

Donald Trump’s description of himself as a “very stable genius” sparked new debate this weekend about the 25th Amendment, the provision to the US Constitution discussing the forced removal of a President from office – an alternative to impeachment but a last resort measure that would most likely require more than failing grades on a mental health test. Amendment XXV was adopted on 2 February 1967, a date that provides some extremely suggestive long counts for us to ponder.

The 25th Amendment came exactly 2606 weeks before Trump took office and 2660 weeks before Super Bowl LII. Trump Administration =266. 

  • Remember when Kathy Griffin decapitated Trump in a photo shoot? (Post worth revisiting).  Kathy Griffin =266 was 20,660 days old in the picture. Going back into the archives we have the 266th Pope visiting the White House on the 266th day of 2015, as well as Apollo Eleven =266 landing on the Moon a span of 2060 weeks 6 days after the birth of Edwin Buzz Aldrin =266 and 2066 days after the assassination of JFK.

For more previous examples of this number showing up: Kurt Cobain was born 260 weeks 6 days after John Glenn made the first orbit of Earth and Chris Cornell was the exact same age of 260 weeks 6 days old for the Moon Landing. There were also 2,606 people killed in and within the vicinity of the Twin Towers, Nelson Mandela was in office for exactly 266 weeks, and JFK died 16,602 days after the Solar Eclipse =266 of 1918.

This February 7th 2018 will be 2600 weeks 6 days after MLK Jr died and exactly 2606 weeks after his assassination brings us to 3/14/18, Pi Day. Seventy-Fifth Golden Globes =266. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 12.05.44 PM.png

The 266th prime is 1699Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn =1699, and Golden Dawn in Latin is Aurora Aurea =699, both of those in Jewish Gematria. That’s the magickal order associated with Freemasonry & Thelema to whom we see ongoing tributes as the occult elite herald in the Aeon of Horus (aka the Aeon of Ma’at) most memorably DJ Golden Donna’s warehouse party at the Oakland Ghost Ship becoming a ritual fire sacrifice – EXACTLY one year before the staged suicide of the CEO of Golden Krust, its logo a rising sun.

  • Both those Golden Dawn references coming on 12/2 could be a tribute to Aleister Crowley who died the day previous, December 1st (1947). Second of December =696. 
  • Arcane Occult =696. Witchcraft =666. Astrology =666. Black Nobility =666. Secrecy =666. Secret Society =996. One World Order =996United States Constitution =669.

This recent talk of Oprah Winfrey running for President in 2020 really fits the narrative – and the numbers – perfectly. Oprah Winfrey =996 will be the harmonic age of 66 years 9 months 6 days old for that next election. We see this 666 variation repeating yet again in the episode of the cartoon series The Boondocks that predictive programs Oprah as President of the United States. The episode “Return of the King” features an alternative history where Martin Luther King Jr is shot on 4/4/68 but instead of dying remains in a coma until 10/27/00.

That’s one day short of being exactly 1699 weeks, bringing it full circle.

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn =138. Order of Thelema =138. The Return of the King episode aired on 1/15/06, a clean span of 13,800 days after the assassination of MLK, the civil rights leader shot the day that Donald Trump =138 turned exactly 1138 weeks old. Crazy.

  • And you’ve probably heard about this vlogger Logan Paul catching a firestorm of shit for a video he posted on 12/31 with a dead body of a victim from Japan’s notorious Suicide Forest, wearing a ridiculous hat and making jokes. According to Forbes, this dude makes USD $150,000 per Facebook post and $80,000 per sponsored Instagram post.

Logan Alexander Paul =183 was 8310 days old for the video, a real nice reversal of the aforementioned run. It’d be a real weird scene if Trump killed himself, with lots of people making fun of it and lots of other people shaming those who mock. I’m reminded of the alleged suicide of Chris Cornell, probably the most recent high-profile suicide, who died when Trump was exactly 3800 weeks old. That was followed by the suicide of Cornell’s buddy Chester Bennington =183 killing himself two months later, on Cornell’s birthday.

There’s definitely something going on here.

United States Constitution =1176. Twenty-Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution =671 was adopted 1176 days after the Kennedy Assassination and Richard Nixon =167 died 1176 weeks before Trump’s election. Mentally Unstable =1176. Nixon =67. XXV =67 adopted in ’67. Harpo Studios =67, her Harpo brand in pace with the occult law of reversals. Horus =67. The Age of Aquarius =167. New Aeon =671. 

JFK was killed in the 187th year of the United States and Amendment XXV =187 was adopted exactly 178 weeks after the birth of Trump. The US Constitution =78. Richard Nixon =187 passed away exactly 1187 weeks before Trump took office. Logan Paul was exactly 1187 weeks for the suicide video. Orpah Gail Winfrey =187. 

  • As Dex points out, Oprah’s birth name Orpah is a Hebrew word meaning Fawn =87, a newborn deer to continue the Golden Dawn symbolism like all this President Oprah talk after the GOLDEN Globes. (Or maybe it was meant to mean the faun, the half-human half-goat symbol of fertility). The Age of Aquarius =87. 

The deer is also the symbol of spiritual authority in many cultures, appropriately enough for Orpah. Dex also suggests that the reason we’ve seen so many newscasters et al predominantly dressed in black, like that award show and this weird moment of the Trump’s visiting the Pope, is due to an occult mourning of the old age and the ushering in of the new. Makes sense to me.

Amendment XXV =1555, in Jewish Gematria. We said this last post and it very much bares repeating: Trump was elected exactly 1555 weeks after the 1987 televised suicide of R Budd Dwyer, Pennsylvania State Treasurer, and Trump took office 15,505 days after the resignation of Richard Nixon on 9 August 1974.  

  • Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law =555. New =555. Revolutions =555. Cycles of Time =555. Dawn =555. Remember that Grace Kelly was born 11,555 days before the birth of Princess Diana.
  • And how’s this for a date to see what Trump does: Opening Ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics on 2/9 will be exactly 2270 weeks after the resignation of Richard Nixon. Trump’s tombstone appeared 227 days before his election and 22 years 7 days after the date on the capstone at New World Airport. The Aeon of Ma’at =227.

R Budd Dwyer died 7 years 22 days after the formation of another Golden Dawn, the far-right ultranationalist political party in Greece, still active. Oprah Winfrey =314. The Mystery =314. The Collective Consciousness =314. Know Thyself =314. Mind-Controlled =314. Subliminal Messages =314. Military Intelligence =314. The CIA was formed 30,104 days after the assassination of Lincoln; JFK was killed 30,014 days after President Garfield’s assassination (and 3 years 14 days after his election); and Martin Luther King Jr was shot 3 years 1 month 14 days after Malcolm X.

Golden Dawn =1026. Golden =126. Ordo Hermeticus Aurorae Aureae =602. R Budd Dwyer died 6 years 2 days into office. The Aeon of Horus =162. Age of Aquarius =1260. New Age =26. Winfrey =126. President Oprah =1260. President Winfrey =126/262. The Boondocks episode “Let’s Nab Oprah” (2/12/06) aired exactly 626 weeks before the first day of the 2018 Olympics and 11 years 10 months 26 days (exactly 621 weeks) before the 75th Golden Globes that launched the President Oprah predictive program into the next stage of alchemical manifestation.

1/26 of 2018 is exactly 266 weeks after 12/21/12, the end of the Mayan Calendar. Also on March 8th, Trump will be exactly 26,200 days old. Another one to watch for. 

BONUS FIND: There’s also buzz about Ivanka Trump being groomed for President. Maybe we’ll see her run against Oprah, as the two women were born 10,137 days apart (137 the 33rd prime) or one day short of exactly 333 months (27 years 9 months 1 day). Ordo Hermeticus Aurorae Aureae =333. Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law =3330.

15 thoughts on “Trump & the 25th Amendment: President Oprah and the Golden Dawn

  1. Awesome work… Not that I ‘get it’ yet, my consoling verse comes from a Bruce Springsteen song, ‘Rosalita’: ‘someday we’ll look back on this and it will all seem funny’.

    Which reminds me to remind all, don’t loose your sense of humor in all this.

    Revealing is unraveling, which is good. No need to freak out or fret or wish ill will on the ignorant.

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    • Absolutely Rick, good point to make with a theme associated with depression. Life is a game and games are meant to be fun, so let’s not take ourselves – or our experience – so damn seriously. I choose to believe that everything is happening exactly as it’s meant to, or else it wouldn’t be happening. Which means that everyone and all living being are having the exact experience they need to be having and everything is connected.

      I’m so thankful for these understandings that have led to my current position writing this message with my babe and two dogs and a glass of wine on our patio high above the mediterranean and cheersing to the setting sun and the fact that this reality is meant to be enjoyed and experienced and explored, in whatever way one chooses to define it.

      And since everything in the official world is so topsy turvy, as revealing is unraveling so to do we each individually continue to get our shit more and more together, tightening our tactics as we go. And listening to each other more. Genuine compassion for the shared human experience because like it or not we’re all in this big beautiful wonder of a world together – and by 2018 it’s about time we all start acting like it

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  2. Brilliant B.B.
    Also, “Golden Dawn”, Dawn Fraser – Australia’s greatest Olympian. Dawn Fraser = 966
    Announced as ‘World Athlete of the Century’ – Nov.1999

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    • Nice one. Fraser =262 named World Athlete of the Century 2 months after her 62nd birthday. Quite the achievement. She was also 11,062 days old when Harold Holt vanished while swimming.

      Golden Donald. Trump’s gold plated penthouse and the price of commodities.

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  3. You killed this one brother. Golden Dawn triggered a memory from the movie “Die Hard” when Rickman’s character, Hans Gruber, demanded the release of the 9 members of the Asian Dawn.
    The Asian Dawn movement =314. The nine members of the Asian Dawn movement =314.
    Hans Gruber + the Asian Dawn + Oprah =314.
    Forty fifth President of the United States of America Donald John Trump =314
    Forty sixth President of the United States of America Donald Trump =314.
    The twenty twenty United States presidential election Oprah Winfrey vs Donald John Trump =314.

    Die Hard released a span of 11,800 days before the 2020 Election.
    The twenty twenty United States presidential election =2027 (Primes).
    Twenty twenty United States presidential election and Die Hard =227.
    Twenty twenty United States presidential election + the Golden Dawn =227.

    Oprah or O =29 (Baconis) was born on 1/29 or the 29th day of the year and a span of 2,900 days after Alan (Rickman =29). Han Gruber =129. Alan Rickman + Oprah Winfrey =129.
    Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman + Oprah =129/291.

    Bruce Willis and Oprah Winfrey =414 (Bacon) were born 414 days apart.

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  4. Wonderful words/connects as usual mate, and thanks for the heads up. I couldn’t agree more with your’s or Rick’s comments.

    To go along with your on air suicide thread, there have been not one but two recent movies made about a similar on air suicide, by a woman named Christine Chubbuck. I’m sure the numbers fit that one too. And lo and behold the long lost video of that staged event has recently resurfaced as well, allegedly. Of course the debate is over whether it’s authentic, when even if it is, it isn’t, if you know what I mean.

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  5. On “The View” yesterday they were talking about Betty “WHITE” turning “96” on 1/17/2018(117). She was on the show “GOLDEN” Girls. I just wanted to see how she fit into this storyline, since “Oprah Winfrey”=996 and they both have birthday’s in January. Oprah will turn “64” years of age. I was wondering if there were any episodes about a “President” on The Golden Girls. But all I could find was an episode of President George H.W. Bush coming to visit them in Miami. It was called “The President’s Coming”.

    “Betty Marion White Ludden”-Jewish Reduced=96
    “Golden Globes”-English Ordinal=117(Like her birthday)
    “Month Of January”-Full Reduction=64
    “Sixty Four Years Old”-Reverse Full Reduction=95(95/59)
    “Ninety-Six Years Old”-Reverse Full Reduction=95
    “Scripted Hollywood Agendas”-Chaldean=95
    “Hollywood Foreign Press”-Chaldean=95
    “Golden Girls”-Full Reduction=59
    “Oprah Gail Winfrey”-Chaldean=59
    “The WHITE House”-Reverse Full Reduction=59
    “George Bush”-Francis Bacon=159
    “All Black Attire”-ALW Kabbalah=159
    “The President’s Coming”-Full Reduction=97/The 97th prime is “509”(59)
    “George H.W. Bush”-Jewish Ordinal=75(Like the 75th Golden Globe Awards)

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    • Also, there is a span of “12” days from Winfrey’s and White’s birthday. I actually think that “Caroline Bouvier Kennedy” is going to run in 2020.
      “Twelve Days Apart”=57(57/75)(Like the 75th Globe Awards)
      “Caroline Bouvier Kennedy”-Septenary=75 and in Satanic=1017(Like White’s Birthday, 1/17)
      They both have last name’s that begin with the letter “W” and that is the nickname for President George W. Bush “W” of “Dubya”.

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  6. Of course the Oprah Show / Trump interview, ‘witch’ discussed the possibility of a Trump presidential run (4-25-88) was 1550w span from Golden Globes ’18. Harpo is also the god of Silence.

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  7. Makes sense to me. I can see this totally coming to fruition. Pence will continue to steer the ship through the end of the cycle.

    This is the Golden Age of Saturn. I am sure in the heavens Saturn will sync nicely with your numbers as well.

    Great time to be alive! Very excited. Bring it on! Meanwhile, i’ll be cozy in Estonia away from the madness. February is looking to be a hot one.

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  8. After watching the incredible destruction of the Montecito, CA, mud slides (1-9-18, 3am), which also happens to be Oprah’s mansion compound town, I pondered the numbers. I remembered the Charlie Rose interview with Trump (11-6-92), when Trump let slip out ,”I love getting even with people, if given the opportunity.”

    From Getting Even interview to Mud Slide = 9196d span.

    Seth Meyers hosted GGlobes this year, just like he did at the (4-30-11) White House Correspondents Dinner. He very publicly made disparaging jokes towards Trump both times. He encouraged Oprah as president at GGlobes. I wonder how he is sleeping now?
    Charlie Rose hasn’t fared well either with sex abuse dismissal. I wonder if Trump wanted his quote edited out? These slides came as a result of the fired soil and rain of 2″, but 1″ came in 15 minutes at 3am…after no rain for one year.

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