Motörhead & the Sacrifice of Fast Eddie Clarke

Fast Eddie Clarke =118 passed away on 1/10/18 at the age of 67. Clarke was the last surviving member of the classic lineup of Motörhead, following the deaths of Lemmy & Phil Taylor who went late 2015, a span of 1 month 18 days apart. Death =118.

  • Or to be precise, Edward Allan Clarke =135 was exactly 3510 weeks old when he died. Lemmy =135. Burston =135 was a later guitarist for Motörhead, joining in ’84, better known as his stage name Würzel, which means Root =135 (who died on 7/9/11 at the age of exactly 3220 weeks old). Kilmister =353 (JG). Eddie =53. Death =53. Sacrifice =53. Phil Taylor =53/35. Taylor =35.

Death =213 in the Satanic Method. Clarke died 2 years 13 days after Lemmy and 2 years 1 month 30 days after Philip Taylor =213, so we know there’s a definite 213 pattern at play here, which we can now search for. (FYI I’ve currently got a gematrinator spreadsheet open with at least 2,000 variables from previous research and not a single instance of 213 or 312).

Edward Clarke =1113 (JG) died exactly 113 weeks after the death of Philip John Taylor =113. Ian Fraser ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister =113. Michael Wurzel Burston =113.

  • Eagles =113 are playing the Div Final on 1/13 versus The Falcons =113 who can go 11-13 all-time in the playoffs. And I’m reminded of Eagles of Death Metal and the Paris Attacks of 11/13 – which will be exactly 113 weeks later on Jan 12th, or the period between counting to 1/13. That’s the exact same duration between the deaths of Taylor & Clarke, and just as Taylor died two days before the Paris Attacks and Lemmy died two days after his birthday perhaps we’ll see some fireworks on the 12th or 13th?

Curiously on the 13th Lemmy would have been 72 years 20 days old.

Ian Kilmister =174 aka Lemmy =74 died at his optimal age of 70 years 4 days old and 47 days after the death of Phil ‘Philthy Animal’ Taylor =1704. Edward Allan Clarke =740 was born 1747 days after Lemmy and died 744 days after him. Eddie Clarke =74 was also born 1447 days after Taylor, connecting all the members around this sacred sequence. Lemmy + Taylor + Clarke =74. Lemmy + Philthy Phil + Fast Eddie =1704.

  • Clarke died when another Fast Eddie, the former Governor of Pennsylvania [2003-2011] and former Mayor of Philadelphia [1992-2000], Ed Rendell =474/47, was 74 years 4 days old (well, the day after). Rendell =174/714. Edward Rendell =47 is a big fan of the Eagles =47 and currently has a show doing postgame analysis. Pink =47. 

Clarke’s death reminds us of Philthy Phil Taylor who reminds us of Philly and the new Justin Timberlake track Filthy that he’s performing at the Super Bowl. Timberlake is from Tennessee (“Fast Eddie” reminding us of Titans old RB Eddie George) and P!nk is from Philadelphia (actually just up the road in the town that serves as the location in M Night Shyamalan’s Signs). I’m also reminded of Philthy Phil Philanthropist from NOFX’s Heavy Petting Zoo released in 1996, two days after the Steelers lost Super Bowl XXX.

And I’m just free associating shit here so pick up the ball and run with it as you wish.

Also interesting is Motörhead’s last album Motörizer has a track called “When the Eagle Screams,” reminding us of the death of Jerry Van Dyke from Coach who played the defensive coordinator for the fictional Minnesota State Screaming Eagles. Hmm.

  • Mike Tomlin, the current head coach of the Steelers (the other team from Pennsylvania) was formerly the D Coordinator for the Vikings in 2006. He also played college ball at William & Mary when Falcons coach Dan Quinn was assistant coach and Tomlin and Quinn both got their first paid coaching gigs together in the same year (1995) at Virginia Military Institute. Could play with the twin theme, also Twin Peaks is back after 25 years for SB 52.

Eagles and Eddie further associates with Eddie the Eagle, the legendary British ski jumper who had a film made about him that premiered at Sundance on 1/26/16.

Fast Eddie joined Motörhead in March 1976, which means he died 41 years 10 months later or 502 months in the lead-up to Super Bowl 52 on 2/5 in UK. Sunday February Fourth =252. Death =52/25. Edward Clarke =525. Lemmy =52. Michael Burston =152/52.

  • Eddie the Eagle Edwards =252 born 12/5 and the Eddie the Eagle movie premiered 52 days after his 52nd birthday. Eddie the Eagle reminds me of Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys. I also notice he has the #24 on the movie poster, like the SB date 2/4.

Lots more avenues to explore given the right turn-off but I gotta leave you with a shorter piece today – and this final thought about Fast Eddie. That’s river terminology right there, continuing the water theme, as an eddy is a swirling, reverse current. Getting caught in which is a lot like becoming ensnared in a well-placed distraction.


Check back on this post as I’ve left a lot of stones unturned and I’ll most likely be updating it later. And if you’re reading these posts through email notification, please click through to the site as there’s hardly a single post I do that isn’t edited and added to in short order – plus it just looks so much better when viewed in proper formatting. 

4 thoughts on “Motörhead & the Sacrifice of Fast Eddie Clarke

  1. Great post!
    I remember Eddie the Eagle at the winter Olympics, who was portrayed as a ‘bit of a joke’ at the time, lol. He was called ‘Steady Eddie’, which links to your water link.
    The photo you have at the bottom of your ‘Canadian Twins Trick: Gord Downie & John Dunsworth RIP’ post, is the image of of how Eddie the Eagle Edwards was portrayed in the media at the time, with his thick lensed glasses. BTW, Lord Dunsworth was a character in the novel ‘The Executioner’s Daughter’, with his castle and watery theme.

    If you have a Somerset (England) regional english accent, you would be called a ‘Wurzel’.

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    • Below is a picture of the famous ‘Wicker (willow) Man statue, which is near Bridgwater, Somerset, England … (Recent fire rituals anyone?).
      The Lab Rats episode had the Vikings game called off due to fire damage.
      Also, I mentioned the legend of King Alfred, who Burnt the cakes near Bridgwater, when the Danes (Vikings) invaded.
      Trump catchword in the Apprentice … You’re Fired……. Fire —–> Water.

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  2. In the ‘Eddie the Eagle’ movie, the British Olympic committee didn’t want Eddie to compete in Calgary 88 Olympics. The Establishment increased the qualifying jump distance to 61m (thinking Eddie wouldn’t jump that far). Eddie’s character tells them that the qualifying distance had not been updated for 52 years.
    The Calgary 88 Olympics was also the year that the underdogs Jamaica entered the bobsleigh team in the winter Olympics for the first time, dreadlocks and all.

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