Siegfried & Roy: Tiger Mauling Illusion

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Truth-Sleuths, my apologies for the lack of posts, I’ve been cranking overtime on finishing a mini-book on Predictive Programming which I’ll launching on Jan 22nd as a pdf to purchase for a few bucks. I might do a post on the Hawaiian Missile Scare (obviously not an accident) and the sudden death of the chick from the Cranberries as it pertains to Zombies and the deaths of George Romero and the stuntman from the Walking Dead, but most likely will just throw some examples of my book work over for you guys. I’m currently compiling all the highlights of all the very best foreshadow instances from The Simpsons – which led to these beauty discoveries here: 

One of the other most well-known examples of real-life events predicted by Simpsons jokes was the time that Siegfried & Roy were mauled by their own tiger in Las Vegas. Roy Horn was attacked by a white tiger named Montecore at the Mirage Resort and Casino on 3 October 2003, bitten on the neck and dragged across the stage on his 59th birthday.

The incident happened a span of exactly 511 weeks after the Simpsons episode. Siegfried Fischbacher =115. Roy =115. Montecore the White Tiger =115. Mirage Resort & Casino =115. Nevada =115. Psychological Operations =115. Sorcerer =115. Witches =1115. And curiously, Montecore died on 3/19/14, exactly 14 years after the “Bart to the Future” episode, or if we exclude start & end points, 5111 days later.

  • Siegfried & Roy =159. The Simpsons =159/59. With our focus on numerology it’s quite the detail that Roy (born Uwe Ludwig Horn =59) was attacked in Las Vegas =59 on the day he turned 59 years old. Magic =59. Magician =159. Illusionist =159.

Especially since the 59th prime is 277 and and October 3rd is the 277th day in a leap year (as was Horn’s birth year, 1944). Further, Siegfried & Roy were born exactly 277 weeks apart. With all those synchs, it appropriately happened at the Mirage Resort & Casino =277.

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Psychological Operations =277. Under the banner of US Special Forces, a PSYOP is designed to “convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behaviour of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.” And just putting it out there, but what better location than the Mirage to pull off a major illusion, like faking a tiger attack.

The facts are that eye witness accounts are muddled and no video evidence is available, which means that yet again the home audience must simply believe what the mass media tells us to be so. It’s said that Montecore damaged an artery carrying oxygen to the magician’s brain, crushing his windpipe leaving him partially paralyzed, a story still being circulated despite Roy’s explanation that he suffered a stroke on stage and the tiger was dragging him to safety as he would a cub.

“I died clinically three times on the operation table,” Roy later said. And while it may seem far-fetched to suggest he faked his injuries as part of some larger occult ritual, we’ve seen it several times since, and with Hollywood special effects one can achieve almost anything – especially when pretty much the entire audience is consuming this information through a carefully controlled medium. Mass perception management, with the real illusionists as the Programmers who manipulate from behind the red curtain.

We find another clue in the Number of the Beast, the 666 that represents the so-called Beast System, which ultimately denotes the world of Illusion =666. Witchcraft =666. Their Simpsons parody characters were called Gunter & Ernst =966 like their official former show name: Siegfried and Roy at the Mirage Resort and Casino =666.

  • And as it turns out, Siegfried & Roy had a cameo in the film Oceans 11, where the Mirage is robbed of something valuable. It opened in theatres on 12/7/01, a perfect span of 666 days before the tiger attack (or exactly 95 weeks, for the reverse of the 59 sequence).

Which brings us to one we can’t leave out: Roy was exactly 708 months old (59×12) for the incident. Sorcery =708 in Jewish Gematria. Which indeed this appears to have been.

To segue from the Siegfried & Roy Attack in the the 2017 Las Vegas Attack, they happened 5112 days apart; Montecore the Tiger died the exact same duration of 5112 days after the “Bart to the Future” episode first aired. (And then we carry into the Simpsons programming for the Vegas Shooting, which is even crazier than I’d originally covered). 

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4 thoughts on “Siegfried & Roy: Tiger Mauling Illusion

  1. why do i feel this is going to tie into the possible flase flag at the 2018 olympics. Those tigers, the tiger symbol this year, the munich massacre, vegas flase flag. Oh man. Love your articles. Dont stop.


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