Simpsons Predictive Programming: Bowie / Palmer / Fernandez / Prince

Truth-Sleuths, I’ve sprung for the Premium WordPress so no more pesky ads and a proper .com domain. Here’s another Simpsons selection from the book. You may be familiar with some of it because the first two episodes I’ve covered before, but its very much worth repeating, I think, especially when appreciated together. I’m most tripped out by the finds I made in the Adventure Time themed couch gag, and some of those Prince/Queen connects are pretty wild too.


Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 9.46.42 PM.png

“And she has a cat with different colour eyes. His name is Bowie!” – Principal Skinner

As Skinner is gloating to Bart about his new girlfriend, on whom Bart also has a crush, he for some inexplicable reason makes an ominous finger-across-the-throat gesture while saying the line about Bowie, who of course had different coloured eyes. Upon hearing this final example of how much personal information Skinner knows about their mutual love interest, Bart (with a mustache due to drinking hormone-filled milk) screams NO! You need to see the clip, as it’s rather spooky how Skinner emphasizes the name “BOWIE” causing Bart to immediately yell out in abject horror.

And as it turns out, David Bowie’s death was announced the very same Sunday evening that this episode first aired, the news breaking within the next hour after the credits rolled.

Making the scene where Bart screams NO! to the mention of Bowie even eerier is an earlier  scene where Lisa wakes the family that same morning screaming NO! She has zits due to the hormone milk but Bart immediately asks: “What happened, did jazz die?” Another quote that very much ties into the death of the legendary musician that very evening. 


Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 8.52.00 PM.png

If you’re not weirded out by The Simpsons making a Bowie reference on the night he died, choosing to chalk it up once again to coincidence, this next example will make the randomness argument pretty damn flimsy – because the exact same thing happened again.

On the very Sunday evening the news broke of the death of golf legend Arnold Palmer, the season premier of The Simpsons featured not one but FIVE mentions of Arnold Palmer. Mainstream publications covered the “spooky coincidence,” which they did not do for the Bowie reference, nor does it ever appear in mainstream lists of Simpsons predictions.

The reference is that Homer comes up with a prank: “I’m gonna fill a Super Soaker full of lemonade, Carl’s gonna fill one with iced tea, and we’re gonna ARNOLD PALMER Lenny when he walks in!” He laughs and Marge replies: “ARNOLD PALMER Lenny. You’re going to ARNOLD PALMER Lenny…” Homer clarifies: “Yeah, you see ARNOLD PALMER was a golfer, and he made up this drink where it’s not a full glass of lemonade or a full glass of iced tea.” Homer’s prank then backfires and he ends up getting it in the face as Lenny shouts, ARNOLD and Carl shouts PALMER.


This is the shot right before the scene where Homer gets Arnold Palmered. The illusion known as a predicament escape, or water torture cell, is featured as either Sherri or Terri appears to teleport from one tank to the next. Comic Book Guy scoffs and says, “This is just a simple Twins Trick; they pull the other twin out of the tank behind the curtain.” However, it’s revealed to the viewer that the other twin has in fact drowned.

There are several things that are spooky about this.

First it’s a depiction of a public death followed immediately by the second Arnold Palmer reference (fifth time saying his name), again the episode airing on the night he died. Second, the twin reference to magic and death as not one but two sports superstars were sacrificed on the same day, Palmer and José Fernández – pitcher for the Miami Marlins – the latter of which said to have drowned.

Is the Twins Trick the name of an actual occult ritual involving the dual killing of celebrities? I’ve adopted this term to use whenever we see deaths on the same day that share strong synchronicity. Third, notice the one missing shoe – that’s a classic Masonic symbol, one that appears often in staged hoaxes and false flags as a sort of calling card or signature.

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 2.51.54 PM

Yet not only does this episode feature a major Arnold Palmer reference on the day he died, it opened with a back-handed reference to José Fernández on the day he died. The chalkboard gag read “This arm needs Tommy John surgery,” which is the reconstruction of an elbow ligament, named after a pitcher for the LA Dodgers who was the first to have the operation. So not only is this a direct nod to MLB Pitchers, but Fernández himself had Tommy John surgery, two years before dying in a boating accident.

And this next one’s more than a little eerie, if you ask me:

The episode’s couch gag is the intro sequence of Adventure Time recreated with Simpsons characters. It moves fast, but the following images leap out when you go frame by frame. The character known officially as Old Jewish Man is shown with the halo of an angel. While Palmer may or may not be Jewish, it is confirmed that he was a Master Mason.

Next we see Bumblebee Man who says Hola (the only dialogue in the entire intro, in Spanish by a Latino character who also has wings) as he points to the excavation of a fallen angel. Fernández was a Cuban-American, and the next second we’re in Bart’s treehouse where a newspaper reads “Joes Too Sloppy” – which of course contains an anagram of “José.” Especially ominous next to severed doll heads and an empty bowl.

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 3.34.56 PM


The 2008 Halloween episode foreshadowed the tragic (and suspicious) death of Prince, seven years later on the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. All numbers and predictive programming aside, Prince dying on the Queen’s birthday is remarkable, especially with their shared proclivity for the colour Purple =108. On the Queen’s 90th she was exactly 1080 months old: Prince Nelson =1080. Queen Elizabeth II =1008.

A spoof of Mad Men, the short titled “How to Get Ahead in Dead-Vertising” features Homer getting hired to be a Celebrity Killer by an ad agency who want dead stars for their campaigns because they can use their likeness without having to pay them a dime. So Homer proceeds to murder George Clooney, Prince, and Neil Armstrong.

  • How to Get Ahead in Dead-Vertising =1752 and Prince =275 died 7 years 5 months 20 days after it first aired.

For further proof of a tribute to the Queen Elizabeth sacrifice of Prince that was already planned and in the pipeline, her coronation was held exactly 55 years 5 months before the episode aired. Purple Rain =555 in Jewish Gematria.

That’s also 20,242 days later, an interesting sequence as this is this Season 20 Episode 4 as well as the 424th episode overall. Queen Elizabeth =240/142.

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 10.19.31 PM

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