Celtic Sacrifices of Jo Jo White & Dolores O’Riordan: IRA Attacks and the Boston Bombing

Olympian and Boston Celtics legend Jo Jo White has passed away on January 16th, the day after the sudden (though somehow not suspicious, we’re told) death of Cranberries lead singer Dolores O’Riordan. The connection here is the IRA, which the more I look into the more appears to be another massive psyop with false flags and hoax attacks designed to divide and conquer through fear-based programming.

  • Remember that just like the Jesuit sponsored Thirty Years War lasted 360 months in the 17th Century, so too did The Troubles last 360 months in the 20th Century. Both largely remembered as religious wars between Protestants & Catholics, though in reality a fight between freedom and oppression.

Boston Celtics =611. Blood Sacrifice =611. Mr White was born on 11/16 and died on 1/16. Boston Massachusetts =116. Paul ‘The Truth’ Pierce =116. Larry Bird =1016, that other Celtics legend, was 60 years 10 months 10 days old for this season opener. The Cranberries Zombie =116. The Queen =116. Kingdom =116. Royalty =116.

I’ve been thinking about the Boston Bombing too (especially after a thorough decode on the ‘Turban Cowboy’ episode of Family Guy, where Peter commits a vehicle ramming attack at the Boston Marathon, joins an Islamic terrorist organization, and detonates and three bombs). Family Guy =119. Seth Woodbury MacFarlane =1019. 

  • We see that the character Jeff Bauman, recently portrayed in the propaganda flick Stronger =116 was the age of 11,611 days old on the first day of the NBA season. Turban Cowboy was Season 11 Episode 16 and the Marathon =116 was in its 116th running. Tsarnaev =116. Psychological Operation =1116. 

The Cranberries had me investigating the Warrington Bomb Attacks that inspired their song Zombie. The first attack, a terrorist bombing by the IRA, happened on 2/26/93. You may be familiar with that date as the very day of the ’93 World Trade Center Bombing. The second bombing was nearly identical to the Boston Bombing, two consecutive explosions from devices hidden inside waste baskets on a busy sidewalk – on BRIDGE Street.

Now look at this: the Boston Bombing with the nearly identical script comes 20 years 27 days after the Warrington Bombing! Is that further proof of Pi-Cycles or what? There were even amputations featured in the ’93 Attack, blamed on Irish terrorists instead of Islamic.

  • Boston Marathon =227. Tsarnaev Brothers =227. Dzhokhar born on 7/22. Boston Massachusetts =227. Jo Jo White =227. Boston Celtic =722.

Of course Boston known for its Irish community, just as that Turban Cowboy episode of Family Guy aired on St Patricks Day. The Celtics previous two championships were in 2008 and 1986, hoisting the trophy a perfect span of 22 years 7 days apart. And in Jewish Gematria, O’Riordan =314.

Jo Jo White died 24 days before the opening ceremony of the South Korean Olympics and 12 weeks 4 days before the NBA Playoffs begin, as well as 4 months 2 days before Game 7 of the NBA Finals, one where you may very well see the Celtics =42. White =240/420. Pierce =24/124. 

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev =241 was born 124 days or 4 months 2 days after the second Warrington Bombing on Bridge St =24. Boston Bombing =204. The Cranberries Zombie =242/204. Zombie =420. The Irish Republican Army =241/1240/2040/1024. Safe to say its the IRA’s number.

  • And speaking of Zombie, legendary horror director George A Romero =142 (born on 2/4 of 1940 making him 24 years old the ’93 Bombings) died last year exactly six months / half a year before White & O’Riordan, and the day before Paul Pierce announced his retirement. 42 days after the death of Romero was the death of William Tober Hooper =142 the director of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre =124. 

And the thing about the Celtic People that most intrigues me is the Druids =42. Druid =24. As it seems the occult elite who perform these magick ceremonies through mass ritual are very similar to what we know of the Druids. Especially when it comes to human sacrifice according to astrology and numerology.

So many more durations here I didn’t get the chance to look up, as I’m full steam ahead to release my first e-book on the 22nd, a date identified as optimal for launches according to my own personal numerology. Which by the way if you’re interested in getting yours done, hit me up! Looking forward to what you guys find on this Celtic connection. 

15 thoughts on “Celtic Sacrifices of Jo Jo White & Dolores O’Riordan: IRA Attacks and the Boston Bombing

  1. This post Pi’s into your other excellent post:(7-2-2017) ‘The Devil’s Own: 9/11 Predictive Programming’.
    O’Riordan’s song: “God Be With You” = 151 (JO), was in Devil’s Own soundtrack. The song was the B-side to the single “Just My Imagination” which was released exactly 722 days before 9-11-2001. (Bush in office 7m 22d on 9-11-01.)
    She has an unusual microphone in the official video: it resembles a boxcutter.
    At timestamps 1:09-1:11 we see twin smoking towers overlooking a body of water.
    Angry (middle eastern?) men almost run her over: car license “450K” (9-11).

    But, these crazy PI numbers are just our imagination, right?

    O’Riordan even performed for Pope Francis at the Vatican’s Annual Concert on 12-7-13, which was 12y 2m 27d span after 9-11-01.
    She died Jan 15, exactly 1500d or 36,000 hours after singing for Pope Francis.

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    • On January 16, 2018 we also had the Japan missle alert and the Michigan Meteor that was caught on camera by the Oberlin Collage Ohio …

      Oberlin Collage Ohio = 93 (Reverse Full Reduction)
      Japan = 93 (Reverse Ordinal)

      The Michigan Meteor was recorded at 8:08 PM, exactly 84 hours after the Hawaii missle scare. A NASA
      guy from the Alabama meteorite office was commenting about this meteor to the media. His name is Bill Cooke

      Bill Cooke = 84 (English Ordinal)

      Regarding the crazy Pi numbers, digging in my notes, I found a few 227s´…

      – Reichstagsbrand or Reichstags Fire in Berlin was on 2/27 (or 27.02.1933)
      – on the Zapruder film: the car number plate behind JFK´s car is 227
      – Prince George was born in 2013 on July 22 –> 722 (or 227 in Europe)

      The long count:
      – from the WTC and Warrington IRA bombing on Feb 26,1993 to Prince Georges bday on July 22, 2013 is 1064 weeks (and 4 days)
      – form Prince George´s bday on July 22, 2013 to Jo Jo´s death and the Michigan Meteor on Jan 16, 2018 is 1640 days

      Prince George = 77 (Full Reduction)
      Michigan Meteor = 77 (Full Reduction)
      World Trade Centre = 77 (Full Reduction)

      As always, thanks for charing, all the best, Andi


  2. BB, I can’t remember if you mentioned in previous posts Ireland’s rugby team beating the mighty All Blacks, to end a 111 year losing streak, which happened the same week as the Cubs lost their 108 year draught in the World Series. In doing so, they also ended the All Blacks’ record run of 18 straight test wins.
    The Ireland game was played at Soldier Field, Chicago, no less….. Chicago, also has a large Irish community.

    Did you ever have a chance to research the Druids when you were here in Wales?
    In the link I’ve attached, there’s info relating to the rituals the Druids perform at the Eisteddfod music festival in Wales.



  3. Love the parallels (Celtics,IRA & O’Riordan). O’Riordan died on MLK’s birthday(1/15) and Jo Jo “WHITE”died that day after. Your blog post makes me think of “Martin Luther” the German Theologian/Monk/Priest, a figure in “PROTESTant Reformation”. According to Wikipedia, Martin Luther King Jr. was born “Michael King Jr.” but his father traveled to Germany and was inspired by “Martin Luther” and he changed his name. “Martin Luther” died on 2/18/1546(Or 2018), MLK’s birthday is celebrated on the 15th and O’Riordan died at the age of “46” (Like”1546″).

    “Protestant Religion”-Full Reduction=93(93/39/193)
    “Martin Luther King Jr.”-Full Reduction=93
    “Jo Jo White”-Septenary=39(MLK died at the age of “39”) and English Ordinal=115(or 1/15)
    “Dolores Mary Eileen O’Riordan”-ALW Kabbalah=309(39)
    “Martin Luther”-Jewish Ordinal=151(151/115)


  4. The song “Danny Boy” is considered to be an unofficial signature song and anthem, particularly by Irish Americans and Irish Canadians. The ballad sang frequently at funerals. It was written by Englishman Frederic Weatherly, in Bath, Somerset, England.
    The song was the title song for the movie ‘Memphis Belle’. Also, in the movie ‘Where Eagles Dare’, the phrase “Broadsword calling Danny Boy”, is spoken by Richard Burton several times throughout.

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      • Im curious how you came across Bellen Starr? Because i do see some numbers that ive seen all seaso. how did you make that connection? maybe we can find something for sb 53 this way aswell


      • Reply to Riven1 ….. The connection I made to Belle Starr, was the Suffragette movement, as well as the Bell tributes that appear to be in play.
        Please check the comments sections of BB’s blog post – Jerry Van Dyke (suffragette connection to Mary Poppins).
        Also, the comments section of BB’s blog post – Superb Owl LII (E) (Bell tributes (incl. Crystal Palace / eagle connection)).
        Plus, reading through the info presented by BB in his blog posts, a bit of research and as BB says …. Thinking outside the box.

        PS nothing is certain in this …. As per SB51 they were coding / tributing teams which got so far, however, New England eventually won … Which could very well be the scenario again this SB……. It’s not a cop out, but that’s how I’ve seen it go.

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      • Nice tribute Donald Trump with the sum of the scores in both Conference Championship games ….. AFC = 44, NFC = 45.
        Duration from Trump’s inauguration to 1/21/18 = 1y 2d or 8808 hours.
        ‘Donald J Trump’ = 888
        ‘Female Jesse James’ (Belle Starr) = 888


    • Danny boy. I like it. The Steelers owner “Danny Boy” Dan Rooney was the U.S. Ambassador to Ireland at one point and he died prior to this years NFL season beginning. The Steelers wore a shamrock on their uniforms in tribute. Dolores O’Riordan died the day after the Steelers lost their playoff game.

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  5. On April 9, 1982 Jo Jo had is number hung from the rafters at the Boston Garden and this took place 3,140 days before the Body Bag game.
    Joseph Henry White + Body Bag Game =314.

    The body bag game (Nov. 12, 1990) was Redskins v Eagles. WASHINGTON lost nine players in the game and the same day Jo Jo died, WASHINGTON State Cougars quarterback Tyler Hilinski supposedly blew his brains out with a rifle. The Body Bag game quarterback for the Eagles was Randall Cunningham who also played for the Vikings. It’s Eagles vs Vikings in the NFC championship game this weekend. How bout that?

    Randy Cunningham =239 will be a span age of 20,039 days for Super Bowl LII.

    Harper LeBel played for the Eagles in the body bag game. LeBel went to Notre Dame High School, same Hilinski. Joe Montana and Joe Theismann played college ball at Notre Dame University.

    Joe Montana was the Satanic age of 61 years 6 months 16 days on 12/27 in (twenty seventeen =227). Devil =227. Joe Montana’s first Super Bowl win was 13,141 days before Tyler Hilinski’s death. The day after Tom Brady turns age 41 this year Montana will be 22,700 days old. I blogged Tyler Hilinski’s death and would honored Berg if you would swing by to check it out.


  6. Trump’s “Fire and Fury” threat to North Korea (8-8-17) was exactly 72y 2d after Hiroshima Bombing.

    Kenneth Bainbridge planned and directed the first detonation of a nuclear bomb named “Trinity” (7-16-45). Trump was born 333 days later…


  7. they used to be ‘the cranberries saw us’ = 33, and cranberries = 311 in Sumerian, which is a divisor of an alternate pi equation, as well as being = 33. Also the cover of Bury The Hatchet is very interesting…. Also, Fergal = 33, Michael = 33, and Noel = 33, as does Niall the irish version of Noel r Neil.


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