Secret Language of Language: Math Myth & Metaphor (BOOK LAUNCH)

What’s up Truth Sleuth! The day has come, as promised (most importantly to myself – because there is powerful magic in keeping promises with yourself). It’s Book 1 of many to come, and we start with Predictive Programming – as it’s my personal favourite theme of all this work. The book is 39,267 words long and it’s quite literally taken me hundreds of hours to write. That worked out to 144 pages, a perfect synch with the Fibonacci cover. Mathemagic in action!

In the book, we explore dozens of truly mind-blowing examples of events foreshadowed in mass media over the past 120 years – the majority of which (I’d say 80%) is completely new content with mind-blowing discoveries that have never been seen before. The other 20% is the best of the best of predictive programming examples that I’ve covered on Extra-Capsa, from Titanic to JFK, popular novels to adult cartoons, comic books to 9/11.

  • Obviously, the goal is to one day have this work in paperback, but there is a HELL lotta content I want to include – and I want that final book to be perfect. So I’ll be launching a book every quarter from here on out (dates TBD after I run the numbers on duration synchs in conjunction with my own personal numerology – which I can also do for you; my clients have been more than happy).

If you’d like to purchase this e-book, click the button below and I’ll send you the PDF file to the address attached to your payment. Or, if you’d rather it come in another file format or be sent to a different addy, please shoot me a message:

Alphanumerics: The Secret Language of Language

E-BOOK I: FICTION FORESHADOWS FUTURE Available for download in the format of your choice (.pdf / .mobi / .epub) Included free are any updates of this version


(Some folks are reporting that the PayPal button here is only working on Chrome, so if you’re not seeing the link to purchase, try that). And here are a few screenshots to get a taste of what the 144 pages are like:

7 thoughts on “Secret Language of Language: Math Myth & Metaphor (BOOK LAUNCH)

  1. Hey Brother! How do I purchase the book? Venmo or Paypal? ..or can I use a credit card here on the blogsite? Looking forward to the read! Thanks!


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