The Coded Death of Minnesota Hockey Player Andrew Carroll

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Andrew Carroll, the former captain of the University of Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs hockey team, has died from an apparent suicide at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. Reports say that he “jumped from the upper-level roadway to the lower level roadway on his own accord” and was found “bleeding profusely in the outside lanes of Terminal 2.” It raises alarms for several reasons.

  • Born in Minnesota, the former University of Minnesota hockey player died thirteen days before Super Bowl LI in Minnesota (Eagles VS Patriots for an overload of American propaganda symbolism) and seventeen days after the death of Jerry Van Dyke, who played the role on Coach as the defensive coordinator for the Minnesota State University Screaming Eagles.

Carroll died at the age of exactly 1707 weeks old, born in Shoreview =1177 and playing first for The Bulldogs =177 then for a year in the AHL with the Hartford Wolf Pack =177. This sequence rings a bell because Van Dyke died 1077 weeks after the series finale of Coach and17,700 days after the Moon Landing. Minnesota State University =1177.

Digging in the archives for recent news with this sequence, remember how Eric Garner was killed by police on 17/7 then his activist daughter died at the age of 10,077 days old? Police State =177. Police =177. Police Brutality =177. Propaganda =177. The square root of Pi is 1.77. Davey Boy Smith =177 was a pro wrestler under the name The British Bulldog =177.

We also just covered the death of another Bulldog, Mlungisi Bali, the Border Bulldogs rugby player who was stabbed to death on 1/3 three days before the Georgia Bulldogs despite their 13 wins on the season lost the National Championship to Alabama, scoring 13 points in the first half. Carroll’s initials are AC=13 which the UMD hockey team will be sporting on commemorative stickers for the remainder of the season. UMD Bulldogs =130. Bulldogs =31. The Bulldogs =131. Chicago IL =131. Championship =131. Super Bowl =131. Philly =31. Eagles =113. Birds =103.

Underdogs =103. And maybe that’s what all these dogs sacrifices are leading at – the Philadelphia Eagles coming into the Super Bowl as the biggest underdog in nearly a decade.

And a big thank you and shout-out to all the folks who’ve bought my book thus far! I’m really proud of it, and I know you’ll dig it too. There’s a big section dedicated to theory and how it all works, not just the examples as I do on the blog (unfortunately out of context for a lot of folks, I know). And I made some edits on the final draft, accidentally coming up at 144 pages long, the Fibonacci number to synch up with the Fibonacci themed e-book cover. Beautiful synchronicities. 

One thought on “The Coded Death of Minnesota Hockey Player Andrew Carroll

  1. An overload of American propaganda symbolism -Yes, but ultimately linking back to ‘Old’ England, imo.
    From someone who has been with you from the time you were commenting in the comment section of a certain YouTube channel (we know which one), congrats on the first installment, great work.


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