Cloned Monkeys & Celebrities

Two monkeys named Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua have become the first non-human primates to be cloned (officially, of course). These two macaques make for a nice simple example of cross-cultural alphanumerics, connecting perfectly with Dolly the Sheep, the first (officially) cloned mammal back in 1996. I did an old post titled The Island: The Gematria Leak decoding the hidden clues in the 2005 film The Island (pictured above), where all the human clones live underground unaware that they’re clones – and I would not be surprised to learn that was more of a documentary than a science fiction.

Zhong Zhong =22. Hua Hua =22. Macaque =22. Monkey =22. Clone =22. Twins =22. Dolly =22. This being the master builder number, as well as visually representing a double, it’s the perfect coding for a clone – and tribute to the occult elite, the programmers who consider themselves the master builders of reality. And maybe it’s a coincidence 😉 but the 22nd picture on a Google Image search of ‘Zhong Zhong + Hua Hua’ is an image of Serena Williams – who currently holds the world No. 22 ranking. Williams =22. Celebrity Clone =220. 

  • We’ve all heard the human cloning conspiracies, apparently it’s been going on with celebrities since the 50s, and based on what we know it certainly makes perfect sense. The Guardian even wrote an article in May 2017 about why some people think celebs have been cloned, mentioning the cases of Avril Lavigne, Paul =22 McCartney =202 and Beyoncé, as well as new one for me – Taylor Swift =220 being the clone of former Satanic High Priestess Zeena LaVey, daughter of the founder of the Church of Satan.

Taylor was born exactly 1360 weeks after Zeena LaVey. Cloning Celebrities =360. Zeena =306. Dolly the Sheep =306. LaVey =1136. It’s a trippy concept, secret human cloning, but there are also many celebrities who bear an uncanny resemblance to celebrities from the past. Maybe they’re immortal vampires. Maybe they’re time travellers. Maybe they’ve been cloned. All we know is that truth is stranger than fiction (because the truth is that fiction manifests reality).


And on the subject, you could check out my old post on Dream Kardashian & Celebrity Cloning, maybe the only other time I’ve mentioned this topic on the blog. Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna had a baby named Dream on 11/10/16. Kardashian =116. Dream Kardashian was born 11 months 6 days after Saint West. Kim Kardashian-West =1116. Illuminati Family =1116. Psychological Operation =1116. Trump was born 1 year 1 month 16 days after Hitler died and Dream was born the day after Donald =119 was elected on 11/9. And now Kim’s new baby born this year on 1/16. 

Kim’s baby came through a surrogate mother, which was obviously what Blac Chyna did secretly because (though I tend to stay away from the whole ‘Hollywood is filled with secret trannies’ thing) she looks suspiciously like a lady-boy, no?

As I said on that older post, Rob posted a pic on Instagram comparing Dream to his late father Rob Kardashian Sr, OJ Simpson’s defence attorney, stating: “She’s an exact copy.” That’s a creepy sentence when you consider that Dream was born exactly 717 weeks after the death of Dolly the Sheep, the first (officially) cloned mammal, and Rob Kardashian Sr died 7 months 17 days after Dolly died. Manufacturing =717. Construction =171. Kim Kardashian =171. Kardashian =171.

Beyonce Knowles Carter =311. Yeezus =311 and Kim Kardashian =113 named their latest spawn Chicago West =113. Kimberley Kardashian-West =113. Her father, Robert George Kardashian =113, died at the age of exactly 3110 weeks old, and Kanye’s mother died when he was 11,113 days old, the exact same age that Michael Jordan was, 11,113 days old, when his father was murdered.

9 thoughts on “Cloned Monkeys & Celebrities

  1. Personally I don’t vibe with cloning. Next thing they’ll want us to believe is that we are going to the moon and eventually mars – manufacturing a scripted ‘space’ race …. Oh wait. Anything to hide the ultimate truth.
    Good work with the numbers, BB.

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  2. I see cloning as the ultimate reward for the elite operators. I am sure they are sick of the dog and pony show and want to back out of the work their handlers demand (see Cosby, Tiger, etc). Every now and then a human scoots through (Dylan) and just plays out the string as per contract. I feel Dolly was put out there to test the waters on the public regarding cloning which was “fine, as long as it is not a human”.
    Love the book BTW. Had to take a personal day yesterday so I could stay home and read.

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  3. Cheers everyone! I appreciate you all so much.

    After posting this I was explaining to a buddy about how prime number coding is used often in fixed data and the first paragraph we looked at for examples had this line: “Using adult macaque cells as a source of nuclei, 181 embryos were implanted into 42 surrogates and again two live babies were delivered – but both died shortly after birth, possibly because of greater difficulties in reprogramming the genes.” (The Guardian). Of course, 181 is the 42nd prime number.


    • Transhumanism = 181 (Reverse Ordinal)
      Fibonacci = 181 ( Reverse Ordinal)
      Pandoras Box = 181 (Francis Bacon)
      Ministry of Magic = 181 (Engl. Ordinal)
      Down the rabbit hole = 181 (Engl. Ordinal)
      Kimberly Kardashian = 181 (Engl. Ordinal)

      Kimberly Kardashian = 116 (Reverse Full Reduction)
      Kim’s baby born this year on 1/16 …

      116 is also connected to the UK: Britain, Kingdom, Royalty, Tony Blair all 116

      Doppelganger & Clones – great subject, much to dig into, many thanks, Andi

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  4. Great Breakdown! Also, in “2016” the movie “Morgan” was released about a bio-engineered child. Another “Hidden In Plain Sight” scenario being placed in films. If you haven’t seen it you should check it out.
    “Hidden In Plain Sight”=101
    “One Hundred One”=220(22)
    “Bioengineered Child”=103
    “One Hundred Three”=220


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