Carvajal: Another José-Marlin Sacrifice

Marcos José Carvajal, a former pitcher for the Marlins, has died at the age of 33 due to lack of pneumonia medication in Venezuela. Of course, Marlins pitcher dying young and tragic reminds us of José Fernandez, who was allegedly drowned in a boating accident on 9/25/16, killed the same day as Arnold Palmer. Two Marlins named José, which reminds us of the old Dad-Joke about the Mexican with the cheapest seats at the baseball game and the entire crowd courteously singing, “José, can you see?” Which in turn reminds us of all the anthem protest and the two all-American symbols facing off in the Super Bowl.

Carvajal & Fernandez died 1 year 3 months 30 days apart. Marlin =133. Carvajal was released by the Marlins exactly 3 years 3 months after his first career game and he died at the age of 33, just like The Christ =133 after his 33 miracles. Jesus of course associated with the symbol of the Fish =33 (though the Ichtus =333 also known as the Mandorla =33 is actually a coded Vesica Piscis =133 – the Womb =330 of Creation in Sacred Geometry). Sacrifice =133. 

  • Derek Sanderson Jeter =303 recently purchased the Marlins – two days after Fernandez’s 33-foot boat overturned at 3:30 am a span of 330 days after the Royals won the World Series and exactly 33 weeks after Super Bowl 50. His final birthday was 3 months 3 days before the Cubs won and he wore number Sixteen =33. Carvajal died exactly 16 months after Fernandez.
  • Carvajal’s death on 1/24 reminds of an MLB Twins Trick at nearly the same time last year, the 1/22 deaths of Yolanda Ventura & Andy Marte – both in unrelated car crashes in their home nation of the Dominican Republic on the same damn day. Ventura died 13 weeks 3 days after his birthday; Marte died 133 days before his next birthday and 33 weeks 3 days after his 33rd birthday (both dying on a date with 33 numerology).

The 33rd prime number 137. Marcos Carvajal =137 from Venezuela =137. 

There is an abundance of prime number synchs in this story, and if you missed my comment from the cloned monkeys decipher, this Guardian article dropped a good one, telling us that “181 embryos were implanted into 42 surrogates.” The 42nd prime is 181, which segues into another strong run for this Marlins Sacrifice.

  • MLB =42. Don Mattingly =42. Jose Fernandez =142. Fernandez =42. Venezuela =42. Marlin =402. Josés =402.The 420th prime number is 2903 and they were born 2903 days apart. I brought this one up in the Fredo Santana Sacrifice as the USA will be exactly 2903 months old this June 4th.

Miami Marlins =193. Marlin =93. Derek Sanderson Jeter =93. Fernandez =93. The 93rd prime is 487 and they died 487 days apart.

Florida Marlins =46. Jose Fernandez =46 died in a Boat Collision =146. Jose D Fernandez =146. Carvajal =1406 and the 1460th prime number is 12,211. As it turns out, Carvajal died at the age of 12,211 days old.

  • Marcos Jose Carvajal =120 also died exactly 12 weeks after Astros won the World Series (the exact same duration between the Thalys Attack and the Paris Attack). Derek Sanderson Jeter =102 purchased the Marlins for $1.2 billion.

And on the subject, remember that Back to the Future II predicted the Cubs would win the World Series over Miami. The Florida Marlins changed their name to Miami Marlins on 11/11/11. Super Bowl LIV (2020) will be in Miami.

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