Glee & the Sacrifices of Mark Salling & Corey Monteith

Mark Salling, an actor from the TV show Glee, has died on 1/30/18 in an apparent suicide in the wake of pleading guilty to the possession of child porn. I’m reminded of the death of Corey Monteith, another actor from Glee, who apparently OD’d in a hotel room in Vancouver back in 2013. Now let’s draw some parallels between these two dudes who played Puck & Finn, football teammates whose jerseys made the #52, and see what we come up with.

Mark Wayne Salling =185 was exactly 1850 weeks old when he died. That’s his full name in English ordinal synched with a perfect long count. Cory Allan Michael Monteith =508. Salling =58. Salling + Monteith =58. William McKinley High =1508 is the fictional school in the show, named after the assassinated US president. Their team the McKinley Titans =58/158. 

  • Notice the title font for Glee has the g separated from the lee. G=7 Lee =22, so that’s a hidden pi-code. Salling =227. Corey Monteith + Mark Salling =1722. 
  • We’ve been covering the repetition of the number 261 for over a year now (run a search for all the synchs) and it shows up again here. The 261st prime is 1663 and Monteith & Salling died 1663 days apart. Cory Allan Michael Monteith =1633. And as 1933 is the 295th prime, Salling was 12,950 days old when he died.

And expanding further on that 261, Mark Salling + Corey Monteith =260 also died 1662 days apart and Monteith died when he was 1626 weeks old. Glee Club =262.  

Salling =690 and Monteith =99 were born 99 days apart. Salling + Monteith =169. Mark Salling =169 died 166 days after his birthday and 199 days before his birthday. Blood Sacrifice =199. Corey Monteith =66/69/990 played the role of Finn =69 and died a span of 616 days before the finale of Glee. The show set in Lima =69 Ohio (hometown of Ben Roethlisberger). William McKinley High =66. William McKinley =696/66 was shot on 9/6. 

  • Mark Salling =114 and Monteith =41 were also born exactly 14 weeks apart and Salling died 140 days after his trial began. Glee Club =41. William McKinley High School =140. William McKinley High =104. 
  • President McKinley was shot by Leon Czolgosz =1014 at a venue called The Temple of Music =1140 at The Pan-American Exposition =1114 and he died 4 years 10 months 10 days after his election and 411 days after the assassination of King Umberto I of Italy (both by anarchists). Umberto & McKinley were born 411 days apart, reminding us that Trump was born 411 days after the death of Hitler and 411 days before the birth of Schwarzenegger. Assassin =411. Freemason =411.

Salling & Monteith were also born 3 weeks 6 days apart, which also plays. Glee =36. Monteith =36 died 63 days after his birthday. Cory Allan Michael Monteith =360. Puck =306. Noah “Puck” Puckerman =63.  Mark Salling + Corey Monteith =136. Ritual Sacrifice =306. 

As for their jerseys spelling out 205 or 520 here before Super Bowl 52, Finn =25 died exactly 25 months after his arrest and McKinley was the 25th President.

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3 thoughts on “Glee & the Sacrifices of Mark Salling & Corey Monteith

  1. The Pan-American Exposition where McKinley was assassinated was part of a series of ‘world expositions’, which started with ‘The Great Exhibition’ or the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations, held at Crystal Palace, London 1851. – Linking back to ‘The Eagle Slayer’.

    Great work with the decode.


  2. US President/ Arrest/ Crime/ Character Assassination
    Fun Facts = 666 (EE)
    Watergate Scandal (6-17-1972) to 2-2-18 = 16,666 days
    Indictment = 666 (Sum)
    Watergate = 1199 (J)
    Remember: Trump will be 71y 7m 22d on SB52.


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