The Manchester Bomb Fraud Thief

News from the Manchester Arena Bombing that a homeless man originally cast as a hero for helping survivors has been jailed for four years after robbing the wounded. “You were not the hero you pretended to be – you were just a common thief,” a judge told Chris Parker. It’s comical in light of our recent coverage of Alek Skarlatos, the Thalys Train Hero who was absent during the Umpqua College Shooting because he was on Dancing with the Stars, and the father of Spencer Stone arrested for committing fraud. All this in the lead-up to the 15:17 to Paris movie about the Thalys Hoax, starring the three heroes playing themselves and several actors from comedy series.

Chris Parker is 33 years old. Chris =33. Parker =33. Homeless =33. Thief =33. False Flag =33. Staged Drill =33. Drill =330. Problem Reaction Solution =330. Footage of the Manchester Bombing aftermath shows the #33 on multiple video screens, as pictured above.

  • And we’re reminded of the London Tube Bombing hoax on Prince Harry’s 33rd birthday which coincided with the death of Harry Dean Stanton at the age of 33,300 days old, and 303 days before his birthday.

<<“I’d like to think someone would come and help me if I needed the help.” Parker, who held one injured woman in her 60s as she lay dying, told the Press Association he hadn’t been able to stop crying.>> (Guardian article from 5/26). All amounting to more psychological warfare by design. You can imagine some citizens like ‘hey maybe those bums aren’t so bad after all…’ — then now: ‘fuck those guys! my prejudices have been confirmed! long live capitalism!’

Can’t you hear that boom be doom boom boom boom be doom boom beh! =1055/222. Ariana Grande tweeted this back in 2011 but it went viral after the ‘bombing’, tricking many people into thinking she’d tweeted it insensitively after the event. It was dated 2085/2086 days before the Manchester Arena Bombing =285/286.

Remember how this event was foreshadowed in Stephen King’s novel ‘Mr Mercedes’, portraying a single man who smuggles a homemade nail bomb past lax security into a pop concert at a stadium arena full of screaming teeny-boppers. And once again, all the millions of people who read the book before the Manchester Bombing collectively experienced a spooky sensation of déjà vu.

  • Mr Mercedes =155 in Francis Bacon and it published exactly 155 weeks before the bombing hoax in Manchester England =155 at the arena that opened on 15/5. Ariana Grande’s track ‘Break Free’ dropped 1055 days before the incident.  Theresa May =155. Freemason =155. Masonic Ritual =155. Staged False Flag =155. False Flag Operation =551. Royal =551. The Illuminati =551. 

Mercedes =222. Operant Conditioning =222. This core code to the event, with 22 killed by a Suicide Bomb =202 in Manchester England =220 by 22year-old named Salman =222 at the Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman Tour =2022 in the 22nd hour on the 22nd day on the eve of 222 days remaining in the year. Fraud =22. We’ll see what happens on 2/2 February Second, the 33rd day of the year (leaving 333 days remaining in a leap year).

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 3.16.35 PM.png

And remember these scenes from a “terror training exercise” held in Manchester, 1 year 13 days before the arena bombing (almost assuredly another drill staged as legit). Grande =113. The Royal Family =1130. Criminal Conspiracy =113. Fiction =113. 

2 thoughts on “The Manchester Bomb Fraud Thief

  1. 14 June 2017 (3w 3d) after Manchester, came the media story that ‘armed SAS were on the streets posing as beggers, to foil potential terror attacks’ …. Lol.
    Probably explains this joker / actor.
    If I remember at the time, the media reported that this man pulled nails out of victim’s faces …. What a joke.


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