The Ritual Death of Rasual Butler & Leah LaBelle: Crash Connections & the Eddie Griffin Synchronicity

NBA baller Rasual Butler was killed in a car wreck on 31 January 2018 after he lost control of his Range Rover and smashed into a strip mall on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City California. His wife, singer Leah LaBelle, was killed at his side. The story strongly synchronizes with Butler’s high school teammate Eddie Griffin, another NBA star who also died in his SUV, hit by a train back in 2007 – and Butler & LaBelle were killed the same day as another Amtrak train crash, this one carrying GOP lawmakers and colliding with a garbage truck in rural Virginia.

Quite the riddle on our plate here.

Immediately a few details pop out with regards to the Super Bowl:

  • Butler & Griffin were both born & raised in Philadelphia, both playing ball for Roman Catholic High School, whose colours are Purple & Gold like the Vikings. Butler died on 1/31 a span of 1 year 3 months 10 days after being waived from the NBA. (Super Bowl =131, Championship =131) crashing on Ventura Blvd, like former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura (who as we covered previously is very much synched up with this event). And not be outdone, BOTH Butler & Griffin’s last team was the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Rasual Butler died at the age of exactly 2019 weeks old on Ventura Boulevard =219. Eagles-Patriots =219. Minnesota =219. Roman Catholic =219. Griffin died 2 months 19 days after his birthday at the age of 9210 days old, an anagram worth mentioning in light of Butler’s age. Range Rover =129. Ventura =29. Crash =29. NBA Finals =209. 

Rasual Butler =1044 was born on 5/23, the 144th day in a leap year. Leah’s real name: Leah Vladowski =144. Rasual Butler + Leah LaBelle =144. And get this, Eddie Griffin the actor-comedian, wrecked a $1.5 million Ferrari Enzo in a charity race on 3/26/07 (an accident many at the time were calling out as a publicity stunt for his upcoming film Redline), and just 144 days later, Eddie Jamaal Griffin =144 the basketball player was killed in a car crash, undoubtedly a trippy surreal moment for those who were familiar with both Eddie Griffins.

  • Philadelphia Eagles =144. Patriots =144. Lamar Odom =144 who was close friends with Butler, making a few guest appearances on the reality show Khloé & Lamar, which makes Butler an associate of the Kardashian Klan of black widows. And we reported on Odom in 2015 after he almost died of an overdose.
  • Lamar Odom =38. Rasual Butler =138/38 was 3 years 8 days older than Griffin, who died in Houston =38Rasual =38 died in Studio City CA =38 in a Range Rover =38. Minnesota =38. Death =38. 

Leah LaBelle was 31 years 4 months old (and 23 days) when she died, 31 weeks 4 days after her birthday. She sang Whitney Houston songs on American Idol and died 311 weeks 4 days after the death of Houston. Roman Catholic =1314. Griffin =314 was born 13 years 10 months 14 days after actor Eddie Griffin, and died a pi-friendly 72 weeks 2 days after the second-last time the basketball player crashed his SUV, on 3/30/06 – while masturbating in Minneapolis (sounds like the sequel to Sleepless in Seattle). Griffin crashed into a store, just like his teammate Butler would go on to do eleven years later.

Griffin’s masturbation crash happened 11 months 26 days before the other Eddie Griffin wrecked the Ferrari. The 2005 movie Crash was filmed largely on Ventura =1126 and it won Best Picture at the Oscars 11 years 10 months 26 days before Butler’s crash on Ventura Boulevard =1206/62. Studio City =62. Super Bowl LII =62. Eagles-Patriots =62. Super Bowl =260. (Both these teams are big-time coded with the 26/62 which I won’t go into here.) The last Eagles-Patriots Super Bowl was on 2/6 of 2005, which was just 12 weeks 6 days before the general release of Crash.

Making it more interesting, Crash premiered at the Toronto Film Festival on 9/10/04, the day after the 04/05 NFL Season began, the one that ended in the Eagles-Patriots SB, and two days after Leah LaBelle’s 18th birthday (LaBelle born and raised in Toronto). Further, Crash is a film about racial tensions, Butler & LaBelle an interracial couple, and with all the themes lately it’s safe to make a fair comparison here. As we can with the Cronenberg version of Crash from 1996, the one where they’re sexually aroused by car wrecks.

Crash =47. Super Bowl XXXIX =74 was also Patriots & Eagles, 4747 days before this matchup.Ventura =47. Studio City =47. Range Rover =147. Leah LaBelle =147. Rasual Butler =174. Butler =74. Leah LaBelle Vladowski =74. Leah Vladowski =74/47. Lamar Odom =407. Butler =407. Super Bowl =1407. 

  • The 47th prime number is 211. They died on Ventura =112 a span of 112 days before Butler’s birthday and 2101 days after LaBelle’s first single, Sexify. Houston =112 died on 2/11. Butler’s nickname was Bop =112. Super Bowl =112. Patriots =112. New England Patriots =211. Eagles-Patriots =211. 

The Virginia Amtrak crash happened at 11:20 AM the day Butler & LaBelle died. Griffin died 11 weeks 2 days after his birthday – and his masturbation crash came 11 years 10 months 2 days before the death of Butler & LaBelle. Maybe we’ll find out there was some distracting road head going on that led to the wreck.

We love finding this number. Eddie Griffin & Rasual Butler were born 1103 days apart. If we count to Feb 1st, the day the news broke about the deaths of Butler & LaBelle, its 11 years 10 months 3 days after Griffin’s masturbation crash and exactly 1113 weeks after the 10/4/96 premiere of Crash (the one about the car wreck sex fetish). And making it real fucking mental, Griffin was killed 10 years 10 months 13 days after that same 10/4/96 premiere of Crash. Butler killed 113 days before his birthday and Griffin killed 11 weeks 3 days after his own. Lamar Odom OD’d on 10/13, this sequence strongly associated with the Kardashians, as we covered a few posts back.

There so many tangents to explore in this case, as I’m reminded of the death of Anton Yelchin who was crushed by his own car in a freak accident, also in Studio City. I just mentioned Mr Mercedes in the previous post, and he was cast as the villain who kills people with his car, only to suffer the ironic fate on 6/19 – the day the Cavaliers won the NBA Finals, as well as the anniversary of Stephen King himself being rammed by a vehicle. We see that 6/19 was also the birthday of Paula Abdul, credited for launching LaBelle’s career, and the day her single Sexify released on iTunes.

Yelchin =113 born 3/11. Anton Viktorovich Yelchin =113 died 11 months 3 days before the Manchester Bombing, as predicted in Mr Mercedes. Studio City California =311. 

11×3=33. Butler died 13,030 days after the birth of Griffin, who played in 303 games in the NBA, and 33 weeks 1 day after Warriors won the last NBA Finals =33. Minnesota =133Leah LaBelle =33Bop =33Philadelphia Eagles =333. And it sure would be nice to see them ride that Invincible train all the way to a rematch victory over the Patriots.

Regardless of what happens, it’s safe to say there’s yet much more to uncover with this crash story, and it won’t be the last we hear about it.

6 thoughts on “The Ritual Death of Rasual Butler & Leah LaBelle: Crash Connections & the Eddie Griffin Synchronicity

  1. The wife’s name “Leah LaBelle” is somehow connected to the famous singer “Patti Labelle” aka
    “Patricia Louise Holt”. She was born in Philadelphia, PA and is currently “73” years old. When you Google Ms. Labelle she is connected to “Tina Turner”(78 yrs old), “Glady’s Knight”(73 yrs old) and “Aretha Franklin”(75 yrs old). “American Idol” is returning to television on 3/11/2018. I wonder what kind of “Brainwashing”/”Mind Control” game is going on here.
    “Brainwashing”-Reverse Full Reduction=73(7×3=21)
    “Mind Control Game”-Full Reduction=73
    “Super Bowl LII”-Reverse Full Reduction=73
    “Sunday”-Full Reduction=21 and “73” is the “21st” Prime.
    “Patricia Louise Holt”-Septenary=73
    “Leah Labelle”-KFW Kabbalah=173
    “Leah Labelle”-English Ordinal=75
    “Sunday”-Reverse & Jewish Ordinal=78(78/87)
    “Philadelphia, Eagles”-Full Reduction=87
    “American Idol”-Satanic=524(Patti Labelle’s birthday is 5/24)


  2. Tomorrow, in stable- genius-land, a FISA Memo is going to be released, alleging “egregious abuses” of FISA surveillance powers by the FBI (16,666d after Watergate)…

    This Jan 31 Amtrak crash comes 1m 13d after the Dec 18 Amtrak crash. It’s interesting to note that Bitcoin hit an all-time high (Dec 17), the day before crash, and has been on a downward trend ever since. The record high: $19,666. It’s presently $8,976…a loss of $10,690 ! SB52 marks 9y 1m 1d from Bitcoin creation.


  3. We’ve been discussing the connection to ‘Bell’, ‘Belle Star’ (suffragette), etc for a few weeks …. Now we get the death of Leah LaBelle, which I wasn’t aware of till your excellent post.
    Regarding the Amtrak train crash …. Level crossings in America show lights, and flashing ‘Bells’, which according to the media reports were faulty.
    Kinda like BTTF 3 where ‘Clint Eastwood’s’ (Marty McFly’s) DeLorean is distroyed by the train at the level crossing…. Weird.
    Great work on the decode.


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