The Parallel Drownings of Leisa Lemon & Natalie Wood

Leisa Lemon, the older sister of CNN anchor Don Lemon, has accidentally drowned in a Louisiana pond while fishing on 1 February 2018 – the very same day the cold case accidental drowning of actress Natalie Wood in 1981 was brought back into the news with her then-husband Robert Wagner named as a person of interest in her suspicious death. What timing, or as the herd calls it, just another “uncanny coincidence.” As it turns out, there are some major synchronicities between the two cases. Whether blood sacrifice, fake death, or just meant to be, it’s another weird one.

Don Lemon (born 3/1/66) was exactly 51 years 11 months old when his sister Drowned =115, a parallel span of 11 years 5 months after he was hired at CNN. Right away that’s some very suspect long counts, but this case is full of them so please take your time and let each alphanumeric sequence resonate. Wood =15 drowned while swimming beside her yacht Splendour =150 off the shore of Catalina Island =51. Blood Sacrifice =51. Leisa Lemon =105 reminds me of Liz Lemon, Tina Fey’s character from 30 Rock, which had its series finale 5 years 1 day before this drowning. Conspiracy =51/115. This Is CNN =115. Psychological Operations =115. Mystery =1105. Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law Love is the Law Love Under Will =1105. Saturn =511, to whom blood sacrifices are said to be offered.

  • Don Lemon was also 2709 weeks old (and 2 days) for the death of L’Tanya Leisa Lemon Grimes =279. Another big hit. The 279th prime is 1801, like the years ’18 & ’81 (the deaths of Lemon & Wood).
  • And how’s this, it turns out Don Lemon & Robert Wagner were born 1881 weeks apart (1 day short of exactly). Don Lemon =18 is the host of CNN Tonight =118. Natalie Wood =108/1180Sacrificial Lamb =118Ritual Celebrity Sacrifice =118.

L’Tanya Leisa Lemon Grimes =1019 her full name synched with Natalie Wood =119. Wood drowned after leaving a party on board the Splendour =119 off Catalina Island =119 alone in a dinghy following an argument with Wagner, whom she first wed when she was 19. Lemon =19. Liz Lemon =19. L’Tanya Lemon Grimes =190. Cable News Network =190. Younger readers will be most familiar with Robert Wagner as his character Number Two =119 in Austin Powers. All-Seeing Eye =119. Saturn =119. Ted Turner =119 the CNN founder born 11/19. 

Don Lemon =86 was born when Natalie Wood =1068 was 10,086 days old (or end date included the homicide code: 10,087 days) and Wood died 18 weeks 6 days after her birthday. Accidental Drowning =1860. Robert Wagner =1068 the person of interest (with the exact same coding as the victim), was 1680 weeks old when he & Wood divorced. Wagner =68. Natalia Zakharenko =168 was Natalie Wood’s birth name.

  • CNN =186. L’Tanya Lemon Grimes =86. Leisa Lemon Grimes =86. Accidental Drowning =806/86. Blood Sacrifice =86. Don Lemon was 8 years 9 days old when Wood & Wagner’s old child, Courtney Wagner =189 was born, and Wood’s full birth name is Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko =89. Liz Lemon =89. Wagner + Wood =89. CIA formed on 18/9. 

The Mystery of Natalie Wood =1103 is a made-for-TV bio on ABC that released 1 March 2004. Recognize that date? That’s Don Lemon’s 38th birthday. What a coincidence. Wagner + Wood =113. Wood =113. Natalie Wood =113. Drowning =1130. And to put an exclamation mark on this sequence, that TV drama aired exactly 13 years 11 months before the death of Leisa Lemon. 

Leisa Lemon =330. Drowning =33. Drowned =33. Don =33. Leisa died with 333 days remaining in the year; Wood died 33 weeks 3 days after her birthday and was born 3 months 30 days before the birth of CNN founder Ted Turner. Sacrifice =133. Wagner =1033. Christopher =133 Walken =33 (born 3/31) was onboard the yacht with Wagner & Wood, implicated in the suspicious death.

Wood died early on 11/29 which was unofficially late on Nov 28th, the 333rd day of the year that leaves 33 days remaining. Pretty much the perfect inverse date to Leisa Lemon’s death, for yet another huge synch. CNN broadcasting from ATL=33 on the 33rd parallel and its founder Ted =33 Turner =33 born on 33 numerology, just as the CNN logo sideways is a hidden 33.

In both these cases of women dying accidental drownings under suspicious circumstances, the associated males (Don Lemon & Robert Wagner) were both nearly the exact same age at the time of death. Wagner was 18,920 days old and Lemon was 18,965 days old. That’s an age difference of only 45 days (or 44 days between). Robert Wagner =144 & Natalie Wood =44 were born 440 weeks apart. Ritual Sacrifice =44.

  • L’Tanya Leisa Lemon Grimes =129 died 29 days before the birthday of Don Lemon =92. Natalie Wood =920 died on the 11/29 a span of 292 days or 9 months 20 days after the birthday of Robert Wagner =290Number Two =129. Drowning =29. CNN =29. Christopher Walken =209/92 was also onboard the yacht and present at the scene of the crime when Wood was drowned. Wagner + Wood =129.
  • Wagner, Wood & Walken. That’s some squad. Remember how WWW reduces to 666.

Wagner + Wood =126. Ms Wood aka Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko =262 was 2262 weeks old when she died. Don Lemon =126 born on (3+1+1+9+6+6) =26. Robert John Wagner =62. Number Two =260. Sacrifice =206/62. Ritual Sacrifice =206.

We also find two suspect date counts stemming from the day Wood & Wagner divorced, 27 April 1962. They remarried 10 years 2 months 20 days later and Wood died 1022 weeks later (and 2 days) during the filming of Brainstorm =122. Natalia Zakharenko =220. Wagner was named a person of interest 11 months 22 days after his birthday and Wood was born 122 days before the birth of Ted Turner.

Natalie Wood starred in Rebel Without a Cause, reminding me that James Dean was exactly 9000 days old when he died in a car wreck. I also see that Lemon died the same day as Dennis Edwards from The Temptations, who died two days before his 75th birthday – or one day shy of exactly 900 months. Queen Elizabeth =900. Mind Made Manifest =900.

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One thought on “The Parallel Drownings of Leisa Lemon & Natalie Wood

  1. Both of these women have “MANufactured Names” that evoke “Mockery” and “Deception”. These names are also predictive programming for their mind control storylines. Leisa(LIES) Lemon (SOUR) Grimes(GRIMY) and “Natalie (NataLIE) Woods(Wood is one of the materials used in boat making).

    “Manufactured Names”-Full Reduction=62 & Jewish Red.=62
    “Lies”-Full Red.=18(For 2018)
    “Grimy”-Full Red.=36
    “Mockery”-Full Red.=36


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