Jackie Robinson’s Occult Numerology

Jackie Robinson Jr died in a tragic car crash in 1971, the year before the death of his baseball legend father. Jackie Jr (age 24) was en route to his old man’s house when he fell asleep at the wheel and wrecked in perfectly synchronized timing; another classic example that shows the power of the patterns.

Not only did Jackie Jr die 7 months 14 days after his dad’s birthday and 4 months 17 days before it, right in the inversed middle, he died 1 year 4 months 7 days before the death of his dad. Jack Roosevelt Robinson =74. Jackie Robinson Jr =74. World Series =147. 

  • Robinson =47 became the MLB’s first black baseball player in ’47 where he was also named Rookie of the Year, playing his first game 74 days after his birthday, when he was 1471 weeks old, a date commemorated as Jackie Robinson Day =1704/1174. 
  • He wore number Forty-Two =74. Louis Sockalexis =74. Sockalexis =47 was MLB’s first Native American player, 47 years old when Robinson Sr was born, and the first black player died on the 101st birthday of the first native. Connecting further, Robinson Jr died 4 months 7 days before what would have been the 100th birthday of Sockalexis.

The 47th prime number is 211 and Jack Jr died 211 days after his birthday. Jackie Robinson Day =211. Robinson =211. Jack R Robinson =1212 died exactly 1212 months after the birth of Louis Sockalexis =211 whose nickname was the perfectly coded Deerfoot of the Diamond =1212. Negro =212And the 212th prime number is 1031.

Jack Robinson =131 was born on 1/31 and played his first game when he was 10,301 days old. First Negro =131. He finished his career with a .311 batting average, his birthdate also written 31/1. Jack Robinson Jr died on numerology of (6+17+19+71) =113. Jack Sr’s older brother Matthew MacKenzie “Mack” Robinson =311 won a silver medal in the ’36 Olympics. Matthew MacKenzie Robinson =131.

  • Jackie Robinson =221. Brooklyn Dodgers =221. Negro League =1122. Jack Sr’s mother died 1122 days before the death of his son. Sockalexis died at the age of 2200 weeks 1 day old. Matthew MacKenzie “Mack” Robinson =122.

Jackie Robinson =145. Dodgers =45. Negro League =45. Baseball =54. MLB =54. Junior was born when Senior was 10,154 days old (1450 weeks old) and Sockalexis was alive for a total of 15,400 days. Jackie Robinson Day is 15/4. 

Jackie Robinson =189 and his mother died when he was 18,009 days old. Louis Francis Sockalexis =1980. Jackie Robinson =89 died exactly 890 weeks after he won the World Series.

There’s also the whole thing about 42, his number retired from the entire league.

  • Nigger =42. Robinson =142/421. Sockalexis was known as the Deerfoot of the Diamond =402 and died age 42, born on the 24th and died on the 24th, like Robinson =24 dying on the 24th after Jackie Robinson Jr =241 died at age 24. Black =204. Dodgers =240/42. Baseball =24. Major League Baseball =240. MLB =42. Negro League =420. 

To be precise, as we prefer to be here at Extra-Capsa, the Deerfoot of the Diamond =224 died aged exactly 42 years 2 months old and his first career MLB game was on 4/22. Robinson won his only World Series exactly 442 weeks after his premiere.

Robinson =102. And how’s this span, his brother Mack passed away 10,002 days after the death of Jackie. Jack R Robinson Jr =102. Louis Francis Sockalexis =102. Slavery =102. Nigger =102. That’s coding from racist programmers, the same parasites who own all the leagues and the entire entertainment industry – which means they own all the celebrities as their property, regardless of skin tone. Owners =120. The Elite =120. Illuminati =120. 

7 thoughts on “Jackie Robinson’s Occult Numerology

  1. Very profound words! I can’t wait to read your book. Once they become a part of this “Slave System” the Owners control their next move. It’s like a human “Chess Game” and these individuals become “Pawns” in this “Psychological Operation”(Knowing or Unknowing).
    “Matthew M Robinson”-Full Reduction=74(74/47)
    “Bondage”-Francis Bacon=74
    “Patterns Of Death”-Jewish Reduced=74 and Jewish =740(74)
    “Pawns”-Jewish Ordinal=74-The divisors of “74” sum to “114”
    “Psychological Operation”-Full Red.=114
    “Game Of Chess”-Full Red.=47


  2. Exactly 314,100 seconds / the Wed Amtrak crash to today’s Amtrak crash…
    (1-31-18,11:20am to 2-4-18, 2:35am.)
    Prince William on Feb 5th, will be a span of 13,014 days old…

    Amtrak Train #91 crashed today in Cayce (as in Edgar), South Carolina. …Queen is 91y, and her 92nd bday will mark 6066 days from 9-11-01.
    Similar to the 6660 days between the Great Alaskan Earthquake and Tsunami in Prince William Sound region ( 3-27-1964) and Prince William’s birth (6-21-82).

    GAME = 52, 166, 19, 156, 244. Great post, BBerg!

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    • What’s in a name ….. Did you read my comment(s) in BB’s ’15:17 to Paris blog’?

      The Amtrak train crash on 1/31 was on Ventura Boulevard.
      The Amtrak train crash today was in Lexington County.

      The Lockheed Venura Mark IIA (WWII plane) were put into service as the B-34 Lexington.

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      • twotwofourconnection: Interesting info, 2-2-4 ;D “Super Bowl Fifty-Two” = 1224, Kicked off 9m 16d after the “242nd” anniversary of the Lexington/Concord Battle “kick-off” of the American Revolutionary War (4-19-1775). AMeRicans atTAcK (AMTRAK), the British retreat. ” USAUSAUSA!” = 42.

        WW2 Americans + British use Lexington/Ventura bombers. The Royal Air Force received first delivery of bombers in mid-1942.
        Prince William’s birth to 9-11-01 = 7022d. (another piece of pi.)

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  3. Amazing syncs! What is your feeling about who / what is the mastermind behind syncs like this? An elite controller cabal deliberately helping to create these death events, or a universal energy / intelligence that permeates (rules) all existence through numbers / symbols ?


  4. BB,
    I’ve been thinking about WhatsInAName’s comment (above) regarding the Lexington/Concord battle.
    Can I ask you to do a post on Concorde (the plane) please?
    Apparently, the Concorde which was in the movie ‘The Concorde …. Airport ’79’ (incidently starring Robert Wagner, who tries to blow the plane up), was the same Concorde which caught fire and crashed on 25 July 2000 (Air France Flight 4590) in full media glare – talk about predictive programming.

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