Decoding Super Bowl LII: Another Amtrak Wreck Riddle

Amtrak’s Silver Star passenger train, travelling from New York to Miami on February 4th (Super Bowl Sunday), collided with a CSX freight train near Cayce South Carolina and derailed, killing 2 people and injuring 116. This comes incident just four days after an Amtrak hit a garbage truck in Crozet Virginia, killing 1 injuring 6; and, absurdly, we’re told that none other than political celebrity and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was onboard. And on that day the elite Patriots were beaten by the underdog Eagles in their first ever Super Bowl victory.

  • As we’ve been covering for over two years now here at Extra-Capsa, it appears that train wrecks are routinely staged as a riddle component to an overarching grand ritual, particularly involving sports championships for some reason. As we’ve speculated in the past, it may have to do with the world-as-chessboard symbolism extended to the model railroad metaphor and the fact that the railroad industry is traditionally known as being Masonic to its core.

As soon as we see Locomotive #47 with 147 people on board on the day of the Super Bowl =1407, it’s safe to assume we can start with searching for instances of this sequence: Cayce South Carolina Train Collision =147 as it’s called on Wiki (link here)Masonic =147. Freemason =147. Freemasonry =1147. Any way you call it this number shows up, an alphanumeric/energetic anagram of Conspiracy =147. 

Silver Star =47 was inaugurated as a line in ’47 – – a perfectly synchronized span of 1047 days before the death of Edgar Cayce, the “sleeping prophet” and one of the most-documented psychics of the 20th century. That’s a crazy synch already, the train that wrecked in Cayce starting operations (being born as it were) 1047 days before the death of Cayce – especially when the ongoing theme here is fiction foreshadowing future.

Train =74. Masonic =74. Silver Star Amtrak =74. Cayce South Carolina =74. Cardinal =74 was the name of the train that crashed in Crozet VA with passenger Paul Davis Ryan Jr =74. Crozet is noted for being the filming location for Evan Almighty =74 (a movie decoded by a lot of sleuths back in 2015 for its constant repetition of September 23 as the day the Great Flood comes again). 74 a majorly religious number, Jesus =74 / Lucifer =74 / Muhammad =74 (etc.) On the subject of movie synchs, Silver Star’s Wikipedia references the movie Carlito’s Way =47 because Al Pacino’s character is killed just before boarding the Silver Star. 

In the previous post published right before the Super Bowl, I pointed out the Eagles reference in The Return of the King. Sure enough, Brady returned for the back-to-back prophecy fulfilled, yet the Goat literally and figuratively dropped the ball a couple times and indeed got caught in the talons of the apex predator.

  • Return of the King =740 premiered exactly 740 weeks before Super Bowl LII =47 in Minnesota =47, which ended with a total of 74 points scored in the win by the Eagles =47 with the MVP going to former scrub and backup QB, Nicholas Foles =47 a span of 4747 days after the last Patriots-Eagles Super Bowl. They’re calling the story of Foles a fairy tale, one that should be made into a movie by Disney. Almost exactly like Invincible, the miracle Cinderella story of Eagles WR Joe Papale, the oldest rookie in NFL history.

I’ve got so much content here that you can expect a multiple-post breakdown of all this, but after you’re done this read go check out my post, Philadelphia Eagles & Invincible, published back in November. I highlight the importance of Dick Vermeil, then-Eagles coach who went on to coach the Rams then Chiefs — just like Nick Foles started his career with the Eagles then got traded to Rams then Chiefs, before coming back to Philly just this season. Vermeil was coach of the Rams in 2000 when Kurt Warner went from bagging groceries to winning a Super Bowl (as I mention in that article), another fairy tale nearly identical to that of Foles.

Post-game Super Bowl LII, Kurt Warner tweets: “God sure knows how to write a story!”

Back to trainwrecks, one we’ve covered a few times here was the CSX 8888 Incident, also known as Crazy Eights, which happened 119 days before 9/11 (inspiring the film Unstoppable=888) which hit right before Thomas Brady =116 won his first Super Bowl, perfectly timed for America to get Patriotic and support the invasion of the Middle East after The occult mega-ritual and false flag attack. And now this one, Silver Star =119 crashes with 116 injured a span of 6110 days after the Crazy Eights Incident.

  • And to tie it all into the Super Bowl again, Nick Foles =116 won 1911 days after his first NFL game (11/11/12, replacing Michael Vick a former Falcon like last year’s bird team). The ‘Unstoppable Eagles’ shot is from a sports show back on 11/19. 

The other image above is from the movie Unstoppable where instead of 8888 they used locomotive #777. US Bank Stadium =777. And the best part is that #36 Jay Ajayi (a British citizen born in London) is nicknamed the Jay Train.

Now the other Amtrak derailment we want to look into here is the Philadelphia Trainwreck of 5/12/15, covered many times over on this and other blogs. Train Crash =666 and the Philly Wreck happened 999 days before this Super Bowl Sunday derailment with Philadelphia winning Super Bowl LII =966. Carlito =666. It happened two days after the Dow Jones =666 dropped 666 points as well as 1996 days after the suicide of Unstoppable director Tony Scott and five days after the crash in Crozet Virginia =666 (in Satanic Gematria).

  • Our reader WhatsInAName dropped some awesome gems on us earlier: Queen Elizabeth’s upcoming birthday will mark 6066 days since 11 September 2001, just as Prince William was born 6660 days after the Great Alaskan Earthquake & Tsunami – in Prince William Sound. Prince dying on the Queen’s birthday and Timberlake giving him a tribute in the half-time show.

We’re going to explore more of this 666-coding in the next post, but for now let’s appreciate the image on Wikipedia of the Cardinal train (the Pope/Vatican reference) the one that crashed in Crozet on 1/31, which incidentally has a major stop in Philadelphia. For some reason they show Locomotive #174 (Queen Elizabeth =174) stopped at the village of Prince, West Virginia (population 116). Too perfect.

Justin Timberlake’s first five words sung on his halftime show: “Haters gonna say it’s fake.” Hilarious, as the letters behind him flash SO REAL, then FAKE. And of all the Prince songs, they cover ‘Die 4 U’. A relatively obscure yet perfect choice, since U is the 21st letter making that Die 4-21 and Prince =24 died on 4/21, the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth =142/240. Prince William =142/204/1242/42.  

  • The Philly Derailment happened 142 weeks before SB LII in Minnesota =142Edgar Cayce =142. Carlito’s Way =142 opened 24 years 2 months 24 days before the Super Bowl – and exactly 204 months before the release of Unstoppable =42 (both on 11/12). Cayce South Carolina Train Collision =204. Edgar Cayce =124/422.  
  • Foles =24 was 1242 weeks 2 days old for his first ever NFL game and this was Eagles first SB appearance since the 2004 season, this one a rematch of that game with Eagles getting revenge. Timberlake =402/42 in his halftime show sponsored by Pepsi =240/420/224. Pepsi-Cola =42. 

Train Crash =412. Cayce =412. Crozet Virginia =214. Paul Davis Ryan Jr =214. Paul Ryan =214/1242. Crazy Train =1214, Patriots’ perfect entrance song in Super Bowl LII. Going off the rails, Tom Brady represented by the derailment of Amtrak’s Silver Star earlier that very day, a foreshadowing worthy of Edgar Cayce.

The collision occurred in Cayce en-route to Miami. That sounds like ‘KC’ is going to Miami, host of the 2020 Super Bowl. And with the Silver Star reference, maybe Kansas City VS Dallas Cowboys 2020? Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta is hosting in 2019 and this past season the Falcons installed a new sound-effect for every touchdown scored – a train horn.


5 thoughts on “Decoding Super Bowl LII: Another Amtrak Wreck Riddle

  1. A personal note for the past couple of months I’ve been ‘revisiting’ my youth by watching American Flyer You Tube vids. Yeah I could write it off as ‘waxing nostalgic’, but I couldn’t help ‘feel’ it’s more than that. Then you write about the Rail system as it relates to the ‘global’ chessboard. I had the thought that perhaps my lesson was to connect the relationship of model trains to this matrix we fins ourselves in. I still don’t have the answers to the ‘whys’, yet, it’s now obvious it’s beyond the what’s cause we can see the evidence of Gematria/numerical fingerprints. All I can do is be encouraged and encourage others to keep on keeping on. Eyes open….No vitriol… your point of view perspective just may be the grain of sand that will cause the sand castles to fall!

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  2. Another date to note with Prince/Queen, from April 21, 2016 to February 16, 2018 is 666 days. February 16th is the 47th day. 216 = 6x6x6 = 3 cubed + 4 cubed + 5 cubed. Also from Sept 27/17 (Jesuit b-day) to Feb 16/18 = 144 days, from Feb 16/18 to Sept 27/18 = 223 days……Chinese New Year “Year of the Dog” begins Feb 16/18…


  3. Sweet decode! Did you hear about Dan Goodes? NFL lawyer that said the super bowl is scripted because he read the damn thing and all players , coaches, and refs are in on it! He is dead now from a gang style execution The NY Times said. I have the article if you can’t find it, NFL is doing their best to cover this up


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