The Philly Phoreshadow: Decoding Super Bowl LII (Part 2)

(Click here to read Part 1 first, if you’ve yet to do so)

The final score of Super Bowl LII was 41-33. If we deconstruct this figure through a couple prime functions we find some real treats: 4133 is the 569th prime number and 569 is the 104th prime. The Philadelphia Eagles =104. Philly =104. Nicholas Edward Foles =104 with the same gematria as Vincent Papale =104 the Eagle fan turned Eagle player whose story became the Disney movie Invincible (with a run-time of 104 minutes) that foreshadowed this Super Bowl win. The movie was parodied in an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia =410 called ‘The Gang Gets Invincible’ =104 that aired 10 years 4 months before the Fifty-Second Super Bowl =104 in Minnesota =104. Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl =104. 

  • Jay Ajayi =104 the Eagles’ British running back nicknamed Jay Train, is depicted as #4001 on that official artwork above. Maybe because was ranked 41st best RB prospect in his high school class. Or maybe because he was destined to win the Super Bowl =41 in Minnesota =41 with his team scoring 41 points. 

On the heels of this train wreck riddle we see there was another back-to-back Amtrak crash in 2007, this one involving two allegedly unrelated trainwrecks within not four days, as was the case this time, but two days – both involving Silver Star trains (like the Cayce crash) en route to Miami. But what really caught my attention with these old back-to-back wrecks is Locomotive 191 carrying 161 passengers. 

As I highlighted here, there’s a hidden 191 (or 161 upside-down) encoded within the logo of Super Bowl LII =161. The Super Bowl =161. Now the thing about this clue is that 1.61 is the Golden Ratio, aka PHI – like Philadelphia. The Eagles =161. Their coach, Doug Pederson =161. Pederson =191 and he even stands 1.91 m tall. Jay Train =1061. Eagles + Patriots =191. Philadelphia Eagles + New England Patriots =191. We find this number coded heavily on the winning team, most notably in their long counts.

Nick Foles played his first NFL game when Carson Wentz (the injured starter he replaced this season) was 19 years 10 months old. That first game also came a perfect 1910 days before he won Super Bowl LII. Further, Brandon Graham – the defensive end who strip-sacked Tom Brady to cause the fumble that ended the game – was 10,901 days old if we count to 2/5, the date the came was played everywhere outside of the Americas. Again, the Eagles miracle fairy tale story predictive programmed in the Disney movie with the right coding: Invincible =191. 

Super Bowl LII =161 also came 16 years 1 day after Tom Brady’s first Super Bowl win. Return of the King =191. And clues on the House Speaker in the train crash from 1/31, Paul Davis Ryan Jr =191/161. Paul Davis Ryan =161. The actor from Philadelphia and the movie Silver Linings Playbook (that highlights the Eagles 2008 season) who was in the owners’ box for the Super Bowl, Bradley Cooper =191perhaps as a coded good luck charm.

Ajayi was 9000 days old for the Super Bowl, the exact same age that James Dean was when he died in a car wreck, which we just mentioned after his Rebel Without a Cause costar Natalie Wood is back in the news, three days before the SB. End date included Ajayi =91 was 9001 days old, connecting to the 191. Lurie =91. Pederson =91.

Nick Foles =186 was the perfect age of 10,608 days old when he won Super Bowl LII. A perfect synch with Jay-Train’s full name: Oluwadamilola Jonathan Ajayi =1608. Brandon Graham =168. Super Bowl LII =68. Vince Papale =68. This sequence here could be good enough to sell the coding. Remember last year the death of the Philadelphia Phillies baseball player who wrote a book on occult numerology: Darren Arthur Daulton =1680. And to be more precise, Phi = 1.618. Twenty Eighteen Super Bowl =618. 

  • Zach Ertz #86 caught the game-winning touchdown 86 days after his birthday to help give the Eagles an 8-6 all-time record against the Patriots. Prince’s Die 4 U was recorded on 8/3/83 (Brady’s 6th birthday) or 1800 weeks 6 days before the LII halftime sponsored by Pepsi-Cola =168. 

Oluwadamilola Ajayi =1806/68. Doug Pederson =186. Eagles’ old home of Veterans Stadium was open for a total of 11,860 days. Twenty Eighteen Super Bowl =1860. Silver Linings Playbook =1806. Philadelphia Super Bowl Eagles Champions =186.

I might be saving the best for last – Part III is a doozy!

4 thoughts on “The Philly Phoreshadow: Decoding Super Bowl LII (Part 2)

  1. Jay Ajayi being 9000 days old for the SB is unreal.
    Him being a Brit and the SB shown on 2/5 in Britain, takes him to 9001 days (as you’ve mentioned) … Has to be a tribute to the queen being 91yo?

    Looking forward to installment three 🙂


  2. You’re going to need a bigger post, BBerg.
    Score: 41-33 (4133).
    Zero Hedge 11:09pm headline: (after close) DOW Futures Down 600 pts / Hong Kong down 6 % / Bitcoin tests 6,000 / “Termination Event” = 1314 (Jewish).

    Black Monday (10-19-87) to Friday’s DOW down 666 pts = 30y 3m 14d (3314).
    The market peaked in Aug/1987 at 2,722 pts…

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