Eagles Super Bowl Predictive Programming (Part 3)

“Nick Foles has thrown for 215 yards and if you’re into numerology, 215 being the Philadelphia area code.” As Dan Patrick (whose surname sums to 666) said to start the Super Bowl 52 half-time report. The reply from his co-hosts was forced fake laughter.

Indeed this 215 plays a big role here, more than Philly’s area code and the 2:15 left on the game clock right before Brady fumbled (at 2:14). Eagles-Patriots =215. Carson James Wentz =2015. Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Champions =215. The movie Rocky set in Philly first opened exactly 2150 weeks before SB LII.

  • We’ve been discussing the train riddle, with the Amtrak wreck in Cayce SC like the prophet on Super Bowl Sunday and the one in Chester PA, hometown of Vince “Invincible” Papale. And the big one, the Philadelphia Train Derailment of 2015. What date? 5/12. 

If you’ll remember, that Philly Crash happened at 9:23 PM, which had truthers going nuts over September 23rd predictive programming (and on 9/23 the Pope visited the White House at 9:23 AM). The first ever Eagles-Patriots matchup (11/14/73) happened exactly 2309 weeks before Super Bowl 52, of course 239 the 52nd prime number.

Darren Daulton, the Philadelphia Philly who wrote a book on occult numerology, died 215 days after his birthday. Glenn Frey =52 of the band The Eagles died two years earlier (1/18/16) a span of 2 months 5 days after the Paris Attacks with the staged hoax Bataclan Massacre featuring the Eagles of Death Metal =152. And to add another unbelievable layer to this coincidence cake, Glenn Frey died on the exact same day that the Philadelphia Eagles hired Dough Pederson as their head coach. No shit.

Nicholas Edward Foles =251 played his first NFL game 5 years 2 months (and change) before winning Super Bowl Fifty Two =251. Philadelphia Pennsylvania =125. Pennsylvania =152. Zachary Adam Ertz =152. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia =152, the comedy series that in one episode parodied Invincible =125. 

  • This segues into the movies and reminds us of the 2016 murder of Will Smith =125/52 the former football player with the same name as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – in West Philadelphia born & raised. Smith the NFLer signed with the Patriots a perfect span of 2 years 5 days before his violent death. 
  • That can also be 2 years 4 daysSmith =24Will Smith =124. Counting from Smith’s signing date with the Patriots (4/5/14) they cut him 142 days later and Super Bowl LII on 2/4 came 1402 days later. Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl =142Fresh Prince =240.

Eagle =205. Bradley Charles Cooper =205 is from Philadelphia =205 and watch the game as the special guest of owner Jeffrey Lurie =152. Jeff Lurie =52. Cooper played a diehard Eagles fan in Silver Linings Playbook =225 which opened 5 years 2 months 20 days before SB 52.

And now we segue into a truly wild synch. I’m still searching for a high-def video of this but when Tom Brady walks down the tunnel to enter the field at the start of the game he passes under a digital clock clearly reading 20:55. As it turns out, Nick Foles & Carson Wentz were born 205 weeks 5 days apart. Super Bowl Fifty-Two =255.

  • That’s not all, even though it could be. Paul Ryan was exactly 2505 weeks old when he was allegedly involved in the Train Crash =552 in Crozet =522 five days before the Super Bowl. The Silver Star line (the one that crashed on 2/4, runs a total of 1,522 miles and on the date Foles was named as starting QB (12/11/17) he was 10,552 days old. Coach Pederson had a career total of 522 pass attempts as an NFL quarterback. Brady =225. Daulton =522. The Golden Ratio =225.

This sequence reminds us of Munich Massacre & the 2018 Olympics which points out that the Closing Ceremony for the Twenty Eighteen Winter Olympics =2250 is on 2/25 (February Twenty-Fifth Twenty Eighteen =5022). Korea =225. The Winter Olympics =225. 

As I write in that article, this sequence is a perfect synch with Kim Jong Un =225 who was born 12,250 days after the Korean War began. 2/22 comes 12,250 days after the ’84 release of Red Dawn – which puts 2/25 at 12,252 days later. Shabak =252 aka Israel Security Agency =225 was founded 25,220 days before the Closing Ceremony.

The 2/25 Target, further supported from the Super Bowl 52 clues, comes 16,069 days after the Munich Massacre (the staged hoax where eleven Israeli =696 athletes were taken hostage in the Olympic Village =966 in München =666 Deutschland =666 and murdered by a Palestinian Terrorist =969 group called Black September). North Koreans =996. Second Korean War =996. Park Geun-Hye =996 (the impeached former President of South Korea now imprisoned) will be 66 years 6 days old the day before 2/25. All this showing that this number is still extremely hot, as we see with the Super Bowl coding:

  • Super Bowl LII =966. The Eagles =966. St Paul MN =696. Minneapolis–Saint Paul Minnesota =696. Jesse Ventura, the actor/wrestler turned Governor of Minnesota and host of Conspiracy Theory, took office exactly 996 weeks before Super Bowl LII and on the day the Eagles beat the Vikings in the Conference Final, Ventura was 66 years 6 months 6 days old. Rocky Balboa =969.
  • The Screaming Eagles =666 was the name of the fictional Minnesota State University football team in the show Coach whose actor Jerry Van Dyke =996 died, associating the Eagles & Minnesota, hosting Super Bowl LII.

Brandon Graham =696 sacked Brady and the British Eagle nicknamed The Jay Train =996. And from Invincible we have Dick Vermeil =666 and Papale =666 played by Marky Mark =666. Papale is from the town of Chester =666 in Pennsylvania, which was host to another Amtrak crash the day before the 2016 NCAA Basketball Championship Game. The Philadelphia Derailment involved a train called the Northeast Regional =966 and happened a perfect 999 days before Super Bowl LII =966. Further, Will Smith was shot dead 666 days before Super Bowl LII. It’s all so perfect.

Train Crash =111. Chester =111. Papale =111. Nicholas Foles =111. Philadelphia Eagles =111. The Philadelphia Eagles =111. The Chester Wreck happened 1 year 10 months 1 day before Super Bowl LII =111 in Minneapolis Minnesota =111. PHI =111.

Invincible opened 11 years 11 days before the start of this season and Foles was born 11 months 11 days after Papale’s 42nd birthday. Zach Ertz =111 born on 11/10. Oluwadamilola Ajayi =1110. Ajayi =1011. Dick Vermeil =111. Foles was born 1 year 1 month 11 days before the birth of the deceased Will Smith. The Berlin Olympic games ended 1111 days before World War II began.

A few of the gang from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia at the Super Bowl and a shot from the episode that parodies Invincible. Mack & Dennis are wearing 20 & 48 which sums to 68. Vince Papale =68. Super Bowl LII =68. Foles was 10,608 days old. An anagram for 618 when PHI =1.618. Twenty Eighteen Super Bowl =618. Eagles Patriots =618

And as for the #48 jersey, this was the 48th Super Bowl of the modern era. LII =48. Philly =480. Eagle =48. Eagles =148. PHI =48. Or shoot, that could be 2048 like Fifty-Second Super Bowl =248. But that’s a stretch, and we’ve got more than enough here to work with. Definitely more than merely the flag.

4 thoughts on “Eagles Super Bowl Predictive Programming (Part 3)

  1. Great work BB,
    The SB is always a pointer as to ‘events’ for the year ahead. I’ll take a guess that all the 999 coding is pointing to September, where we will have dates reducing to 9/9/9. Could possibly be for June (6th month).
    Similar to that which happened in ’17 with dates in Aug reducing down to 8/8/8.
    999 is the emergency number in the UK. I think there could be fireworks in September.


  2. Awesome finds as always. Just to continue that 999 train (pun intended), the last professional sports championship in Philadelphia came precisely 9 years 99 days prior (Phillies).
    And to pile onto the plethora of 25 and its variations, the very first Eagles NFL championship came 25,250 days prior.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Have you considered the Satanic Origins of Playing Cards? Gambling, Las Vegas, 52 cards in a deck? Oakland Raiders (Oakland Ghost Ship fire last year right out of Pet Goat) moving to Las Vegas. Howie Longs (Raiders) son playing for Eagles ……”Playing cards have a powerful connection to Astrology, an ancient witchcraft science.
    The occultist or witch who designed the card deck patterned the numerical sequence
    of the cards to correspond with the occult science of astrology and the zodiac. The 52
    card deck represents the 52 weeks of the year. The 12 face cards, in the four different
    suits, represent the 4 weeks of the month and the 4 different seasons of the year. The
    13 cards in each suit represent the lunar months. By counting
    the jack as 11, the queen as 12 and the king as 13, along with the joker, the number of
    all the spots or values in a card deck equals 365 to represent the total number of days
    in a year. The colors red and black are also supposed to represent day and night. It
    seems that the card designers certainly incorporated astrology into the deck of cards.”…

    2 MN Jokers have fallen: Garrison Keillor & Al Franken
    Bob Dylan is rumored to be the Jester in the Bye Bye Miss American Pie song
    The Who song Wont’ Get Fooled again may be in Pet Goat with Bush in Dunce/Joker hat misquoting the quote. Song came out in 71′, same year the 2nd tower completed and tenants started moving in


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