Super Bowl Sacrifices of Edwin Jackson & John Mahoney: Funeral for a Fiend

John Mahoney & Edwin Jackson both died on Super Bowl Sunday in what appears to be a pretty tasty Twins Trick. Mahoney is a British actor best known for playing the father on the TV series Frasier and he died age 77 after a short illness. Jackson was a linebacker for the Indianapolis Colts who was killed in a hit-and-run age 26 by an illegal immigrant drunk driver – playing perfectly into Trump’s calls to build a wall (to keep Americans in).

We also see that three other former pro athletes died that same day, including Don Choate (San Franciso Giants, age 79), Jim Stillwagon (Toronto Argonauts linebacker, first-ever winner of the Lombardi Award – dying on the day of the Lombardi Trophy, age 68), and Laurin Pepper (All-American baseball & football player at Southern Miss Golden Eagles; drafted by both the Pittsburgh Pirates & Steelers, he opted for the Pirates – giving us Eagles & Pennsylvania connections – and dying age 88). But as my reports are always long-winded enough as it is, we’re going to focus on the Twins Trick of Jackson & Mahoney, who as we see are perfect alphanumeric anagrams of each other.

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 3.59.11 PM.png

The Eagles =966. Super Bowl LII =966. Jackson =696. Martin Crane =696 was Mahoney’s character on Frasier. St Paul MN =696. Minneapolis–Saint Paul Minnesota =696. The Screaming Eagles =666. Dick Vermeil =666. Papale =666. 

  • Jackson was from Atlanta which reminds us of Atlantis and Mahoney voice-acted in the Disney movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire. They died the same day as the trainwreck in Cayce like Edgar who channelled information about Atlantis. The next Super Bowl is in Atlanta so there’s a clue here.
  • I also see that the Space Shuttle Atlantis landed for a final time on 7/21/11 (after his 33rd and final mission) which is 2027 days before the Atlanta Falcons lost last year’s Super Bowl and 2390 days before SB 52 – this one played exactly 2309 weeks after the first-ever Eagles-Patriots matchup. Dr Frasier Crane =239 is Mahoney’s son on Frasier and Jackson was killed by a drunk driver with blood alcohol concentration of 0.239% – ha. Again, 239 the 52nd prime for Super Bowl 52.

Mahoney + Jackson =152. John Mahoney =152 played Marty Crane =152 and Jackson was exactly 152 weeks younger than Nick Foles, dying 5 months 2 days after being placed on injured reserve. Wes Doobner’s World Famous Family Style Rib Huts =1052.  Jim Stillwagon =152. Rocky Balboa =1152. Nicholas Edward Foles =251. Super Bowl Fifty Two =251.

Mahoney acted in an episode of The Simpsons titled Funeral for a Fiend =148 that aired 25 November 2007. It was episode #408 and Mahoney died exactly 480 weeks later, on the day of the 48th Super Bowl of the modern era. The episode features Wes Doobner =48 who is actually Robert Sideshow Bob Terwilliger =148. Edwin Jackson =148. Eagles =148. PHI =48. LII =48. Ryan Leaf =804 (explained shortly). And as it turns out, the whole episode is about a FAKE DEATH.

  • I watched the episode and it also references Derek Jeter, Miracle(=34) on 34th Street (starring Natalie Wood), and Oprah, all relevant currently. We also find some direct NFL connections with ESPN host Keith Olbermann as himself followed by a commercial starring Ryan Leaf, ranked No. 1 ‘draft bust’ in NFL history for his spectacular fall from grace.
  • It also references England (including several slideshow images) as well as Sideshow Bob as an illegal immigrant – just like the one who allegedly killed Jackson. “I snuck into America amidst a bunch of undocumented Canadian comedy writers for the Jimmy Kimmel Show,” Bob says, “Whatever that is.” Kimmel was in a car accident on Sunset three days before the Super Bowl. All the Canadian writers are shown wearing Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys (like the Ryan Leaf reference) and the Leafs are currently the third best team in the NHL.

In case you’re unfamiliar with NHL, your Brother Berg is Canadian, and the Leafs were once a powerhouse, winning 13 Stanley Cups but have now been on a 50-season drought since 1967 – the longest current drought in the NHL. The closest they came was the Division Championships in 2000. So with Cubs winning after 108 years and Eagles winning the first NFL Championship since 1960 (and first ever “Super Bowl”), there’s a good chance the Leafs go the distance this year.

There’s a scene in the episode where Lisa realizes that a restaurant called Wes Doobner’s World Famous Family Style Rib Huts =550 is an ANAGRAM of Sideshow Bob’s World Famous Family Style Return =550 and Wes Doobner unmasks himself as Sideshow Bob (voiced by Kelsey Grammer, Mahoney’s costar on Frasier). A frickin anagram, just like the names of John Mahoney & Edwin Jackson. That’s essentially what all this gematria coding is, alphanumeric anagrams. Different ordering with the same ingredients producing the same energetic value.

  • Minnesota =515. Jackson & Mahoney were born 51 years 5 months apart and died 5015 days after the series finale of Frasier, in which as we see from the plot summary, a mishap occurs when Martin (played by Mahoney) schedules a wedding for May 15th (5/15) instead of July 15th; incidentally Ryan Leaf was born on 5/15 and just so we’re not in coincidence territory, Leaf was 11,515 days old the day before ‘Funeral for a Fiend’ aired. This NHL season also ends 1055 days 150 weeks 5 days after the Leafs hired Mike Babcock.
  • Funeral for a Fiend =155. Dr Frasier Crane =155. Jackson was killed alongside his Uber driver Jeffrey Monroe =155 a span of 155 days after being placed on injured reserve. Veterans Stadium =1505. US Bank Stadium =155. Rocky opened 15,050 days before the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl =1550 won on the day Coach Douglas Irving Pederson =505 was 50 years 5 days old. Golden Ratio =505.

Again the Golden Ratio is PHI=1.61 and there was a 161 hidden in the logo for Super Bowl LII =161. The Eagles=161. Doug Pederson =161. Mahoney =161. Guatemala =161. Robert Sideshow Bob Terwilliger =161. Invincible =191. Eagles + Patriots =191. Philadelphia Eagles + New England Patriots =191. Mike Babcock =161 and the Stanley Cup Finals begin 161 weeks after his hiring as Leafs Coach. As the sign says onboard the train picture: Canadian Pacific Railway =1601. Yes, another train reference.

The climax scene where Sideshow Bob reveals that he’s faked his death in an elaborate plot with the help of his family (played by the actors of Frasier’s family) he catches Bart in the coffin and is going to burn him alive. Despite the father, voice-acted by Mahoney, being there present in the room, for some reason he’s the only one not pictured in the frame as they laugh maniacally at the coffin. As if it’s Mahoney himself in there. Viewed in hindsight it’s pretty spooky.

There’s also a good 39/93 synch between Nick Foles and Mahoney/Jackson. The 93rd prime is 487 and Foles was born exactly 48 years 7 months after Mahoney. The 390th prime is 2687 and Mahoney & Jackson were born exactly 2687 weeks apart.

Super Bowl Fifty-Two =93. Edwin Joseph Jackson =93 killed by a drunk driver named Manuel Orrego-Savala =193 a span of 319 days before his birthday as Mahoney died 19 weeks 3 days before his own birthday. Nicholas Edward Foles =193. Vince Papale =193. 

  • Funeral for a Fiend =930 aired when the Maple Leafs franchise was 90 years 3 days old. And curiously, the intro scene at Circuit Circus shows Homer pointing to the numbers 6-6-3. The Leafs franchise was 36,600 days old for Super Bowl LII and the death of Mahoney. Golden Ratio =366. Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Champions =366. The Simpsons Funeral for a Fiend =336.

US Bank Stadium =777. Mahoney was also 77 years 7 months old (or 4050 weeks) when they died, or did they… And while we’re here, does Sideshow Bob’s brother (in the prison jumpsuit) not have the same hair as Edwin Jackson? Return of the Predator dreads.

And this is a beauty find from WhatsInAName: the Super Bowl’s 41-33 (4133) score and from Black Monday in 1987 to the Dow falling 666 points on the 33rd day was a synchronized span of 30 years 3 months 14 days (3314) the perfect mirror.

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