Elon Musk’s SpaceX Falcon Launch

SpaceX and Elon Musk, the Tony Stark character of Ironman come to life, launched the world’s most powerful rocket on 2/6/18, the Falcon Heavy en route to Mars carrying a dummy payload of a Tesla Roadster (also designed by Musk) cranking Bowie’s Space Oddity on repeat with a spacesuit-wearing mannequin nicknamed Starman. It’s images like these ones from SpaceX of an MTV astronaut driving a car through space with the same backgrounds as those from NASA that really make me lean more towards the flat earth crowd, I tell ya.

On Super Bowl Sunday Musk tweeted the mock ad on the left, “Starlight Cruiselines: with regular departures to Uranus.” Aside from the obvious anal reference, the cruise is obviously at Saturn and surrounded by Saturn-shaped pods like the ones from Jurassic World, only with rings. Because Saturn. And check out this other tweet of Musk’s, of footage from SpaceX Launch Control and no shit everyone in the background is talking about fake it looks. The main voice (presumably Musk’s) says, “It actually really doesn’t look real, it’s crazy. It’s like somebody needs to work on their CGI here.” Musk a vocal proponent of the holographic universe model / simulation theory, which I side with too.

  • Elon Reeve Musk =1110. Tony Stark =111. Falcon Heavy =1110. Space X Falcon =111. Starlight Cruiselines =111/966. Falcon =111/666. Illusion =111/666. Hoax =669. National Aeronautics and Space Administration =666. Intelligence Agent =666. Big Brother =996. Bowie =966, the original Starman.
  • And continuing on this power run, the launch happened exactly 111 weeks after SpaceX made history with the first successful landing of Musk was 10 years 1 month 1 day old when Heavy Metal opened, the adult cartoon that intros with a convertible flying through space.

Super Bowl LII =111/966. Philadelphia Eagles =111. The Eagles =966. Nicholas Foles =111. And with this historic launch coming in the immediate wake of the first-ever Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl, we find a whole new meaning to the phrase “the Eagle has landed.” And remember how they won 999 days after the Philly Trainwreck? They also won 9 years 99 days after the last pro sports championship for the city with the Phillies.

Shoutout to Dex for that one, and this gem that also syncs up spectacularly: the Eagles won SB 52 a clean 25,250 days prior. David Bowie died at the age of 25,205 days old. SpaceX =25. Musk =52. Life on Mars =52. Rocket Launch =125/520. 

It’s a direct recreation of the intro scene from the 1981 cartoon Heavy Metal that drops a car into space. As expected we find a solid long count there too: Falcon Heavy launched exactly 1906 weeks after the movie launched. The Starman =906. Don’t Panic =96. Elon Reeve Musk =69. Stark =69. Tesla Inc =69. Coinciding with the launch was a massive fire that broke out on the Thai island of Koh Phi Phi =96 – yes another PHI=1.61 reference right after PHI-ladelphia won. The blaze ignited 906 days after the Bangkok Bombing and exactly 69 weeks after the death of King Bhumibol =69. Thailand =69. Bowie died two days after turning 69.

And how long after Bowie’s death did the Falcon Heavy launch happen? That’s right: 2 years 27 days for a direct hit on the pi-coding.

  • And check this out: Elon Musk was born 10,400 days after the death of Nikola Tesla. Like 10-4, copy that. Space X Falcon Heavy Launch =104. Falcon Launch =104. Big Brother =104. Remember this from the Super Bowl, as the 104th prime is 569 and the 569th prime is 4133 like the score 41-33.

Actual shot from live feed of the SpaceX Spaceman (2018) VS intro to Heavy Metal (1981). Which one uses better CGI?

This article is pretty funny too; news from the day of the launch that David Bowie had the exact date of his death predicted by a psychic back in the late ’70s, according to his longtime keyboard player. What this may suggest is that the plan for his fake death was staged all the way back then, as the more we explore these harmonics the more the complexity of the orchestration is revealed in all its glory.

I also see that SpaceX was founded on 6 May 2002. That means this launch happened exactly 189 months later, this number we associate strongly with the intelligence community. CIA founded 18/9 and the Mossad =189 founded 18,900 days before September Eleventh =189. Starlight Cruiselines =189. Intelligence Asset =809/89. Elon Reeve Musk =189. This explains why the A in the SpaceX logo is actually a tilted Y: SPY-CEX =89. 

We find some real gems continuing the clue of PHI = 1.61 hidden in the SB LII logo as a huge tell that PHI would win. SpaceX is short for Space Exploration Technologies Corp =161 and it was founded when Elon Musk was exactly 1610 weeks old. I mean that’s goodnight Irene right there. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency =161. Falcon Heavy Launch =161. Nikola Tesla =161. Spaceship =191. Mars =191. 

But I stumbled upon something weird when scouring my records for instances of this sequence. Did you read my post Golden Krust CEO’s Alleged Suicide? Lowell Hawthorne =191 died 1 year 6 months 10 days after his performance on a reality TV show and exactly 1610 weeks (the exact same age difference associated with Musk & SpaceX) after R Budd Dwyer (the Pennsylvania State Treasurer and former football coach) blew his brains out on live TV during a press conference. What’s really odd about this is the name Hawthorne, because SpaceX headquarters is located in Hawthorne California. In particular, the Hawthorne Municipal Airport =161. What do ya know.

And hey I’m back on YouTube at long last! New tech = new approach to video-making.

13 thoughts on “Elon Musk’s SpaceX Falcon Launch

  1. That video was too funny, thanks. The CGI glitch, lol. I can’t stand Musk, how can anyone take him seriously. Good decode too.


  2. The ‘launch’ coincided with the launch of the new series of the reality show – Celebrity Big Brother in the US, with its connection to Ventura Avenue / CBS Studio City.
    This in turn connected to Celebrity Big Brother in the UK, with this year’s winner connected to Ace Ventura :Pet Detective (as I explained in comments on your Castro blog).

    The programmers are going out of their way to tell us it’s ‘Fake’ …. As you’ve described. Still, people don’t get it or care.

    The thing is – The ‘Flat Earth’ ‘pysop’ on youtube being that the subject has been turned into a ridiculous ‘Reality Show’, with the channel ‘Flat earth and other hot potatoes’.

    I love your new approach to making youtube video’s – you need / deserve a bigger audience. Please make more.


  3. Nice Work! The earth was created for “Man/Mankind” to inhabit. So why are these individuals always going to great lengths to deceive the masses with ideas of “Space Travel”? The angel Lucifer/Satan fell from the “Heavens” according to scripture. He said that he was going to dethrone “The Most High God” the “Creator” of the heavens and the earth. Which is quite insane if you think about it and I somehow feel that this has something to do with that idea, “SATAN”(Or NASA) minus the letter “T”. Read “Isaiah 14″(Or 104) scriptures 12 thru 17( 12+17=29)in the bible as well.

    “Elon Musk”-Full Reduction=29(29/26)
    “Hollywood”-Septenary=26 (Like 2/6)
    “Mankind”-Jewish Reduced=26
    “Heavens and Earth”-Reverse Ordinal=260(26)

    Luke 10:18 KJV
    “And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.”

    “Lies About Space Travel”-Reverse Ordinal=314
    “Three Hundred And Fourteen”-Full Red.=118(Like Luke 10:18 or 118)
    “Fake Planet”-Jewish Ordinal=104(104th Prime is 569) and in LCH Kabbalah=118
    “Heavens”-Eng. Extended=569

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    • It hit me what the score 41-33 meant this morning. Easter Sunday falls on 4/1 and Good Friday falls on 3-30 (41/33). The 666 pt crash (33rd day) on a ‘Bad’ Friday, exactly 30y 3m 14d (3314) after Black Monday ’87. “Three days and three nights” (Matthew 12:40) later, was 2/4 SB52 with the blatant Prince of Darkness Ritual, where Prince (& the revolution/ 242y since American Revolution) is resurrected from the dead, complete with devil tail seen on veil (Return of the King/ FAKE), then the veil falls (Berlin Wall fell 10,314d before). (Pi cycle)
      “Black Sunday” film release: 40y 10m 3d before this ritual. (Pi)
      Bowie’s satanic ritual album: “Black Star” released 2y 27d (Pi) prior. In its lyrics:
      Something happened on the day he died
      Spirit rose a metre then stepped aside.
      Somebody else took his place, and bravely cried, “I’m a Black Star.”
      How many times does an angel fall?
      I’m the Great I Am (I’m a Black Star)
      I’m a Black Star, way up, on MONEY, I’ve got GAME
      I want EAGLES in my daydreams, diamonds in my eyes….

      2/4 Train crash in Cayce (AC) heading to MIAMI (anagram: I AM).
      “Purple Rain” (6-25-84) released 33y ago. From release to SB52: 12,227d. (Pi).
      Jesus Christ, before crucifixion, was mocked by soldiers with a crown of thorns and PURPLE Robe.
      Before Cayce & Crowley, was Helen Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society in NYC. Check out their logo image.
      From Blavatsky’s birth to Trump’s birth: 114y 10m 3d span (Pi).
      EASTER = 401

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    • “why are these individuals always going to great lengths to deceive the masses with ideas of “Space Travel”?” – In order to perpetuate the ‘Lie’ on the masses that we live on a spinning ball, hurling through ‘Space’, with all its 666 (tilt / speed) connections.
      Hence, hiding the Ultimate Truth that we don’t live on a spinning ball.


  4. Read the lyrics from Prince’s “1999” song and turn the album art upside down.
    666 and reverse letters EVIL.
    Album release (10-27-82) to Trump’s 72nd bday: 13,014d.

    It’s reported that after Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings the sunsets and sunrises and rain were purple colored from the uranium oxide effects. Eyewitness William L. Laurence saw a “giant pillar of purple fire” upon explosion (NYT 9-9-1945).

    Uranium Dioxide/Oxide: Fm3m Space Group: #225 (Wiki).


  5. Sorry, BBerg, I forgot to add that it’s awesome you are back on youtube again…just keep watch over your writings this time!


  6. As I write this comment, there’s a documentary on BBC now about the winter Olympics.
    Who should be on there, but Eddie ‘The Eagle’ ….. Lol
    I wish I could upload a picture, as they are showing a spectator in Calgary ’88 holding a home made sign, with the words EDDIE underneath a picture of a golden eagle …


  7. BB,
    I know I don’t have to remind you, but watch out for the paid trolls in the comment section of your youtube channel, especially when your channel grows, I know you can discern.
    From what I’ve gathered from your blog contributors, is that they are genuine people.
    Having said that, I’m glad to see you using the platform again.
    Take care.


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