Douglas High Shooting Hoax

We’ve all by now heard about the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida, a suburb of Miami, that killed 17 people on Valentines Day 2018, a date that coincided with Ash Wednesday, the day of repentance. Brother Berg was staying in Rome and near the Vatican at the time the shooting began – and it just so happened that a huge fireworks display sounding like a machine gun went off at around the very same time. That’s a real-world synchronicity that segues into some huge alphanumeric patterns that we’ve been discussing.

This No. 9407 squad car has been featured all over the news, the one the perp – Nikolas de Jesus Cruz – was arrested in. This was the very first thing I looked up when I heard the news – and as it turns out, 947 is the 161st prime number. This PHI=1.61 sequence reappearing yet again, in full force since PHI-ladelphia won Super Bowl LII =161 in Minneapolis =161 (the hometown of Marjory Douglas, incidentally), with the number 161 hidden right in the SB logo. And as you may have heard elsewhere, the Douglas High sports teams are also called THE EAGLES =161.

  • Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School =161. The school is located on Pine Island Road =161 in Broward County =1910. Broward =161. Parkland High =161 as some outlets are referring to the school. The perp’s name: Nikolas =161. And the school’s motto: Be Positive Be Passionate Be Proud to be an Eagle! =191. Governor Scott =191. February Fourteenth Two Thousand Eighteen =191.

We always gotta look at notable alumni, and here we find Douglas High includes all-star Chicago Cubs player & 2016 World Series champion Anthony Rizzo =191. Alejandro Bedoya =191 is also an alumni, and he’s a pro soccer player for the Philadelphia Union. Philly again! And as a refresher of some other energetic synonyms: Freemason =191. House of Windsor =191. Elizabeth II =191. Rome =191. Roma =191. Society of Jesus =191 (Jesuits). Kabbalists =191. And wouldn’t you know it, Marjory Douglas Elementary is located at building number 11901. 

Now as 161 represents the fulfilment of 61 we can find some synchs there too that connect. With end date included it happened 6001 days after 9/11/01. Nikolas =61. Ash Wednesday =61. Valentines Day =61. Nikolas de Jesus Cruz =106. Douglas High =91. Marjory Stoneman Douglas =91. This also connects as the 91st prime is 467 and Ms Douglas (an environmentalist & feminist author, here in the Year of the Women) was born a clean 46,700 days before the shooting.

Parkland Shooting =88 in Parkland FLA =188 committed by Nikolas Cruz =888 came 1888 days after Sandy Hook and 8008 days after Dunblane. Florida School Shooting =188. Hoax =188. Governor Rick Scott =88. Trump =88. It happened at 2:40 PM which just so happens to be the 880th minute of the day. The Daytona 500 is running in Florida four days after the shooting, the first since Dale Earnhardt Jr retired, known for car #88. 

They’re calling this the 18th School Shooting of ‘18 on 18 numerology and Marjorie Douglas died at the age of 108 years 1 month 8 days old: Nikolas =108 Cruz =18. Nikolas Jacob Cruz =1080/180. Minneapolis Minnesota =1818.  Ash Wednesday =180. Sheriff Israel =81 took office on 1/8 of 2013. And wouldn’t you know it, the shooting also comes 818 months 1 day (68 years 2 months) after the formation of the Mossad.

Nikolas Cruz =111. Douglas High =111/666. Marjory Stoneman Douglas =1969/1999. Marjory Douglas =669. School Shooting =669. Hoax =669. And appropriately it came 66 years 9 days after Elizabeth II took the throne.

Florida’s Governor Scott and President Trump were born 2039 days apart and 239 is the 52nd prime. It happened on Valentines Day =52 exactly 5 years 2 months after Sandy Hook. Douglas =502. Douglas High =52. Parkland Florida =52. Conspiracy =52.

  • It happened on the 45th day, Scott =45 the 45th Governor and Trump the 45th President. Marjory Douglas =45. Nikolas =45. Parkland Florida =45. Ash Wednesday =45.
  • It also happened exactly 62 months after Sandy Hook. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High =620. Marjory Douglas =62. Douglas High =62. Parkland Florida =62. Parkland =26. Florida =26/62. Ash Wednesday =126. Repent =126. Marjory =126. It happened 1 months 26 days into the Trump Administration.

That 8008-day span between Dunblane & Douglas is equal to exactly 1144 weeks. False Flag =1044. Donald Trump 144. Douglas High =404. February Fourteenth Two Thousand Eighteen =444. Remember Sandy Hook came 44,444 days after America’s first school shooting and this Douglas High Shooting came 404 days after the Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting, also in Broward County under the jurisdiction of Sheriff Israel.

Douglas High has a Jewish population of 40%, its Wikipedia feels the need to tell readers (or did until it now just says a substantial population), and the county’s sheriff, Scott Israel =60 happens to be the first Jewish sheriff in Florida history. This school shooting happened a clean 6,000 days after 9/11, a figure that can’t help but remind us of the 6,000,000 Jews we’re told died during the Holocaust, the specific figure foretold in prophecy as the amount of sacrifice required before the Jewish people could return to the holy land. Marjory =600/60. Cruz =60. Conspiracy =60. Hoax =60. Donald Trump =60. As it turns out, the 60th Running of the Daytona 500 is four days later, (a 3 hour 22 minute drive up the coast).

More to come, as always. And especially videos. Though I’m currently getting my dolce vita on here in Italia.

10 thoughts on “Douglas High Shooting Hoax

  1. Awesome Dude, this blog is dismantling what the programmers are up to stone by stone.
    I watched the colourised version of the ’47 movie – Miracle on 34th Street, the one with Natalie Wood as the young girl…. The first float we see at Macy’s annual Thanksgiving parade is a huge Golden Eagle.
    Santa in Macy’s department store tells a young boy (who wants a fire engine) to go to Schoenfeld’s (department store) on Lexington Avenue.- read the attached link (point 8) Toy Stores, which has an ad from Schoenfeld’s in 1927.
    The address of Schoenfeld’s given as 1254 Lexington Avenue, New York …. Go to google maps and type in 1254 Lexington Avenue, Cayce … That is an actual address in Cayce, the same Cayce where the Amtrak train collided with the CSW Freight train on SB sunday (Cayce, South Carolina).

    Alternately, go to search engine and type in ‘ Shoenfeld’s 1254 Lexington Avenue ‘ it will give you a map of 1254 Lexington Avenue, Cayce, South Carolina 29033.

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  2. 3 hour 22 minute drive. 322nd day of the year is 11/18. That’s Denny Hamlins birthday.
    He could well be winning the Daytona 500.
    He was born in Florida (even though wiki says Virginia)
    His next birthday will be 277 days after this shooting that killed 17.
    17th prime is 59. 59th prime is 277.
    He will be 38. Tampa florida = 38.
    His next win will be his 32nd.
    Thirty two = 45 = Parkland Florida = Ash Wednesday = Valentines day.
    Daytona beach Florida = 60.
    James dennis alan hamlin = 60.
    Sixty = 23.
    Eleven = 23. He is race number 11.
    (All using septenary method)
    Sum of divisors of 60 add to 168.
    Will be 168 days after he last won a race.
    His last race win (9/3/2017) had numerology of 22 and 49.
    This race (2/18/2018) has numerology of 22 and is the 49th day of the year.
    His day of birth numerology (11/18/1980) adds to 128 so 2/18 should be a good day for him.

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  3. Hey brother… been busy but checked on the actual day… from columbine 20/4/1999 to the 14/7/2018 shooting was a gorgeous looking 9,900,000 minutes… or 9,901,440 inc the end date…

    I also caught the 1,888 days from Sandy hook and checked the last Florida shooting at the pulse nightclub… from 12/6/2016 (6/12/2016 in U.S) to the shooting was 612 days…

    Amazing read as always brother and glad you’ve started doing the YT vids again… loved your back to the future one but that’s years old… the work n threads have all come on so much since then… looking forward to checking it out later and seeing more in the future… stay safe brother…


  4. Hey there. I’m sure you’re busy but alot of red flags have popped up for me as of yesterday. Maybe you can help. Not sure how deeply you follow hip-hop music (if at all) but two young up and coming rappers were murdered yesterday. They draw a huge parallel to the school shooting in Parkland and Super Bowl. Yesterday’s date is significant to me too (6/18/19).

    XXXTentacion was killed in his hometown of Deerfield Heights in Broward County. He mentioned in February (same month of Parkland FL shooting) that he may be sacrificed. Jimmy Wopo (a rapper from Pittsburgh PA) was killed in Philadelphia as well.

    In my research I came across this post and find the parallels uncanny. I think there are very specific things happening in both Broward County FL and Philadelphia involving death rituals.

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