Iran Aseman Airlines Plane Crash: MH-370 Synchronicities

Iran Aseman Airlines Flight 3704 crashed into the side of Mount Dena in Iran’s Zagros Mountain range on 18 February 2018, presumably killing all 65 souls on board. This vehicular crash happened on the anniversary of Dale Earnhardt Sr’s vehicular crash where he gently tapped the wall at Daytona and was mysteriously killed (watch my YouTube video on the 2018 Austin Dillon win for more on that).

Iran Aseman Airlines =182/812 [EO/Sa] and it happened on 2/18/2018. That date is written 18/2 there in Iran =182 [Sa]. Crash =182 [J]. James Riddle Hoffa =182 [KFW]. Three Seventy =218 [FB]. And this one (Flight 370-4) happened 1218 weeks after Iran Aseman Airlines Flight 746 crashed killing 59 passengers, the exact same number of dead passengers as this one, 23 years later. We’re also reminded of the 2015 GermanWings crash, where its suicidal pilot Andreas Lubitz born on 12/18. Hassan Rouhani =1218 [RSu] the Iranian President, who took office 218 days before Flight MH 370 vanished.

Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei =1144 [Sa] (the current Supreme Leader of Iran) was exactly 4101 weeks old for the crash on Dena =144 [Su] that came 1444 days after the disappearance of Flight MH Three Seventy =114 [SR]. As it turns out, that remarkable 1444-day span is the precise duration between Benjamin Netanyahu & Pope Francis taking office. This reminds us that the Iranian Hostage Crisis began on 11/4 and lasted 444 days. 

  • Speaking of infamous vanishing acts, MH-370 vanished 1,4101 weeks after the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa =1140/144 [JO/ALW]. Notice that’s a direct ‘fulfilment of Khomenei’s age of exactly 4101 weeks old for the Aseman Crash. MH-370 also vanished 4001 weeks 1 day after the disappearance of Amelia Earhart =144 [KFW]. Amelia Mary Earhart =1014 [Su].

Further, Khomeinei’s predecessor, Ruhollah Khomeini, died exactly 114 months after taking office. Hassan Rouhani =141 [JO]. Reuven Rivlin =1014 [Su]. Aseman Airlines’ slogan (that they may now have to rethink) – We Guarantee Your Safety in The Sky =1401 [Sa]. 

MH-370 was the 404th Boeing 777 produced. Pope Francis =404 [J]. Zagros =44 [ALW]. Israel =44 [RR]. Netanyahu =44 [RR]. Zionism =44 [JR].

We’re reminded of Iran’s Doomsday Clock, which I’d meant to report on last year but it ended up collecting dust in my drafts folder, waiting patiently for today.

On 24 June 2017, “Anti-Israel protesters in Iran unveiled a digital countdown showing 8,411 days to what they said would be the “destruction of Israel”, as part of an annual rally in support of the Palestinian Territories. The time frame appears to stem from comments made in 2015 by Iran’s supreme leader, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who said there would be “nothing” left of Israel by the year 2040.” – Independent article

8,411 days from 24 June 2017 is 4 July 2040, America’s 264th birthday. The precise date prediction is based on a speech that Khamenei gave on 9 September 2015, in which he stated that the “Zionist regime will cease to exist in the next 25 years.” From 9/9/15 to their 4/7/40 target date is a perfect 9066 days. Ayatollah Khamenei =966 [Su]. Direct hit. Three Seventy =996 [Su]. The first Israeli presidential election happened 69 years 9 days before our 2/25 target date and the current Israeli =696 [RS] President was born 6 years 9 months 6 days before the birth of Donald Trump. James Riddle Hoffa =696 [Sa].

The 24th of June, destroyed by 2040, or exactly 1201 weeks 4 days (equivalent to the 8411-day span they began the clock with). Iran Aseman Airlines =124 [RR]. Iran =24/42 [FR/EO]. Zagros Mountains =242 [KFW]. Netanyahu =424 [Sa]. Dena =24 [EO]. Iran Aseman Airlines Flight Three Seven Zero Four =240 [RR]. Benjamin Netanyahu =240 [LCH]. A lot of 24 coding as we see running strong in 2018. This plane crash happened 240 days after the clock was unveiled on 6/24.

  • That means (8411-240) there are 8171 days remaining on the countdown to the destruction of Israel. If we perform our number magic, we find that 8171 is the 1026th prime, one of our favourite numbers.

Iran Aseman Airlines =260 [FB]. Aseman =26 [SR]. Aseman Air =26/162 [Se/RO]. Airplane Crash =62 [FR]. Tehran Iran =162 [RO]. And it crashed 206 weeks 2 days after the disappearance of MH-370  (just like Pope Francis took office 206 weeks 2 days after Netanyahu took office) and 1062 days after the 2015 GermanWings crash, the one with a suicidal pilot, also into a mountain. Benjamin Netanyahu =1062 [Su]. Netanyahu =126 [LCH]. 

Jorge Mario Bergoglio =1206/206 [Su/JO]. The Valentines Day Massacre at Douglas High happened on Jimmy Hoffa’s 105th birthday, which is exactly 1260 months after the birth of Hoffa =26/62 [JR/FB]. Donald Trump was born exactly 126 weeks before the birth of Hassan Rouhani, the exact same 126-week duration between Trump’s election & the election of President Rivlin.

Amelia Earhart =222 [FBs]. Curiously, the Valentines Day Massacre =2022 [RSu] at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School =2222 [J] that came 222 days before the birthday of Nikolas Cruz (who was born 222 years 2 months 20 days after the birth of America) also happened exactly 2220 weeks after the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa. (This means that 2/28 will be exactly 2222 weeks later – and 1555 days).

Iran Aseman Airlines =222 [ALW]. MH-370 vanished 11 months 22 days after Pope Francis =122 [EO] took office; as well as 101 years 22 days after Hoffa’s birth and 222 days after his disappearance anniversary. 370 was last seen on radar at 2:22 MYT. May 28th will be 220 weeks 2 days after 370 vanished, and stay tuned for further explanation of why this date is another upcoming target.

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