Hope Hicks: Decoded


Hope Hicks is the former model turned outgoing White House Communications Director for President Donald Trump, in the news for resigning after her testimony that she lied on behalf of the Trump Administration. There’s so much that’s bizarre about this story, least of all the ‘fact’ that a 28-year-old can become Director of anything in the White House, let alone propaganda. With her resignation, there is NO MORE HOPE, as the memes are saying – reminding us of 2011 when Steve Jobs died leaving America with No Jobs, No Cash, & No Hope (the 2003 deaths of Bob Hope & Johnny Cash). And of course, she’s perfectly coded to fit the alphanumeric narrative.

Hope Charlotte Hicks was born on 21/10 (of ’88) – exactly 2110 weeks after the birth of Israel (5/14/48), a perfect match, and exactly 2210 weeks after the birth of Donald Trump. Shadow Government =2110 [Jewish]. And on that 221, my notes mention that the 30th US President, Calvin Coolidge =221 [K] died at the age of 22,100 days old.

  • 211 is the 47th prime number. Hicks took office as White House Director of Strategic Communications on 1/20/17, when she was exactly 1474 weeks old. Her testimony came 4 months 7 days after her birthday and exactly 14 years 7 months after the death of Bob Hope. The Trump Organization =1470 [J].
  • She was also born 4 months 7 days after Trump’s birthday. White House Communications Director =470 [RO]. White House =47 [R]. President =47 [R]. Trump =470/47 [J/RO]. Calvin Coolidge =47 [Sept] was born on 4/7. 

Hope Charlotte Hicks =1740 [R-Su] was preceded by Scaramucci =1074 [R-Su]. And her middle name Charlotte, like Chelsea Clinton’s daughter & that of William & Kate, the latter of which, Princess Charlotte, born 147 weeks before Hicks’ testimony. Hourglass Adventures =74 [C]. The Hourglass Adventures of Rosemary =147 [R].

Hope Hicks was the cover girl for a children’s book series called The Hourglass Adventures, about a time-travelling 10-year-old. That’s really weird because as we’ve covered on the blog, there are already a bunch of time travel associations with Trump, including the story of Ingersoll Lockwood and the Adventures of Baron Trump. The uncanny coincidences between Lockwood’s novels from the turn of the 20th century and the life of Trump’s family fuelled many theories already running with Trump’s uncle John G Trump, apparently a mad scientist obsessed with time travel who was close with Nikola Tesla. And of course Back to the Future’s Biff Tannen, the character admittedly based on Trump. It’s all one long surrealistic charade.

  • When she testified that she’d lied on behalf of Trump it was 2/27 a span of 10,722 days after her birth. The Trump Administration = 1722 [Su]. Rosemary =227 [FBs]. Barron William Trump =227 [JO]. Trump’s tombstone appeared 227 days before his election and 22 years 7 days after the date on the capstone at New World Airport in Denver Colorado =227 [RO] and he survived an apparent assassination attempt at Treasure Island Casino =227 [EO].

The Hourglass Adventures =111 [R/JR]. White Lies =111 [JO]. Don Trump =111 [K]. Donald John Trump =1110 [Su]. was born exactly 1 year 11 months before the birth of Israel (its independence coming exactly 69 years 9 months before the Douglas High Massacre). And really, what a name. Hope Hicks. HH=88 born in ’88. Hope, the campaign that Obama ran on, and Hicks, the socio-economic makeup of Trump supporters (or so the media leads the world to believe). Turns out it’s all just one gigantic carnival show.

And while we’re on the subject, it’s worth revisiting the coding on Kellyanne Conway as she’s perfectly orchestrated by the alphanumerics with Trump – and Orwell’s 1984. 

2 thoughts on “Hope Hicks: Decoded

  1. Billy Graham was laid to rest in his hometown of Charlotte.
    Remember, the Olympic Bell (with Olympic rings and Eagle on its surface) fell from the bell tower and cracked at the Olympiastadion in Charlottenburg. HH = 88 (HH reference to Hitler).

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  2. I feel as though we are watching “Trump’s” scripted reality show “Apprentice” from the “White House”. “OmaROSA Manigault-Newman” who resigned in December is a derivative of “Rosemary”/Rosemarie”.

    “Omarosa Manigault Newman”-Full Reduction=88
    “Reality Show”=88

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