Roger Bannister 4-Minute-Mile


Roger =33 Bannister =33 died on 3/3 a span of 3330 weeks 3 days after he ran the first sub-four-minute mile at Oxford =33 on May Sixth Nineteen Fifty Four =133/333. That track at The University of Oxford =1033 was originally 0.333 miles round.

  • Bannister was married to the daughter of Per Jacobsson, the former managing director of the International Monetary Fund, a position he took exactly 133 weeks after Bannister’s four-minute-mile. IMF =133/33. 

Sir Roger Bannister =113 [RR] broke the record 1 month 13 days after his birthday, when he was 1310 weeks old. Sir Roger Gilbert Bannister =131/1301 [R/EE].

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 11.33.56 PM.png

Jacobsson died on 5/5 at the age of exactly 3613 weeks old. 3613 is the 505th prime number. IMF =55. Iffley Road Track =155. 

And there is definitely some connection here between Bannister & the IMF. Per Jacobsson was 22,005 days old when Bannister ran the four-minute-mile at Iffley Road Track =1225 [EE], and exactly 20,025 days after Jacobsson’s death was the day before Bannister’s death. That’s crazy. And with end date, that’s a beauty pi-date of 20,027 days from Jacobsson’s death to Bannister’s death.

Amazingly, the new track at Oxford was 440 yards round and Bannister broke the record there 44 days after his birthday – and exactly 4040 weeks after it first opened on 30 November 1876. His first ever record was at 4:04 and he died on numerology of (3+3+20+18) =44.

4 thoughts on “Roger Bannister 4-Minute-Mile

  1. From Michael Bloomberg’s birthday to Parkland school shooting
    From and including: Saturday, February 14, 1942
    To, but not including Wednesday, February 14, 2018
    666,216 hours

    216=666 6*6*6=216


  2. Wow, crazy long-counts, and he is #41 in photo, followed by 33’s (first and last names / date of death) in your decode: SB52 score again. (41-33)

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  3. Epic dude! That long count is spectacular.
    I’ve created a YT channel initially with the sole intention of giving your channel a sub. However, I produced my first ever video (screen cast) showing the duration between the Reichstag fire and WWII. Within an hour it was censored, deleted from YT and I was given a community strike for ‘inappropriate content’. It had no views but was deemed ‘inappropriate’ – it must have stuck a nerve.
    I was going to upload a follow up video showing the duration between Reichstag fire and the unvailing of the world’s first emergency number, as well.
    Keep up the good work.
    Take care.

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