Davide Astori’s Blood Sacrifice for the Italian Election

Davide Astori, the captain of ACF Fiorentina (football club from Florence, Italy), died from sudden cardiac arrest in his hotel room prior to a match on March 4th, the very day of the 2018 Italian election. It will decide their 58th Prime Minister (like Trump elected in the 58th US election) and as it just so happens, Astori played 58 matches with Fiorentina before he was ritually sacrificed on the day the most votes went to Silvio Berlusconi =58  a notorious Mason =58Freemasonry =58.

(It’s a bit confusing at this point, the morning after the election, as ex-PM Berlusconi’s right-wing coalition is set to win the most seats in parliament yet the anti-establishment party Five Star – led by 31-year-old Luigi Di Maio – won the most votes. It’s another major populist move being compared to Trump and Brexit, and like those other events, it’s entirely coded by alphanumerics). 

Astori played for ACF Fiorentina =1380 and died in Udine Italy =1308 at the perfect age of 11,380 days old. Astori scored one international goal in his career, when he was 1381 weeks old. He died of a Heart Attack =138 on the day Berlusconi =138 won the most seats, the only candidate with the 138 coding getting a perfect 13.8% of the votes in the general election. The Five Star Movement was started by an actor/comedian named Beppe Grillo, whose birthday comes 138 days after the election. Donald Trump =138 [O].

Davide Astori began his career with AC Milan, the team formerly owned by none other than Silvio Berlusconi, the four-time Italian PM formerly charged with corruption in 2015. He acquired AC Milan 10 months 18 days before the birth of Astori and sold the team 10 months 18 days before the death of Astori. WHAT ANOTHER COINCIDENCE.

Berlusconi =118 [O] and his party Forza Italia =118 [O] was founded on 1/18 in 1994. The right-wing coalition is predicted to get at least 118 seats in the upper house, the most votes going to Five Star =118/811 [K/EE] the party started by actor/comedian Giuseppe Piero Beppe Grillo =1118 [Sat] and now run by Di Maio born on numerology of (6+7+19+86) =118.


18=6+6+6. As alluded to in the cover image, this story is saturated in 666-coding, as well. Which makes sense because: Mafioso =666. Mobsters =666. La Cosa Nostra =696 aka The Sicilian Mafia =699. The Italian President the first to hail from Sicily.

  • We’re reminded of Salvatore ‘Toto’ Riina, former chief of the Sicilian Mafia, who recently died in prison on 11/17/17, a span of 6606 days after an HBO film about his life called Excellent Cadavers. Appropriately enough then, the most votes for Italian Prime Minister went to Five Star =696 led by Di Maio =666.

Clearly the Mafia plays a role in fixed elections and the ritual blood sacrifice of Davide Astori, the captain of Fiorentina =666. The team sponsored by Folletto =666. Further, it’s head coach, Stefano Pioli =66, was hired last year on 6/6, a synchronized & inverted span of 90 years 9 months 9 days after the club was founded. Speaking of clubs, Berlusconi is a member of the notorious Italian Masonic lodge known as Propaganda Due =66 (read about them here).

Di Maio =103/31 [J/JR] the 31-yearold born on (7+6)=13 and wins the election on the day a 31-year-old football star mysteriously dies of Heart Attack =103/31 [JO/JR] exactly 31 months after signing to his current team, as well as 310 days or 10 months 3 days before his birthday, the captain #13 who began his career with A-C 1-3 Milan owned by Berlusconi for 31 years, the man who somehow ends up with most seats in parliament.

Italian =311 [Sat]. Sicilians =311 [EE]. This election sacrifice on 3/4/18 comes 3 years 1 month 1 day after Italian President Sergio Mattarella =113 [K] took office and 1 year 1 month 13 days after American President Donald Trump took office.

  • Back to Salvatore Riina (The Godfather =113 [JO] born in Corleone =113 [FB] whose nickname was The Beast =311[J]), we see that he died not just 11 months 30 days before his birthday, but on the date that Davide Astori was 30 years 10 months 10 days old. Quite the alignmen, as he died right before a game against Udinese =113 [K].

Udinese =103/131 [FB/K]. AC Milan =103/131 [FBs/FB]. Di Maio =103/31. Heart Attack =103/31 [JO/JR]. Tuscany =103/31 [O/R]. Mattarella =103/31 [O/R]. Sergio Mattarella =103 [RR]. Italia =103 [FBs]. Stefano Pioli =103 [K], head coach.

Because it bears repeating, Astori died age 31 exactly 31 months after signing to ACF Fiorentina =130 [K], the team called Viola =31 [RR] (which means purple) that was founded in 1926, a span of 130 days after the birth of Queen Elizabeth. David Astori’s initials DA=13 in RR and he wore #13. I mean c’mon.

Davide Astori =126 [JO]. Astori =26 [Se] died 1 month 26 days after his birthday and 1126 days after Mattarella became President.

  • Astori was also born just 6 months 2 days after the birth of Di Maio =261 [Sat] the Populist =162 [K] who won 162 days after becoming the leader of the Movimento 5 Stelle =206 [RO] and 620 days after Brexit =62/126 [K/K]. Astori & Fiorentina played 26 games this season before he died.

AC Fiorentina e Florentia Viola =126/162 [JR/RR] is the team’s full name, owned by Diego Della Valle =126 [O], the team owner. Fiorentina plays in Tuscany =26 [Se] and was founded in ’26. Berlusconi =62 [RR]. Silvio Berlusconi =62 [Se]. Italy =62 [JO]. Italia =262 [Sa]. Crown =26/62 [RR/RO]. Queen =26/62 [R/O]. Mason =26/62 [R/O].

And thinking about Propaganda Due, P=16 so P2 = 162.

All in all a pretty awesome example of ritual sacrifice & rigged election! And reminder to consider purchasing the e-book on Predictive Programming and getting yourself a Personal Numerology Reading to see how these alphanumeric patterns work in your own life. 

8 thoughts on “Davide Astori’s Blood Sacrifice for the Italian Election

  1. BB,
    Apologies for going off topic from this awesome post, but my question is …. Are these programmers reading your blog, then creating news stories, or are we on the right track?
    I ask because, we’ve been discussing Lexington (Cayce, Ventura / Lexington, Pratt / Whitney aircraft engines, miracle on 34th st., the eagles on the Chrysler Building on Lexington Ave., etc.) for a couple of months and now I’ve just read that they have discovered the sunken WWII aircraft carrier USS Lexington.


  2. Genius Breakdown! Another parallel: The “Astor Family” (Astori) they have ancestorial roots in the “Italian Alps”. They have roots in the “United Kingdom” and the “United States”(The Waldorf-ASTORIa). On Wikipedia there are several surnames related to the Astor clan (through marriage) one that stood out to me was “Parker-Bowles”. The daughter of “Camilla Parker-Bowles” (Laura Lopes) married “Harry Lopes” who is descended from the “Astor Family”. The Dutchess of Cornwall’s brother Mark Shand died in 2014(age 62) after falling and hitting his head in Manhattan(NYC). He was in New York attending an auction at “Sotheby’s”. I can’t find the story, but I remember reading that the alleged accident was near the “Waldorf-ASTORIa Hotel”, or maybe that’s where he was staying. I just notice that in most of your decodes there is always a parallel to the “Royal Family”. It’s obvious that “Astori’s” death is connected to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. But I think there is a connection to the upcoming Prince Harry & Meghan Markle wedding as well, uniting the UK and the US in a marriage.

    “Italian Alps”-Chaldean=31
    “Head Injury”-Chaldean=31
    “Heart Attack”-Jewish Reduced=31
    “Waldorf Astoria”-Full Reduction=63(March 4th is the 63rd day of the year)
    “The Astor Family”-Jewish Reduced=63 & “Astor Family”-Jewish Ordinal=130
    “Royal Family Wedding”-Chaldean=63
    “Davide Astori”-Jewish Reduced=63
    “Soccer”-English Ordinal=63
    “Mark Shand”-Eng.Extended=314(Which looks like 3/4)
    “Twenty Eighteen FIFA World Cup”-English Ordinal=314
    “United Kingdom and United States”-English Ordinal=322(or 3(2+2=4) 34)


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  3. heart attack has 3 gematria variations for pi, 314 etc also in one photo above astor is making a ‘mask behind the face’ freemason gesture.


  4. Late to the party… but brilliant work as always brother… as MM mentioned the Astors are a massive family with lots of royal connections n marry off with Rockefellers over n over throughout history to this day… the old but good video on youtube called… what the royal family doesn’t want you to watch… covers the Astors quite well… Princess Di and Kate Middleton are both connected/come from the Astor bloodline…

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  5. Brother Berg, is there ANY WAY you could potentially look into decoding The Black Panther in relation to the 2018 NBA Finals? “Long Live The King”


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