Sergei Skripal & Russian Spies

One of the big stories right now is this Russian spy mystery out of the UK, as Sergei SkripalSergei Skripal – a former military intelligence colonel who betrayed Mother Russia and turned to work for MI5 in the late 90s – has been hospitalized along with his 33-year-old daughter after being exposed to an “unknown substance,” in what is being suggested as an assassination. It’s funny timing because over the past few days here we’ve been binge-watching The Americans, the show about Soviet spies deep cover in America during the Cold War, so I’m feeling pretty familiar with the subject (and in fact have a draft blog on Putin’s Invincible Nuke & The Americans Predictive Programming, coming soon). And speaking of which, Season 6 just happens to be premiering on 3/24, a clean 3 weeks 3 days after the 3/4 date tagged on this security cam footage.

We love it when the mainstream media drops clear numbers on us. Ex-Russian Spy Collapsed With Daughter =3040 (Jewish) =403 (Jewish Ordinal) and this footage from 03-04 of a spy named Sergei =43 who was the victim of a “Suspected Poisoning=340 {K}. FSB =43 (which is the name of the new KGB). Alexander Valterovich Litvinenko =143/343 (R/JO) is another Russian spy assassinated in 2006, a man who will tie into this story, and the man credited with the term, Mafia State =143/343 (K/Jewish). Israel Intelligence Agency =1434 (Su). Foreign Intelligence =1134 (Su).

  • Assassination =43 (R). The 43rd prime number is 191. Assassination =191 (RO). Zizzi =191 (FBs) is the shop beside the bench where the father & daugther collapsed, a code-name that is being repeated often.
  • The security footage is time-stamped at 15:47, which is the 947th minute of the day. And wouldn’t you know: 947 is the 161st prime number, this PHI-coding we’ve been observing ever since Philly won Super Bowl LII =161 (Ordinal) with its logo encoded with a hidden 161.

And here we go again. Russian Spy =161 (Ordinal). Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti =161 (Jewish Reduced) which is what KGB stands for. Illegals Program =161 (ALW Kabbalah) which is the DOJ name given to the network of Russian sleeper agents under non-official cover whose investigation with the FBI culminated in the arrest of 10 agents and a prisoner swap between Russia & the USA on 7/9/10.

The media reminds us of the assassination of Alexander Litvinenko on 23 November 2006. Litvinenko died when Skripal was exactly 55 years 5 months old. The 555th prime is 4019 and Skripal collapsed 4119 days after Litvinenko died – pretty close. The KGB was founded 15,005 days before the founding of the FSB.

Another juicy trick to play with those numbers in the BBC article is to sum them, as we do. Though this time we’ll sum exactly as they’re presented: (3+4+2018+15+47+44) =2131, which is the 321st prime. The FSB =321 (EE). Sergei Viktorovich Skripal =321 (K). Russian Spy =123 (Sat). Sleeper Agents =1230 (R-Su).Conspiracy =123 (O).

Skripal also collapsed from suspected Poisoning =130 {K} 11 years 3 months 10 days after the death ofLitvinenko =131 (O), Alexander Valterovich Litvinenko =113 (Chaldean) dying the same year that Skripal =103 (Reverse Ordinal) was jailed by Russia for 13 years. Sergei Viktorovich Skripal =301/130 (O/R). This 13/31 sequence coming in HOT yet again – see the case of the 31-year-old #13 soccer star dying the day a 31-year-old won the Italian election.

  • Mossad =31 (Jewish Reduction) aka the Institute =131 (JO). Israel Security Agency =113/301 (R/RO). The FSB =31 (Jewish Reduction) was founded on (4+12+19+95) =130 and (4+1+2+1+9+9+5)=31. FSB =13 (Chaldean). The KGB stands for Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti =131 (Se) translated as Committee for State Security =310 (Jewish Ordinal). The current Director of the FSB, Alexander Bortnikov, took office on 5/12/08, or exactly 13 years 1 month after the FSB was founded.

CIA =13. Spies =31 {R.R}. The CIA is headquartered at Langley =31/113 {R/R.O} in a facility named after George Bush =103 {J.O} that had its groundbreaking ceremony on 11/3 (1959). George Herbert Walker Bush =311{ALW} took office as Director of Central Intelligence =301 {O} on 1/30 (1976). USA =13 {Se}. US =13 {R}. U.S = 3.1 Washington =130 {O}.

More to come in Part II, on Putin’s Invincible Nuke & the Predictive Programming in The Americans. There’s some good stuff out there, as the riddles continue to unravel.


3 thoughts on “Sergei Skripal & Russian Spies

  1. Great work as always brother! This story also reminds me of the book turned movie that just released over here called Red Sparrow, about Russian/American espionage. Red Sparrow=61 and it came out on the 61st day of the year! 🙂


  2. These serpents/Satanists love the “SS” initials his surname “Skripal” has the word “Liar” and “RIP” coded in it. “Daughter”-Jewish Reduced=36 and “SS”-Jewish Ordinal=36(Like 3/6).

    “Liar”-Jewish Ordinal=38(Tomorrow is 3/8/2018, the “67th” day of the year)
    “RIP”-Reverse Ordinal=38
    “Sixty Seven”-Chaldean=38
    “Poison”-Jewish Ordinal=38
    “Snake Venom”-Full Reduction=38
    “Serpent”-Reverse Full Reduction=38(Jewish Reduced=38 and Jewish=380)
    “Satanists”-Reverse Full Reduction=67

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  3. Hi BB, resourceful and nice connecting, again. I followed the tale from the early stages.Two days after the poison attack started the “UK Security Week” on 6/7 March in Olympia/ London; look here:

    Skripal was a Double Agent who was allegedly poisoned on 4.3. They have released the name of the Poison. It is called “Novichok” ( russian for “Newcomers”) –

    Double Agent = 43 (Full Reduction); (191 Reverse Ordinal)
    Poison = 43 (Single Reduction)
    Assassination = 43 (Full Reduction)
    Novichok = 43 (Full Reduction)

    More on Novichok here:

    Also, the 123 – Conspiracy number comes up right in the first articles in the UK papers: Eyewitness Freya Church said the couple sitting on the bench in Salisbury, Wiltshire looked ” passed out”, like they have taken “something strong” (maybe nerve agent?)

    “passed out” = 123 (Reverse Ordinal)
    Wiltshire = 123 (English Ordinal)
    Novichok = 123 (Francis Bacon)

    “something strong” = 202 (Reverse Ordinal)
    Sergei Skripal = 202 ( Reverse Ordinal)

    She also fits in nicely with your 555 sequence …

    Freya Church = 55 (Reverse Full Reduction)
    Yulia Skripal = 55 (Full Reduction)
    Poisoning = 55 (Full Reduction)
    Putin = 55 (Reverse Ordinal)

    and again…

    Freya Church = 116 (English Ordinal)
    Col Skripal = 116 (English Ordinal)

    There is more but I leave it at that for now. Keep it up and greetings from the UK, Andi


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