Russia’s Invincible Nuke & The Americans Predictive Programming

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Prefacing all this Russian spy propaganda (made all the more interesting if you’re watching The Americans, and why wouldn’t you be) was Putin’s annual address on 3/1/18 when he boasted of “invincible” nuclear weapons that will make NATO defences “completely useless.” The use of the term Invincible might remind savvy readers of the Disney film that predictive programmed the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl, reminding us of their other flick Miracle that we’ve discussed in conjunction, throwbacks to the Cold War continuing. And I love the mainstream conspiracy theory that Trump is a KGB agent – sorry, FSB agent, as they’re called these days. He is. Only, instead of Russian intelligence, it’s the global secret society’s intelligence agency where CIA, Mossad, MI6, and FSB are all kissing cousins following the same script designed to deceive the world public.

The season finale of Season 1 of The Americans has a scene where an insider with the military-industrial-complex gives up top secret information about America’s missile program: “The technology, it’s incredibilis. At best it’s 50 years from being remotely operational. Damn thing is a fantasy. Some say it’s all one big psyop. A way to get the Soviets to spin themselves into oblivion trying to keep up with a technology that’ll never pan out.” And the episode from 5/1/13 aired exactly 58 months before Putin’s psyop involving a shitty 3D animation of warheads dropping on Florida. Freemasonry =58.

And you know what’s funny about the date 5/1/13? The infamous op-ed piece from the NY Times 2010 that said “311” was the optimal number of nuclear warheads in the American arsenal, said there was currently 5113 – a number repeated often back then. A number we’ll watch out for. But we’re gonna talk some more about The Americans and the predictive programming therein. One interesting detail that the couple’s names are Elizabeth & Philip, just like the Queen & her husband.

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 7.14.09 PM.png

Russia’s first fusion weapons test happened 1444 days after Russia’s first nuclear weapons test. We just talked about this span with the Iranian plane crash on 2/18 that disappeared into the mountains 1444 days after Flight MH-370 vanished, reminding us that Pope Francis took office 1444 days after Benjamin Netanyahu took office. Nuclear =444 [Su]. Trinity =444 [R-Su]. Hiroshima + Nagasaki =444 [J]. The Hiroshima Bombing happened 44 weeks 4 days before the birth of Donald Trump.

  • That’s also a span of 206 weeks 2 days between Russia’s first nuclear & fusion tests. Putin’s announcement came 20 weeks 6 days after his birthday and 26 years 2 months 26 days after the KGB dissolved.
  • Vladimir Putin =1262 [J]. Putin =26/62 [R/K]. President Putin =1162 [EE]. The Americans =62 [R]. Jennings =162 [K] is the name of the couple on the show: Philip & Elizabeth Jennings =126 [JR]. Donald Trump took office exactly 1126 weeks after the founding of Russia’s Federal Security Service.

Invincible Cruise Missile =260 [EO]. ICBM =26/162 [JO/Su]. Tsar Bomba =26/62 [C/RR] which at 26-feet long was the most powerful nuclear weapon ever detonated, by the Soviets on 30 October 1961, a span of 16 years 2 months (22 days) after Hiroshima and 10 years 6 months 26 days before the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. Tunguska Event =1026 [R-Su]. Invincible =1026 [R-Su]. Hiroshima =126 [FB]. Mutually Assured Destruction =126/162 [R/RR]. Atomic Bomb =1062 [R-Su].

What was the quote again? “Damn thing is a fantasy. Some say it’s all one big psyop.”

The Tsar Bomba happened exactly 53 years 4 months after the Tunguska Event (6/30/08). That’s a period of exactly 640 months. Cruise Missile =640 [J]. Nuclear Weapons =64 [JR]. A-Bomb =64 [FBs]. Hiroshima =64 [R]. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin =164 [RR]. Manhattan Project =164 [K]. Tsar Bomba =406 [Sat]. Also, March 4/5 will be a span of 40,060 days after the Tunguska Event.

  • This announcement about the invincible nuke named Satan =330 [Su] happened 303 weeks 3 days after Putin =330 [R-Su] took office. Weapons of Mass Destruction =303 [JO]. Global Cruise Missile =303/330 [RO/K]. Atomic Bombing =333 [J]. Trump was born 333 days after the Trinity Test =1033 [J]. Atomic Bomb =133 [K]. A-Bomb =33 [EO]. Federal Security Service =330 [FB].

BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL =999 [ALW]. How can we forget this psyop. Putin’s announcement happened a parallel span of 9990 days after Russia’s last nuclear weapons test (10/24/90). Cruise Missile =966 [Su]. The Americans =696 [Su]. Hawaii =666 [R-Su]. Hoax =966 [EE}. Illusion =666 [Su].

How are you guys liking my new style of including the cypher? Maybe I need a legend for the symbols for those who aren’t too familiar with the different methods. Or is it biting the legibility? I’m personally not crazy about it but I’m always working on self-improvement. Maybe my problem is I find too many synchs.

The Americans premiered on 1/30 of ’13. Russia =113 [FB]. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin =311 [JO]. The Tsar Bomba detonated on 1/30 (exactly 52 years before The Americans premiered) and Putin’s announcement comes on 3/1. March First Twenty Eighteen =301 [K]. The Hawaii Missile Scare happened on 1/13 this year. A-Bomb =13/31. 

  • Cold War =31/113 [R/RO]. Satan Two =31/113/103 [JR/EO/RO]. CIA =13 [R/EO/J]. KGB stands for Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti =131 [Se] translated as Committee for State Security =310 [JO]. Mossad =31 [JR].

Russia =103 [K]. Donald Trump =130 [JO] was born 10 months 30 days after the Trinity Test and 310 days after the Hiroshima Bombing. The Manhattan Project =103/301 [RR/RO]. The 301st prime number is 1993. The Trinity Test occurred exactly 1993 weeks before the 1983 Soviet Nuclear False Alarm Incident. April 1st will be 109 years 9 months 3 days after the Tunguska Event.

That’s a Saturn =511 span of 5 years 1 month 1 day between the announcement and the premiere of The Americans. The KGB was founded exactly 51 months after the Mossad.

  • That also means that on April 1st (April Fools Day) it will be 5 years 2 months after The Americans premiered, and its stars Matthew Rhys & Kerri Russell were born 502 days apart. Philip & Elizabeth Jennings =252 [JO]. Mutually Assured Destruction =2052 [R-Su]. Satan =52. March First =52. Trinity Test =52. And for the record, Prince Philip & Queen Elizabeth were born 1777 days or 4 years 10 months 11 days apart.

April 1st will also be exactly 1801 weeks after the ’83 Soviet Nuclear False Alarm incident. President Putin =181 [JO]. USSR =181 [FB]. Foreign Intelligence =181 [JO]. George HW Bush was born 18 years 1 day before the Office of Strategic Services was formed, the precursor to the CIA. Agents placed with precision.

In other news, Zach at FTFT is now doing pay-per-view content for members-only, exactly the kind of commoditizing he’d built a reputation of opposing, in spite of his multiple fund-raising campaigns that benefitted him yet few others. The anarcho-capitalist side of me respects his ability to turn a profit, while the social anarchist in me will tell you he’s a narcissist who acts out the very worst traits of the American-Western culture he so despises.

Maybe I’m just butthurt because I sent him a free copy of my book about a month ago with an olive branch and he never even replied. Didn’t even have one word to say to his former student who learned the ropes from him and went on to discover a few things. I think he’s butthurt because I didn’t accept his job offer to move in with him in Seattle and co-create an empire and instead fucked off to travel the world; and also because within the first few months of my blog (which began 11 Sept 2015) I told him I’d help him co-create a proper website, which I soon bailed on after a combination of time constraints and realizing he wanted me to do all the legwork. I’m oversharing here, but I’m on the French Riviera and the wine & cheese is in abundance. That sounds like I’m humble-bragging, and living a very fancy & exotic life, but I’ve discovered multiple ways to work the system. And you can too. 

So I’m thinking I should start one of these Patreon accounts, a members-only Club Extra-Capsa for those among us that are serious about this shit. I don’t have even a sliver of the reach that Zach does, but based on the comments he gets over there and the way he responds to them, he doesn’t have a sliver of the high-quality readership that I do. And I am so eternally grateful to all you beauties – and Zach too, for starting this movement, and inciting the paradigm shift that led to all this awesomeness. And we’re just getting warmed up!

So hats off to Zach for raising himself a $600+ monthly income in less than a day. Check it out right here: 

I take issue with those clearly forged testimonials he’s written on the cover, in particular, the ridiculous notion that ‘if your husband reads this he’ll get off the couch and give up the sports game FOREVER.’ As if learning about sports rigging by the numbers doesn’t make most people even MORE obsessed with sports by trying to crack the code themselves. Same as the “Revolutionary! The New World Order is finished” fake quote. Where if anyone’s read Michael Hoffman’s work on the Revelation of the Method, or my multiple posts discussing the practice, you know what I’m talking about: Understanding the extent to which we’ve been & are being deceived and manipulated leads not to some “truth will set you free” utopian heaven, but ironically to yet more enslavement as you know you’re getting fucked but have no way to stop it. It’s basic human psychology.

But I like to pivot at points like this and emphasize how the difference over here on the Extra-Capsa side of the street is that we’re doing things both positively & constructively. Unlike the guy who literally actively promotes the genocide of all his fellow earthlings who lack the luxury to research all day in order to understand the way the world works according to him. Not traits I look for in a business partner. At Extra-Capsa the mission is the Deprogram Program. And we’re actively working on ways to make this happen, together. So stay tuned for my Patreon account, where I’ll do podcasts and videos for people that actually appreciate all the hard work and sacrifice that goes into this. And if that’s you – I fucking love you. 

16 thoughts on “Russia’s Invincible Nuke & The Americans Predictive Programming

  1. I laughed out loud on your statement about Zach’s commenters and the minimal amount of brain cells they have to rub together (for the most part — of course, there are always the exceptions). Funny thing about his new book that he’s selling for “$11” on his new Patreon account is that it requires $11/month, which works out to $132/year, and not a one-time payment of $11, which he never states or makes clear (unless he’s unaware, which would be surprising). My guess is that once his current “patrons” discover this fact, he’ll lose most, if not all, of those “patrons”. Most of his “followers” consistently state how they will donate once they get paid (yada yada yada) which we all know means they are never willing to donate/help in the first place. That said, with the $11/month subscription, you can cancel that at any time prior to when they take your first payment (which doesn’t occur right away), and by that point, you can have already downloaded the book and got away without dropping a penny on the book…which is pretty easy to figure out if you did have those brain cells to rub together. Sad you and Zach aren’t “on the same page” — I figured you two would be, but I guess different personalities can exist in this gematria “truther” game.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah it’s the lack of transparency that rubs me the wrong way, too. Same ballpark as phoney testimonials, not being forthright about a monthly fee. It just does not resonate with a brand based on TRUTH (imho). Nice hack anyway. And a pretty rad medium, this Patreon – if one can actually create content with value…

      Liked by 1 person

      • A part of me does feel bad for getting the book essentially for free, but I did give him a pretty hefty donation a while back (that he didn’t end up acknowledging with a simple note of some sort, which I am okay with — I think — due to what I have learned from his content and the hours of videos of his I have watched). Yes, Patreon is a pretty neat platform; it sounds like more and more people are starting to use it for whatever reason.


  2. …and as to your addition of putting which cypher you’re using for each number, I find it to be a bit over-kill, like you say, and sort of takes away from the message/content you are trying to lay out, in my opinion. If someone is too lazy to pull-up and wants to write it off as being incorrect, then let them fizzle out and go away. I don’t think having the cypher “adds any credibility” and it potentially just jumbles up the reading continuity and makes your posts that much longer. I think those questioning your credibility still won’t be convinced with the addition of what cypher it is — unless you add screen grabs directly from, which when people do that it’s just a mess to read. Even with you stating what cypher you are using, my guess is that 99% of people still don’t know what, for example, “JO” or “FB” stands for, unless you do add a legend of some sort.


    • Awesome buddy, our first member! Yeah the stuff I post here is just the tip of the iceberg so may as well. The back-room/closed-door-meeting vibe I get from this tool is what intrigues me the most right now. Like baby steps towards creating our own secret society. Manifesting a next-level setup with all the biggest legends to actually collaborate on how to make the Deprogram Program happen… That’s a dream – come true!


    • To recite a line from on of my fav movies: ” Jeg vil värde den andre mannen”

      ( I will be the second man – “The 13.Warrior”)



  3. Brother Berg-I love your work, Zach’s/Zenith&Derek’s. I made a comment on Zach’s blog that you guys should work together, not knowing that the attempt/gesture was already made. Zach is a tree with many branches and I guess some of those branches will become trees on their own. Maybe it’s better that way as long as the work is original and exposes a different point of view. Which is what your work does and that is what I look for when searching for answers as to what is really going on in this place. I can’t discuss this stuff with people I know, because they are severely brainwashed. As I once was until the day when my daughter called and said Mommy Prince died. I knew something wasn’t right and in hindsight (there were events/incidents/tribulations) leading up to that moment, that I ignored because I had nothing to apply my thoughts too. I came home searching for some of his songs on Youtube” and I came across Zach’s channel. Within that being, I came across your work when Zach linked you to his blog, and I’m sure many others did the same. So let the “Deprogramming” begin Brother!!!

    “Americans” is hidden code for the “Satans”(A-meric-ANS/AANS/NASA/SATANS) and “Meric” is hidden code for (Micre/Micro/Microcosm).
    According to a little world; a world in miniature (opposed to macrocosm),2.anything that is regarded as a world in miniature.3.human beings, humanity, society, or the like, viewed as an epitome or miniature of the world or universe.

    I find that to be quite interesting that “America” is a “Microcosm”. Because that is exactly what it is, various ancient civilizations (that were destroyed) combined together. America is Egypt(Bondage)/Babylon and Sodom& Gomorrah. I chose those three but I’m sure there are others like Ancient Rome (which our government mimics) and Ancient China (MADE IN CHINA/GAMBLING and Manchuria).

    “The Satans’=26(26/62/29)#6 is the #9 upside down
    “The Americans”=62
    “Roman Empire”-Reverse Full Reduction=62
    “A Microcosm”-Reverse Full Reductions=62
    “Egypt”-Reverse Ordinal=62
    “China”-Full Reduction=26
    “Babylon”-Full Reduction=26
    “Sodom”-Jewish Reduced=26

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Amazing post as usual, thanks. As for the ciphers, I agree with what tylerthomasclayton said in his comment that it isn’t necessary. Maybe just direct readers to Gematrinator if they want to double check your work. As for your book, I do intend to purchase it but I don’t deal with banks or credit cards. I will figure it out, perhaps I will have one of my kids use their credit card for me, lol. Just not sure if they would be able to order it and have the PDF sent to me. Will manage it somehow. I was thinking about having to do the same for Zach’s book but until I read this post and checked his patreon site I wasn’t aware it was a monthly subscription…. I’m not saying the time spent on this work isn’t worth it but it makes you think twice when it’s monthly. I would rather have the option to buy the book even at a higher price without a membership. One thing that concerns me about the patreon accounts is if both of you had them a few years back I may not have found you. I certainly wouldn’t sign up to a monthly membership without knowing what I was going to be supporting. That takes a lot of time in this arena as so many may seem sincere at first then show their shillery. How I found Zack, was when I was waking up to our fraudulent system and was looking at so called scientists. I searched Stephen Hawkins and found Zach’s video and through his video I found a commentor recommending Miles Mathis’ paper on Hawkins. (Miles’ Mathis is another web page I follow). Of course through Zach’s blog I found you when you started yours. Now if these patreon accounts are “members only” how do people stumble on to this work/info? I don’t know if this makes sense but just my thoughts.


  5. Dear Brother Berg,
    I followed Zach for awhile, but grew extremely tired of his psycho tirades, both verbally and in print. That is what controlled opposition does to sully the truthers. I don’t call his temper tantrums mere “passion” – they are riddled with obscenities and outrageous statements that sane truthseekers wouild be best to avoid or emulate. He makes truthseekers look like mental patients and that is the point. I don’t trust him and do not listen or read his stuff any more. And, I would never buy his book – the front cover is a mess and lacks professionalism and coherence. Other folks, even those who have publishing experience, have tried to counsel him to change the cover and title, but he refuses to take advice. Again, it is a way of showing truthseekers to be unhinged. Best to keep distance from Zach.

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