March Madness & the Ritual Sacrifice of Chris Gedney

Chris Gedney, former NFL tight end with the Bears & Cardinals, has died on March 9th at the age of exactly 47 years 7 months old. We don’t find any exact matches with his name here but the ritual sacrifice of Gedney is very much stacked full of clues and tributes, particularly with regards to the March Madness NCAA Basketball Tournament at the Alamodome in San Antonio TX, starting on 3/18. With this in mind, Gedney was an All-American at Syracuse and went on serve as ‘senior associate athletic director for major gifts’ at his alma mater, employed there at the time of his tragic death. Yet again, the so-called coincidences surrounding his untimely demise raise more than a few suspicions.

Gedney was teammates at Arizona with Pat Tillman, the linebacker who went on to be killed in Afghanistan from friendly fire. Gedney died at the age of exactly 571 months old and 5070 days after the death of Tillman. I prefer to begin my decodes with a good long-count synch like this then find the gematria to support.

  • The news of his death broke on 3/10 here in Europe so it’s no real stretch to say Gedney died 5071 days after Pat Tillman at the age of exactly 571 months. James Boeheim =157 is the current head coach of the Syracuse basketball team and their football coach is Dino Babers =157. Boeheim =57. Orange =57. Tyus Battle =157/750. Battle =57 is the only current Syracuse basketball player with a Wikipedia page, so I’m guessing he’s one of their guns. Definitely coded properly. Battle of the Alamo =57. San Antonio Texas =57. Alamodome =157. Rigged Sports =157. 

571 is the 105th prime number. James Boeheim =105. Arizona Cardinals =105. Arizona =105. Syracuse =105. Alamodome =105. Alamo =15. Texas =15. Rigged Sports =150. Masonry =105. Jesuits =115. And we could go off on a tangent about the Jesuit influence in pro sports, and how one of their big numbers is 84 and Gedney wore #84 since college, how Tillman wore ‘Forty’ =84 and they played for the Cardinals, like the Roman Catholics, but let’s stick to the most spectacular synchs. As always, there’s more than a few.

Another trick is to compare their names and see what if any numbers are shared. Chris Gedney =111. Pat Tillman =111. Both in Jewish Ordinal. Arizona =1011. Syracuse =111. Syracuse University =111. Twenty Eighteen Final Four =111.

  • Chris Gedney =117 died 7 years 10 months 10 days after being hired in his current role at Syracuse =117. He also died 117 weeks after Syracuse Orange =171 hired their current football coach Dino Babers and Coach Boeheim =171 was born on 11/17. Tyus Battle will be exactly 1071 weeks old for the 4/2 Final.

Chris Gedney =161 and he died 161 days after Frank Hamblen, a former basketball coach from Syracuse. Tilman =161. Cardinals =161. The Arizona Cardinals =191. Syracuse Orangemen =191. James Arthur Boeheim =191. March Madness =161. The 2018 Final Four is begin held in  San Antonio Texas =191 at the Alamodome =191. Society of Jesus =191. Roman Catholicism =191. Freemason =191. Ritual =161.  These numbers yet again. And imagine the play on words with that kid Battle, if he made the Alamodome. The Battle of the Alamo in 1836 when the Mexicans destroyed every single Texan over a 13-day siege.

The synchs don’t stop there. Christopher Joseph Gedney =103. Tillman =103. And Tillman was murdered when he was exactly 10,030 days old. Yeah, crazy. Orangemen =130. And that 103 reminds us that Syracuse is associated with the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Scotland, as 35 students were on board. Jesuits =103. Freemasonic =103. King William of Orange died on 8 March 1702, 301 years 10 days before the ’03 NCAA Tournament began, the one that ended in the only Syracuse Orange title.

What we do find is a huge hit that I’ve been following recently. In Jewish Gematria, the cypher I consider perhaps the single most important of all, Christopher Joseph Gedney =1767. Woody Durham =1767 was the voice of University of North Carolina Tar Heels radio, and passed away two days earlier on March 7th – at the age of exactly 76 years 7 months old. BOOM. Tar Heels the defending NCAA champions. Tillman amazingly born 11/6/76. Wow.

  • Woody Durham was born and died in North Carolina, same as Neill McGeachy who coached the Duke Blue Devils basketball team (located in Durham) for one season (73-74) and also recently died on February 9th. McGeachy =767. So we’re on to a bit of a pattern here. Two Thousand Eighteen NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship =767. Twenty Eighteen =176/670.

Rigged Sports =167. Jesuit =167. The Jesuit Order =76. Tillman =76. Jim Boeheim =176. Tyus Akili Battle =176/1067 was the perfect age of 1067 weeks old when Gedney died, synched up with the Orange Order founded 11,607 weeks earlier. Pan Am Flight 103 occurred on 12/21/88, a matching span of 10,676 days before this March 14th, Pi Day. Very interesting indeed… Anyone found any other sweet coding or clues for the college basketball?

13 thoughts on “March Madness & the Ritual Sacrifice of Chris Gedney

  1. Orange =33, the only colour that equals 33. Gedney =33 died 30 weeks 3 days after his birthday. Christopher Joseph Gedney =133. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill =330. Twenty Seventeen Final Four =330. University of Phoenix Stadium Glendale Arizona =3030. Tar Heels won 3 months 30 days before Coach Williams birthday. UNC’s school president: Carol Folt =330. Folt =330.

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  2. I think we have a religious theme since the SB. ‘Orangemen’ reminds me of the Orangeman of the ‘ Orange Order ‘ – A Protestant fraternal oder as a Masonic-style brotherhood sworn to maintain the Protestant Ascendancy – as wiki reads.
    Based mainly in Northern Ireland and the Scottish Lowlands. Lockerbie is in the Scottish lowlands, So could be connected to the Orange Order.

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    • Also the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, started exactly 7 months after Pat Tillman died, like Gedney dead exactly 7 months after his birthday. This is all in 2004, when San Antonio & the Alamodome again hosted the Final Four. The year before was won by Syracuse, the Orange’s only basketball title. King William of Orange died 301 years 10 days before the ’03 Tournament began… exactly 316 years before the death of Gedney. Orange Order founded 6 months 13 days after King William’s death anniversary.

      Wow and Orange Order founded 11,607 weeks before Gedney’s death, to synch up that last sentence. Crazy. The Orange Order =176. William of Orange =76.

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      • You’re on it BB ….. I don’t want to self promote, but if you get 5 please check out my YT – I am subbed to you (I have the eagle avatar), there’s 3 short vids I re-uploaded from the channel I had which had the ‘strike’ from YT for the Reichstag vid …. so I deleted that channel and created a new one. You perhaps won’t learn anything from my vids, but I think the message is there.

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  3. Berg: The “March Madness” has begun, UConn just fired Head Coach “Kevin Ollie”. He replaced “James A Calhoun” as the Head Coach of UConn’s Men’s Basketball Program in 2012( 6 years ago). I’m not sure when he was fired, but the story came out today(3/10/2018). There’s a parallel to “Kemba Walker”-#15(UConn Alum-2011). They won the NCAA Championship 2011 when he was there and Ollie was an Assistant Coach. The Charlotte Hornets are struggling just like the UConn Men’s program. Also, you mentioned “Arizona”/Arizona Cardinals and the Hornets are playing Phoenix (Arizona) today.

    “UConn Men’s Basketball”-Reverse Ordinal=310(Like 3/10) The 69th day of the year.(6+9=15)
    “Three Hundred Ten”-Jewish Ordinal=162(162,126,612) & (62/26)
    “Kemba Hudley Walker”-Sumerian=1062(162)
    “Charlotte Hornets”-Sumerian=1026(126)
    “Kemba Walker”-Sumerian=612
    “Mason”-English Ordinal=62
    “Kevin Jermaine Ollie-Septenary&Chaldean=62
    “Senator John McCain”-Chaldean=62(The “77” yr old Arizona Senator is very ill)


  4. Pat Tillman was born 11-6-76. (116 / 911)
    Good Friday = 611 (J) , 996 (RES).
    Crucifixion = 996 (RES).
    3-30-18 (Good Friday) comes “16y 6m 19d” after 9-11-01.

    The first 9-11 was Pearl Harbor. From 12-7-41 to Tillman’s birth = 34y 10m 30d , an anagram of SB52 score 41-33.
    Roger Bannister died “3-3”-18. His race jersey #41. (41:33)
    “3-30” -18 comes “4100” weeks after start of WW2 on 9-1-39. (41:33)

    Tillman’s #42. On 4-2-18, it will be 4100w 3d (reverse Pi) after start of WW2.
    V-E Day (5-8-45) to 3-30-18 = 72y 10m 22d.
    Fukushima 3-11-11 to 4-2-18 = 7y 22d.

    Tillman and Bannister died 13y10m 10d span apart.
    Chris Gedney born 11,300 days after WW2 start (9-1-39). #113th prime: 617.

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  5. Looking through the wiki page for the ‘Carrier Dome’ (interesting because we just had the discovery of the aircraft carrier USS Lexington, plus the fact that the stadium is a dome) home venue of Syracuse Orange (men), wiki states that a Billy Graham crusade was held there. I searched and the crusade began April 25 1989….. Duration to final on 4/2 is 10,570 days …. Which link to your 157’s in your post …. James Boeheim / Tyus Battle = 157 etc.
    Bon Jovi (Jon Bon Jovi an ex pupil of St Joseph’s high school, same school attended by Tyus Battle) performed at the Carrier Dome, as well as Prince, Bowie amongst others.

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  6. Irish band U2 have the song ‘American Soul’ as the official tune of the March Madness 2018 NCAA Basketball Tournament.
    U2 produced and wrote the musical score for the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of A Clockwork Orange 2004, based on the Anthony Burgess 1962 novel, subsequently made into the Kubrick movie in ’71.
    Don’t know if this has any relevance ….. Just putting it out there.


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