Gene Rhodes & the Marshall Plane Crash

We got another death associated with college basketball; Gene Rhodes, former coach of the Kentucky Colonels who played at Western Kentucky has died in Louisville Kentucky on 3/10 at the old age of 90. This report will tie Rhodes’ code to not one but three major plane crashes associated with pro sports, tributes apparently pointing to the 2018 Final Four.

  • Eugene Stephen Gene Rhodes =377 scored 337 career points in the NBA and was born 33,070 days before the tournament opens on 3/18/18. Another character whose name matches is one George Ervin Perdue III =377.

George ‘Sonny’ Perdue is the US Secretary of Agriculture, chosen as the current designated survivor (guaranteeing the continuity of government in case of catastrophe, like the TV series that premiered on 9/21/16, right before the election of Trump). Perdue connects through his cameo in the film We Are Marshall about the Marshall University plane crash of ’71. Then-governor of Georgia, Perdue played the coach of East Carolina University (pictured below), the team Marshall played before their wreck.

The 4/2 Final comes exactly 90 years 7 months after the birth of Rhodes. That’s exactly 1087 months. Twenty Eighteen Final Four =1087. A direct match like that suggests this sequence bears fruit. It’s in San Antonio Texas =187 home of the Battle of the Alamo =87 which ended with Davy Crockett’s death exactly 8070 weeks before groundbreaking at the Alamodome. Eugene Stephen Rhodes =807. Purdue University =807, like Sonny Perdue.

Rhodes played ball for Western Kentucky Hilltoppers, and the furthest they ever made it in the NCAA tournament was making the Final Four in 1971. That’s the year Rhodes retired from coaching, the year UCLA beat Villanova. That’s also the same season the Marshall University football team was killed in a plane crash on their way home from the game in North Carolina on 14 November 1970. The previous post connected to the bombing of Pan-Am 103 so we have a precedent here.

The Marshall Crash happened 134 days or 19 weeks 1 day before the ’71 Final. 191 is the 43rd prime and it amazingly happened just 43 days after ANOTHER college football team was involved in a plane crash. The Wichita State University squad went down in a wreck killing 14 players on 10/2/70. It’s never happened before or since but two college football teams involved in plane crashes in the ’70/’71 season. That’s quite something.

Marshall =34. Kentucky =43. Louisville =134. Gene Rhodes =134. We Are Marshall =134. There was some news recently about a college player named Marshall Henderson (from Ole Miss =43) who will be 10,043 days (or 1434 weeks) old for the 3/18 tournament start. Sonny Perdue =1434. The Michigan Wolverines =1434. Twenty Eighteen NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship Game =343. 

The Marshall Thundering Herd have the same logo as the Michigan Wolverines – and the Herd’s current football head coach is none other than Doc Holliday. That’s crazy because as we reported on, the Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Roy ‘Doc’ Halladay was killed – IN A PLANE CRASH – near Holiday Florida on 11/7/17, right after the Astros won the World Series.

  • Roy Halladay =66 was born exactly 6 years 6 months before the Marshall crash. Kentucky =660. Louisville Kentucky =66. Wichita =696. Rhodes =66 died at the age of 90 years 6 months 9 days. Sonny Perdue =66. Perdue =66. 

47 years 7 days after the 1971 Final is the 4/2 Final. Remember Chris Gedney just died at the age of exactly 47 years 7 months old, the day before Rhodes. The 2018 tournament begins 47 years 4 months 4 days after the Marshall plane crash. Halladay died 147 days before the 4/2 Final at Alamodome =474. Kentucky =47. Perdue =474. 

Christopher Joseph Gedney =1077 died the day before Eugene Stephen Rhodes =1077. Eugene Rhodes =177 died 177 days before his birthday. The Wichita Crash happened 177 days before the 71 Final won by UCLA =177. Davy Crockett =177. Gene =77. This tournament begins on the 77th day of the year.

3 thoughts on “Gene Rhodes & the Marshall Plane Crash

  1. Nice Read! Whenever I see anything about a “Plane Crash” that is sports/athlete related. I think about the death of baseball player “Roberto Enrique Clemente Walker”(aka “Roberto Clemente”)who died in a plane crash at the age of “38”. He played for “18”(Like 20-18) seasons with the “Pittsburgh Pirates” (another “Philadelphia” connection). These “Freemasonry Ritual Deaths” scripted “By The Numbers” are definitely calculated. Clemente was born in “CAROLINA”, Puerto Rico on August 18, 1934(134/314)(8/18,818,188),”Murder By Numbers”-Sumerian=1188.He died on December 31, 1972 (31 or 310, 3/10).

    “Freemasonry Ritual Deaths”-Full Red.=90(Rhodes Age @ death)
    “Roberto Clemente Walker”-Francis Bacon=318(Like 3/18) or “38”
    “Plane Crash”-Sumerian=308(38)
    “Eugene Stephen Rhodes”-Full Red.=96(96/66)-Connecting to “Roy HALLaday”(We Are MarsHALL)
    “Roberto Clemente Walker”-Full Red.=96
    “Selection Sunday”-ALW Kabbalah=196 & Full Red=60(60/90)


  2. Hi B.B.
    See Marshall defeated the WKU Hilltoppers, 67-66, on Saturday evening, at the Ford Center to help the Herd clinch a spot in the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 1987.


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