Lightning Weapons & President XI

Xi Jinping was approved as President for Life on 3/11/18, the day after a lightning strike in Rwanda killed 16 people. Curious, I looked up the worst lightning strikes of all time and came across the story of a 10/28/98 soccer game in the Congo where a single bolt of lightning somehow killed all 11 players on the visiting team. Accusations of witchcraft were hurled as not a single player on the home team was even injured. Really weird tale, especially after my earlier post on the back-to-back plane crashes of NCAA football teams in 1970. And we some crazy sequences attached here too.

Lightning Strike =101. The incident in the Congo killing 11 players while the game was tied 1-1 happened 1010 weeks 1 day before the Rwandan incident at the Seventh Day Adventist =111. Witchcraft =111. Electrocute =111. Directed Energy Weapons =111. Raiden =111. And now on the 11th of March, President Xi was announced as no-limit for his term. Get it? XI the Roman numerals for 11. People’s Republic of China =111. 

And according to the US military, they have a weapon that shoots lightning bolts called the Laser-Induced Plasma Channel, also known as the Electrolaser.

The Congo Lightning Incident occurred 17 years 7 months 7 days before another incident on 6/3/16 when lightning struck a rock festival in Germany =77 injuring 70 people. And as it turns out, this Pi Day 3/14 will be 7077 days after the Congo event.

  • We find several more instances of the 777 code, as the day before Jinping’s announcement a NASCAR race was won by Brad Keselowski who was 1777 weeks 7 days old. Xi is the 7th President and was born the day after Donald Trump turned 7 years old, becoming President for Life on the 70th day. Trump was 70 years 7 months 7 days old when he took office and Brexit happened 7 years 7 months 7 weeks 7 days after the Dow Jones dropped 777 points. 

Lightning struck the 7th-Day Adventist Church “less than two weeks after the closure of more than 700 Rwandan churches for failing to comply with building regulations and for noise pollution,” (BBC). That’s 16 people (7) in Rwanda =25 (7). Order Out of Chaos =777. And one of my favourite instances of this sequence is that of William Henry Harrison, the first American president to die in office, who died exactly 777 months after American Independence Day.

The Congo Incident took place 10,210 days after the Marshall Crash, another remarkably tight duration. The Congo =121. Rwanda =121. President Xi =121. People’s Republic of China =121. Blood Sacrifice =121. Energy Weapons =121. 

  • Jinping took office as Chinese President on 3/14/13, the day after Francis became the 266th Pope. Jinping & Francis were born one day short of being born 6026 days apart. Similarly, Jinping was approved as President for Life on 3/11/18, one day short of 260 weeks 2 days after taking office.

July 17th will be exactly 266 weeks after they took office. China =26. Xi =126. Jinping =26. President Xi =62. Pope Francis =62. Chairman Mao =1206/126 born 12/26. Rwanda =1026. Lightning =126. Raiden =261. 


PS: The NCAA brackets are out and Marshall is playing Wichita St in the first round, the two teams involved in two plane crashes 45 days apart in 1970, as we just covered.


5 thoughts on “Lightning Weapons & President XI

  1. President Xi looks like the Roman numeral XI (XI=11). Which connects to the “People’s REPUBLIC Of China” allowing him to stay in “Power For Life” on “March 11TH”. The numbers that represent the death toll from the alleged “Lightning Strike”, 11 & 16 (like 1116) is a composite of “White Supremacy”. Which is what President Trump represents. Also, in 1998 “William Jefferson Clinton”(aka Bill CLINTON) was the President Of The US. “William Jefferson Clinton”-Full Reduction=111. He was preceded by “George H.W. Bush” ( or George Herbert Walker Bush) who used the term “Weapons Of Mass Destruction” at a United Nations meeting in 1989(89/98).

    “White Supremacy”-Sumerian=1116
    “Sixteen People”-Reverse Sumerian=1116
    “FIFA World Cup”-Trigonal=1116
    “George H W Bush”-Reverse Sumerian=1116
    “George Herber Walker Bush-ALW Kabbalah=311-Like 3/11 (311/113) “Clinton”-Francis Bacon=113
    “Weapons Of Mass Destruction”-Full Reduction=98(Like 1998)


    • Correction I see that you mentioned the Roman Numeral XI. In my haste, I meant to discuss Ancient Roman/The Roman REPUBLIC and the Ides Of March (3/15/2018) in this parallel. Also, there’s a play on words with “ELECTrocute”/”ELECTricity” and “POWER For Life”. The name of the Marshall University Football Team is the “THUNDERING Herd”. “Thundering Herd Football Team”=111(Jew.Red)

      “Fifteenth Of March”-Franc Baconis=311(3/11)
      “Three Hundred And Eleven”-Full Reduction=81
      “The Roman Republic”-Full Reduction=81
      “ELECTricity”-LCH Kabbalah=81
      “Political Power”-LCH Kabbalah=81
      “Ides Of March”-LCH Kabbalah=118(Like: Luke 10:18(118) “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven”)

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  2. Nice post brother. A couple of things came to mind after reading this. Metallica’s Ride the Lightening album and the movie Greased Lightening starring Richard Pryor.

    Chinese President Xi Jinping =228 (EP) became president for life 12,280 days after [Metallica – Ride the Lightening =228] debuted. Ride the Lightening ended it’s recording (3/14/84) twenty nine years before Xi Jinping became president and two years after Metallica’s first gig.

    Ride the Lightening was the last album that featured contributions from guitarist [Dave Mustaine =132]. Dave was born 3,012 days after Jinping.

    Jinping was a span age of 31 years 1 month 13 days old when Ride the Lightening debuted. Cliff Burton died when Jinping was a span age of 33 years 3 months 13 days old. [Metallica – Ride the Lightening =133]. [The Lightening =133].

    Jinping’s birthday was a span of 126 days after the birthday of [Cliff Burton =126]. Burton’s birthday was 2/10/62 and from the Ride the Lightening release to the day before Burton’s death was 2 years 6 months 12 days. Cliff =26/62. The Richard Pryor movie [Greased Lightening =2061(Sq)] released a span of 1112 weeks 6 days before the 10/28/98 soccer match. Greased Lightning is a film loosely based on the true life story of Wendell Scott, the first black driver in NASCAR. Richard Pryor was 2612 weeks old when Wendell Scott died. Only counting the span of days between Jinping’s birth and Pryor’s birth it’s 12 years 6 months 2 days.Tampa Bay Lightening =262 (Bacon).

    Cliff Burton =250 (Baconis). [Richard Pryor =205 (Bacon)] died when [Jinping =205] was the span age of 52 years 5 months 25 days old. A car named “Greased Lightening” is in the movie Grease that debuted when Jinping was a span age of 25 years 2 days. [President for Life =251/152]. Jinping was 252,000 hours old when Metallica played their first gig. Also the Lightening won the Stanley Cup in 2004. [Go Lightening! =252 (Baconis)]. The 2004 Stanley Cup began on 5/25. Jinping became President for Life 5,025 days after the Lightening won the Stanley Cup. Metallica =525 (Trigonal).The Lightening won the Stanley Cup a span of 2,050 days after the (10/28/98) soccer match.

    The 2004 Stanley Cup started 2,036 days after the (10/28/98) soccer match. Greased Lightening =236.

    Jinping first became president 3,022 days after the Lightening won the Stanley Cup. Jason Newsted replaced Burton in the band after his death and Newsted was 13,022 days old for the 10/28/98 soccer match. Wendell Scott died on 23/12 and Richard Pryor died a span of 12 years 3 months 2 days before Jinping became President for Life (3/11/18).

    Cliff Burton died 4,414 days after the 10/28/98 soccer match.
    Greased Lightening released on 7/1/77.
    Jinping became president a span of 9,666 days after Cliff Burton’s death.
    Former Metallica guitarist Dave [Mustaine =888] was 18,810 days old when Jinping became president.

    Richard Pryor died 2 months 27 days after Dave Mustaine’s birthday. Metallica’s first gig was 3/14/82. [Riding the Lightening =314].

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    • Dawgtrainer- Great info! The only thing is that its spelled “Lightning”, not “Lightening”.. Unless that’s a UK thing, like color/colour, but even if it is, Metallica and Tampa Bay spell it “Lightning”, not “Lightening” ..FYI..

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