Loyola Upset & the Miami Bridge Collapse

Loyola Ramblers (Jesuit A-F) pulled off a buzzer-beater upset win over Miami Hurricanes on 3/15 within minutes of a pedestrian bridge collapsing at the Florida International University (FIU) in Miami – extremely suspicious circumstances. I’d already looked into Loyola with regards to their last & only NCAA title coming in the year of the JFK Assassination and their previous March Madness appearance coming 33 years ago. We’ve found some tight long-counts in this story & we’ll go over a few of them to help highlight the overarching codes currently in full effect.

As I shared on Jeremy’s blog (good to have him back) this upcoming Final is 20,100 days after the ’63 Final. Loyola Ramblers =210 (R-O). Coach Moser =1020 (R-Su). Donte Ingram =120 (O) with the winning shot. Sister Jean =1020 (J) who seems to be Loyola’s unofficial mascot, and reminds us of an incident on 3/9/18 where a nun named Sister Catherine Holzman collapsed & died in the courtroom while fighting a legal battle against none other than Katy Perry to save her convent from Perry’s Witchcraft =1020 (EE).

  • The bridge collapsed in the town of Sweetwater =102 (RR), FIU is home to the National Hurricane Center, and their mascot is a Panther – reminding us of a couple other feline teams here in the Year of the Dog. Of course, the #1 Villanova Wildcats are the odds-on favourite to win it all, another Jesuit university, but the Arizona Wildcats got served the opening round’s other major upset with a loss to the Buffalo Bulls.

The Buffalo is interesting because I’d noted in a draft that British comedian Jim Bowen died the day earlier in a Twins Trick with Stephen Hawking; best known as the long-time host of the game show Bullseye, his wikipedia profile even has him posing with a bull. The Marshall Thundering Herd team is also the Buffalo. Interesting too that we have Loyola Chicago & the Bulls as the upset teams, drawing an easy connection to Michael Jordan’s back-to-back NBA Titles and his alma mater UNC trying to do the same this year.

The Society of Jesus =1811 (J). Loyola’s Coach Moser was a perfect 18,101 days old for the game – a direct hit. Buffalo Bulls =181 (FB). Those upsets came the day that Tom Benson died, the former owner of the New Orleans Saints (for another dang Roman-Catholic connection). His Saints won Super Bowl XLIV in 2010 a span of 8 years 1 month 8 days earlier. New Orleans =108 (K). Saints =108 (FB). There’s another Loyola University in New Orleans called the Wolfpack. New Orleans Saints =180 (K). He was also the owner of the New Orleans Pelicans – another bird team.

  • The 2010 Super Bowl came 8 weeks 1 day before Duke =181 defeated the Butler Bulldogs  in their second last title. Bulldogs =118. The Duke Blue Devils =181.

Florida International University =509 (R-FB). Witchcraft =509 (R-Sat). Twenty Eighteen NCAA Final Four =509 (FB). Loyola =159 (FBs). Loyola Ramblers =156 (JO). Coach Peter Moser =156 (JO). Jesuit Order =156 (K). Created Culture =156 (O) as all the fans shirt say, which is such a perfect multilayered Jesuit boast. Loyola’s coach in ’63 was named “Ireland” =159 (J) born on 15/6 and died at the age of exactly 1059 months old. Society of Jesus =195 (JO).

Speaking about the Buffalo, this Marshall VS Wichita State game is another one to watch for the tribute clues, as both football teams were involved in plane crashes in 1970, frickin 43 days apart, in the season where Villanova Wildcats lost to the Marquette Eagles (both Jesuit universities). The Marshall Thundering Herd & the Wichita State Shockers – thunder & lightning – and there’s a Wichita connection with the US Secretary of State drama: Mike Pompeo was a House Rep from Kansas who started his business in Wichita and Rex Tillerson is from Wichita Falls TX. Tillerson & Pompeo born 4300 days apart.

Fired & hired by another game show host, speaking about Bullseye – a target.

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 10.43.54 AM

There are so many riddles ongoing here but an upcoming post will go deeper into the Marshall theme, with Thurgood Marshall’s recent biopic starring the Black Panther which ties into ongoing civil rights themes as will be shown in allegorical fashion through college basketball tournaments rigged & scripted by the real Culture Creators – the social engineers behind the scenes of reality. 

22 thoughts on “Loyola Upset & the Miami Bridge Collapse

  1. Marshall could win today. They can hand Gregg Marshall his 181st loss of career which is the 42nd prime. Dan D’Antoni=42 Freemason=42. Gregg could stay on 480 career wins Marshall Thundering Herd=840. Gregg can take his 14th loss in the NCAA tournament by a 14 seed. Shockers =104. Gregg can get his 98th loss with Wichita St. 98th prime number is 521. Gregg Marshall=125
    Of course there are numbers for Whichita St too but Marshall has a good chance

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  2. From the Guardian: “Mark Rosenberg, the president of the university, said tests were being done on Thursday. Authorities said two construction workers were on the bridge when it collapsed. It is unclear what the tests were or whether they contributed to the failure of the structure.”


  3. Brother Berg quick on the draw! Good call on the Marshall game, the Herd upset the 4 seed Shockers. There’s more to this Buffalo riddle. Buffalo = 126, to go with all those 126 & 612 clues.


  4. Reading Jim Bowen’s wiki page which you’ve attached, it states that he was influenced by Ken Dodd.
    Ken Dodd, another British comedic entertainer who died (11 March) age 90, just 3 days before Bowen.
    Ken Dodd was awarded the OBE on 2 March ’17, presented by the Duke of Cambridge (Prince William).
    So, could the NCAA be for Duke?

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    • I’m all over Duke. Final on 4/2. Blue Devils = 42 (sep). Prince William = 42 (sep)
      DUKE of CAMBRIDGE. Hawking went to Cambridge, born in 42.
      Williams birthday is 6/21. 6/21 – 4/2 is 9 months 12 days. And 4/2 is 2 months 19 days before his next birthday. All the same numbers, 126, 129.
      The last time Duke won the tournament was 1092 days before 4/2.
      Also 80 days from 4/2 to 6/21. This is the 80th tourny.
      Eightieth = 53 (sep). Thirty five = 53 (sep). William is 35.

      Prince William is numerically connected to the other Duke, Prince Philip.
      He was born on 6/10/1921. Same numbers.
      And would you believe William was born 22,291 days after Philip.
      Philip is currently 96 which takes us back to the 35 and 53.
      Ninety six = 35 (sep). 96th prime is 503.


  5. There’s a lot going on with this bridge collapse. Things I’ve found are. A lawsuit was filed against the MCM company owned by Jorge Munilla” = 137 (English Ordinal) Jorge Munilla” = 144 (Jewish Ordinal)
    “Munilla Construction Management LLC” = 373 (English Ordinal)74th prime number
    Lawsuit filed on 3/5 ten days 3/15 later the Miami bridge falls down.What 10 days later after that? Stormy Daniels inteview on 60 minutes.
    “ten days later” = 144 (English Ordinal)
    The lawsuit was for an incident that happened on 10/20/2016
    From 10/20/2016 to 3/15/2018 is 511 days
    saturn=511 Jewish
    Catastrophe=511 Satanic
    tower bridge=511 Satanic
    russian spy= 511 Satanic
    election meddling=511 English Extended
    Masonic Rite=511 Satanic
    University President
    “Mark B. Rosenberg” = 211 (LCH Kabbalah)
    47th prime
    Mark B. Rosenberg” = 888 (English Sumerian)
    University president Rosenberg’s birthday 153 days from bridge collaspe.
    From and including: Thursday, March 15, 2018
    To, but not including Wednesday, August 15, 2018
    Result: 153 days
    21 weeks and 6 days 6*6*6=216
    Rosenberg’s birthdate in Hebrew
    68 (Hebrew Ordinal)He’s 68 years old
    twentieth of Av” = 137 (LCH Kabbalah)


  6. Loyola will get their 1319th win as a basketball program today, 1319 is the 151st prime number so Loyola stays on 1151 losses as a program!!! BINGO


  7. Info: FWIW to all Code Talkers & Stalkers…. Today 317 when written in digital and inverse is L I E, then tomorrow, 318 is the ‘Amelia’ Sequence from the series ‘Touch’

    Just throwing it out there in case anyone can make a connect.

    All the best to all!


    • Nice Work Guys: This ties into the Chinese Year of the “DOG”. “DOG”-Satanic=131(Like Underdog)
      Also “DOG”-Reverse Ordinal=55 (Self & Few’s are 55 years old) and LIE=55

      “Ohio State”-Reverse Ordinal=131

      “Seton Hall”=34
      “Thirty Four”-Franc Baconis =318 (Like 3/18)


  8. Could the final be The Ramblers against The Duke, as a tribute to the ‘Mass Trespass’ (of Ramblers (walkers)) protesting for walking rights for Ramblers to access of private land on 24 April 1932?
    During the mass trespass, the protesters present scuffled with the Duke of Devonshire’s gamekeepers and five ramblers were arrested.
    Duke of Devonshire = 181
    Trespass = 666
    Mass is associated with the Catholic Church.
    The Lord’s Prayer has the word ‘Trespass’.


    I could be completely off target, just putting it out there.

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