Ed Charles & Augie Garrido: Baseball Twins Trick & the Year of the Dog Continues

We’ve got a baseball-themed Twins Trick on our hands here from the Ides of March 2018, the first round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Augie Garrido, the winningest coach in college baseball history, has died age 79 and Ed Charles, third baseman for the Kansas City Athletics, has died age 84. Garrido took his programs to 15 College World Series, winning five of them while Charles won the 1969 World Series in his final season with the “Miracle” Mets – one of the greatest upsets in Series history. Sound familiar?

Edwin Charles =3011Charles =113 died at the perfect age of 31,001 days old and he was 301 weeks older than Augie Garrido =131. Charles =131. These numbers immediately have me thinking Jackie Robinson =131 born on 1/31 (or 31/1) who played his first career game when he was 10,301 days old and finished with a career .311 batting average, and sure enough, Charles’ wiki page mentions him appearing in the film 42 in a scene featuring a TRAIN. Sound familiar?

  • August Garrido =213 was born 301 weeks 2 days after Ed Charles (nickname: Glider =213) and died three days after suffering a stroke on 3/12 – the same day that rapper Craig Mack was sacrificed on the 396th anniversary of the canonization of St Francis Xavier =1302Xavier Musketeers =1302 basketball coach Chris Mack born 30/12 like Xavier died 3/12 (Dec 3rd). Ed Charles died 31,002 days after his birth and 321 days after his birthday. The Retrievers =231/1032.

Craig Mack was born 131 days before the birth of Chris Mack, the Championship =131 number like Garrido & Charles dying on March Fifteenth =131. The Xavier Musketeers =131/113. Sanctus Franciscus Xaverius =113. Marshall Thundering Herd =113/1130 with that wicked upset, same coding as the Retrievers =131 and Syracuse =131 who just pulled off another upset (#11 over #3) nine days after the death of former Syracuse football player and current staff member, Christopher Joseph Gedney =103 (read the report here). Remember, Gedney played with Tillman =103 killed in Afghanistan when he was 10,030 days old.

Edwin Douglas Charles =211 & Garrido, coach of The Texas Longhorns =211 were born another awesome span of 2110 days apart. Augie Garrido + Ed Charles =1112. Miracle Mets =112. Saint Francis Xavier SJ =112. The UMBC Retrievers =112/211. The frickin Dogs in the Year of the Dog – so awesome. Like the Loyola Ramblers whose mascot is a WOLF upsetting Miami Hurricanes (as a simultaneous Miami University bridge collapsed) then upsetting Tennessee Volunteers (whose mascot is ALSO a frickin dog). And later today it’s Cincinnati Bearcats VS Nevada Wolfpack.

  • 211 is the 47th prime and August Garrido =147 born on 47 numerology died exactly 47 weeks before his birthday. Augie Garrido =74. The Glider =470/174/47 started his career with Kansas City Athletics =1740 and ended with the Miracle Mets =1074. Kansas City =174. Yet another Kansas reference; UMBC to play Kansas State Wildcats & Kansas Jaybirds to play either Auburn Tigers or Clemson Tigers.
  • Craig Mack =174. Blood Sacrifice =747. Sanctus Franciscus Xaverius =407 born on 4/7 as Francisco de Jasso y Azpilicueta =147. Pope Francis =174. Julius Caesar =147. Caesar =47. UMBC Retrievers =174. UMBC =74.

They died on March Fifteenth =626 exactly 2062 years after the death of Julius Caesar.

And how’s the #16 beating #1 to make the Sweet 16 with Garrido & Charles both wearing #16. Not only that, 16 with the A makes a 161 and Augie’s number beneath A=1 and S=1 also makes 161, this sequence in full effect all year as we see over and over again. Sixteen =191.

August Edmun Augie Garrido Jr =767. Francis Xavier’s feast day is known as The Day of Navarre =767. This sequence again, remember Christopher Joseph Gedney =1767 and Woody Durham =1767 was the voice of the Tar Heels who just died exactly 76 years 7 months after his birth. And here on 3/18 an easy election win for Vladimir Putin =1767. The Mexican soccer player dead in a Twins Trick on 3/16 was Ezequiel Orozco =676. And how bout them Retrievers from University of Maryland Baltimore County =176/167. Two Thousand Eighteen NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship =767.

I’ve been on a digital detox the past 72 hours in a little German village so here is a two-parter of Twins Trick Sacrifices for 2018 Sports Championships for ya. Never a dull moment!

5 thoughts on “Ed Charles & Augie Garrido: Baseball Twins Trick & the Year of the Dog Continues

  1. I was 13 when Ed Charles was with the Mets and won the championship in 1969, FWIW his nickname was ‘The Glider’ because he was a smooth fielder. Maybe this will help in de-coding. Thanks for yours and everyone’s else’s digging and decoding.


  2. And the WolfPack beat the Bearcats. The Dog continues.

    Regarding the Mets / Nevada relation. The Mets Triple AAA affiliate, play in Nevada. The Las Vegas 51’s, this is their last season before moving from Nevada to Syracuse where they will play in 2019 moving forward.


  3. Craig Mack dying the day before the tournament is odd. I saw he was hooked-up with some religious cult before he died. Thinking “macks and dogs” the company Mack Trucks uses the Bulldog as a mascot and so does the religious school Gonzaga in the NCAA tournament.
    Flava in Ya Ear =124. Hits you like a Mack Truck =241. Bulldogs=24. The tournament ends of 2/4. Gonzaga’s head coach Mark Few was 20,140 days old on the Chinese New Year. [the Year of the Dog=214] (Bacon). Debuting a span of 214 days before the tournament ends (9/1/17 – 4/2/18) was the last album from Craig Mack, The Mack World Sessions. The 214th Prime is 1307 and Mack’s name is real close. Craig Jamieson Mack =1037 (Trigonal).

    Mack World Sessions =240. Mack leader Dennis Slagle =2400. Dennis Slagle =240 (Baconis) is the current “Mack leader” and this is his second time at the position. Slagle’s first time as president lasted 1,370 days. Mack Trucks founded 6/11/1900 and when the 2018 tournament ends the company will be a span age of 43,030 days. [Chinese Year of the Gonzaga Bulldogs =433] (Bacon). Hits you like a Mack Truck =334 (Bacon).


  4. Hi B.B.
    Yes the wolves are howling!
    See the Wolf Pack has the twins Caleb and Cody Martin (both 6ft 7 – 19th prime). On Sunday, it was Cody (‘coded’) Martin who spearheaded the second largest comeback in NCAA tournament history by sparking a 16-0 run with key buckets. Cheers.


  5. Last year Gonzaga was the runner-up team at the “Big Dance”=113(113/131).
    “Year Twenty Seventeen Runner-Up”=131 (“Dog”, “Year Of The Dog” & ” Underdog” =131)
    The “131st” prime is “32” and “Mark Few”=32.
    There was a “Labrat Knats” Amtrak Train Derailment in Tacoma, WASHINGton (BrainWASHING=131) on December.”18″, 2017(For 2018). Few had a birthday on December 27, 2017, which is the “361st” day of the year. He is 55 yr old, in his 19th season of coaching, “Train Derailment”=55.
    “Labrat Knats”=29- The 29th prime is “109”(19)
    “Gonzaga University”=109
    “Twenty Seventeen Runner-Up”=109 & KFW Kabbalah=361(361/163)
    “Gonzaga Bulldogs”=163
    Gonzaga vs Florida State on 3/22, “Chinese Year Of The Dog”=322 and “Mark Few=322(Satanic).
    Remember “Florida” (Florida Int’l University) just had an “Instant Bridge” collapse hoax. The Bridge was “320” feet long.
    “Instant Bridges”=320(32) Mark Few=32
    “Prefabricated Instant Bridges”=132
    “Instant Bridges”=109
    “Florida State”=550(55)Satanic


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