FIFA World Cup Twins Trick Sacrifice

Two footballers in their 20s died in another Twins Trick on 3/16, synched up quite astonishingly. Norwegian player Adrian Ovlien died (of an infection causing septic shock) at the age of 1075 weeks old while Mexican player Ezequiel Orozco died (of lung cancer) at the age of 10,705 days old. Lillebekk Ovlien =705 [EE]. Ovlien + Oroczo =575 [R-Sat] and they died on numerology of (3+16+20+18) =57. World Cup =1057 [EE] and the Final match is on 15/7 in Russia =75 [RO]. Russian =175 [R-FBs]. World Cup Russia Twenty Eighteen =507 [R-FB]. Underdog =175 [FBs]. Blood Sacrifice =175 [K].

Orozco died 3 months 22 days after his birthday and Ovlien died 32 weeks 2 days after his – and 322 days before his club’s birthday. The World Cup starts 2230 days after Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin =1223 took office.

  • Adrian Lillebekk Ovlien =130/311/131. Lillebekk Ovlien =301/310. Ovlien =31 and Oroczo =31 died exactly 13 weeks before the start of the Twenty Eighteen World Cup =3001/310 which features 31 teams plus the host team. Russia Two Thousand Eighteen =113/131/311/301. Ovlien played for Kongsvinger =311 founded on 31/1.

Remember 31-year-old Davide Astori just died 103 days or 3 months 11 days before the start of the World Cup in Russia =113. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin =311. As a refresher, #13 Astori also died on the day a 31-year-old politician named Di Maio =31/103 won the Italian election, exactly 31 months after Astori signed with ACF Fiorentina =130 and 310 days or 10 months 3 days after his birthday. Bit a pattern, no?

Wolf =31/103. Dog =131. Year of the Dog =131. Championship =131.

And sure enough here in the Year of the Dog according to Chinese astrology, the World Cup’s mascot is a wolf. Which makes perfect sense that the #16 Retrievers pull off the biggest NCAA upset in history defeating the #1 Cavaliers. Hilarious, especially the 16-1 sequence yet again.

Dog =330. The World Cup Final will be held  3 months 30 days after the deaths of Oroczo & Ovlien (from Norway =33 and Mexico =33) and 133 days after the death of Astori =33/330. FIFA World Cup =133. Football =133. Sacrifice =133. Oroczo born on 33 numerology. Russian =333. Putin =330. Russia Twenty Eighteen =303. And stay tuned for the next post as we’ve got ANOTHER sports-themed Twins Trick on our hands.

And worth mentioning is Adrien Ovlien =620 died 1777 days after his first pro match and 2006 days after his first international, which was 177 weeks 7 days before his last international. World Cup =206. Dog =26. Twenty Eighteen World Cup =1062. Russia Twenty Eighteen =1602.

2 thoughts on “FIFA World Cup Twins Trick Sacrifice

  1. Interesting that Ovlien died 2006 days after his first international. The 2006 FIFA world cup final was held in the Olympiastadion, Berlin (which we were discussing in relation to SB, Olympics and the 1936 Hitler Olympics), 2006 was won by Italy, no less.


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