Ireland’s Six Nations on St Paddy’s Day

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Ireland defeats England to win the 19th Six Nations Cup on St Patricks Day =190 at Twickenham Stadium =190, another improbable & ironic sports story here in the Year of the Dog. Dublin Ireland =119 home to Aviva =109/19 Stadium. Eire =109 [EE] or Airlann =191 [J] as it’s known in Ulster Scots. The tournament began on 2/3/18, a familiar span of 101 years 9 months 10 days after the Easter Rising –  the start of the Irish Rebellion of 1916. Irish football player Liam Miller died (36 years old) 1 month 9 days before the Irish rugby win; a lad very much coded up.

  • 191 the 43rd prime, back to this core code. Team Ireland =43. Irish =43/143. Shamrock =43/34. Dublin Ireland =434. Coach Schmidt =434/134. Irish Rugby =134. Saint Patrick =134. Their captain Rory Best =34. Aviva Stadium opened (5/14/10) a span of 403 weeks before the Six Nations began. Val Mulkerns =143 was a famous Irish author who died on 3/10 exactly one week before the Irish championship, on the day Mulkerns =34 would have turned exactly 34,000 days old. William Peter Miller =1403. 

The top try scorer of the tourney was Ireland’s Jacob Stockdale =918 who was 8019 days old on the 3/17 Final, the same day coach Joe Schmidt was a parallel 19,180 days old. Irish Rugby =816. 


Easter Rising =666. Patrick =666. St Patricks Day =996. Coach Josef Schmidt =966 extended his contract 969 days before the win. Rugby World Cup =996 held in Japan next year, Ireland looking to do better than the quarter-finals, their previous best. Miller =669. Liam Miller =1669/996.

  • Six Nations Cup =331. Six Nations Cup Twenty Eighteen =133. Twickenham =133. England =33. Ireland =33. Aviva =330. Coach Jones =33. England’s coach Eddie Jones was exactly 3033 weeks old for the loss, a sequence that may yet represent sacrifice. Liam Miller =330. Miller =33. 

Team Ireland =195. Ireland =159 won the Six Nations on St Paddys Day =159 at Twickenham Stadium =1590 a perfect 1590 days after Schmidt’s first game as Ireland coach. That’s an awesome span made even better when we that 1590 days is equal to exactly 227 weeks. Schmidt extended his contract on 7/22 of 2015. Six Nations Grand Slam =227.

Miller =93. William Peter Miller =1193 died at the age of exactly 1930 weeks old. Twenty Eighteen Six Nations Championship =193. Saint Patrick =193. We know that 193 is the 44th prime. Liam Miller =44. Saint Patricks Day =44. Twenty Eighteen Six Nations Championship =144. Six Nations =144.

One thought on “Ireland’s Six Nations on St Paddy’s Day

  1. I used to love watching rugby, even went to Twickenham a few times. I started to see it was fixed somehow before I woke up, as it were. I was so disappointed!


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