Michael Collins & Henry Wilson: More Rigged Sport as Ritual Allegory

While away on my digital detox I was reading about the assassination of legendary Irish revolutionary Michael Collins, and returned to find the Irish had won the Six Nations. I was reading the book I’d referenced in a previous post, Assassinations, written by a woman’s father I know who was in MI6. He compares Collins with the assassination of British Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson by the IRA, exactly two months before Collins, who’d ordered the hit on Wilson.

Collins =131/130 was shot 1310 days after the Irish War of Independence began and 310 days after his 31st birthday (making him 31 years 10 months old) – the exact mirror age of Italian footballer Davide Astori who recently died at 31 years old and 310 days before his next birthday. Dublin =310. Eire =13. IRA =131/103. Irish War of Independence =130. Henry Wilson =130. Field Marshall Wilson =301. Authority =31.

Michael Collins =47 was killed 407 days after the Irish War of Independence and the Irish Civil War lasted exactly 47 weeksSt Paddy’s Day =47. Authority =47. 

  • Collins was killed 1 year 1 month 11 days after the Irish War of Independence ended. Irish War =1110. St Patricks Day =1110. Authority =111. 
  • Collins & Field Marshall Wilson =966 were born 9960 days apart. As we covered in the previous post, Ireland’s Coach Josef Schmidt =966 extended his contract 969 days before they won the 2018 Six Nations on St Patricks Day =996Easter Rising =666. Patrick =666. 

Michael Collins =308 and Henry Hughes Wilson =308/1380 were also exactly 1380 weeks apart. St Paddy’s Day =138. Easter Rising =138. Team Ireland =138. Six Nations =138. The Man of the Match was Tadhg Furlong =380 (exactly 1322 weeks old).

And this is why it’s so important to slog through some long-counts until striking gold – Field Marshall Henry was killed at the age of EXACTLY 3033 WEEKS old (5/5/64 to 6/22/22), the EXACT same age as England’s rugby coach who was EXACTLY 3033 WEEKS old (1/30/60 to 3/17/18) when he lost the Six Nations to Ireland. This is really one of the craziest finds ever. And yet more evidence that all major championships on Earth are really just ritual reenactments of history & allegorical expressions of choreographed sport theatre.

2 thoughts on “Michael Collins & Henry Wilson: More Rigged Sport as Ritual Allegory

  1. Great catch on the exact age match of 3033 weeks old. Remember the Irish rugby team is a unified team of north and south.
    All on the back of (theatre being) news of ‘post Brexit’ (should it happen) and what will happen with border issues between north and south.

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