Coach Tubby Smith & the Great Mills High School Shooting

Another school shooting in the United States on March 20th at Great Mills High School in Maryland – a student named Austin Rollins opened fire on his classmates with a handgun, severely wounding two people before dying in a shootout with the school resource officer. As always, we should investigate the ‘notable alumni’ of these locales for what often turn out to be prime clues. We see it here, too, as a certain college basketball coach named Tubby Smith went to Great Mills High – the former coach of the University of Minnesota & [if you can believe it] BOTH Texas Tech and the frickin Kentucky Wildcats, the latter I just wrote about in the previous post.

Indeed, Tubby Smith (the second coach in history to lead five different teams to the NCAA tournament) coached the KU Wildcats to the 1998 NCAA championship – at the Alamodome in San Antonio, same host as this year. What a coincidence! In fact I’d already read Tubby’s wiki page a couple weeks ago, noticing that his profile pic has a different name; and not just any name but “Coach Wright” –  like Jay Wright, the head coach of Villanova, another Wildcats team still alive in the tournament. As are the Texas Tech Red Raiders, making that TWO of Smiths’ old teams.

And as if we need any other ridiculous coincidences, Tubby Smith was officially fired as the head coach of the Memphis Tigers – the day before the shooting – and replaced by Penny Hardaway.  And this is doubly crazy because just earlier today with the Austin Parcel Bombing / Unabomber story I was looking up the FedExForum – the fucking home arena of the Memphis Tigers. We could wrap all this up right now and turn off the lights, but of course we have some awesome numbers too.

Tubby Smith =191 {FB}. Great Mills Maryland =191 {JO}. Hardaway =161 {FBs}. Villanova =161 {R-FB}. Memphis Tigers =161 {O}. San Antonio Texas =191 {O}. Alamodome =191 {J}.

  • Again, 191 the 43rd prime, our core codes here, and this shooting happened 34 days after the shooting at Stoneman Douglas. Great Mills MD =134. Maryland =34. Great Mills HS =143. And the shooter was Austin Rollins =143 [K]. Obviously coded parallel.
  • Wright =34. Jay Wright =134. Or as his Wiki calls him: Jerold Taylor Jay Wright Jr =434/304. Texas Tech =143/43. Red Raiders =134. Villanova =134. Hardaway =43 aka Anfernee Deon Hardaway =431.

Great Mills Hornets, are the team there, green & gold. I’m not watching any of the tournament but I’m pretty sure no one remaining as these colours. Tigers are definitely associated with Wildcats, though. No stretch there. And again, Tubby Smith not only went to this same high school that experienced a shooting the day after he was fired (as two of his former teams are in the Sweet 16) but his first ever coaching gig was with those same Great Mills Hornets. It’s out of control.

Tubby Smith =131 {RO/JO}. Smith =131. Coach Wright =131. Championship =131. The Alamodome opened 131 weeks after its groundbreaking ceremony.

Hardaway & Tubby were born 20 years 18 days apart, here in 2018. And there’s Tubby’s profile pic with Coach Wright’s name. Also the Memphis Tigers have the big M logo, just like the Marshall Thundering Herd that I compared with the Michigan Wolverines. And again, Memphis’ FedExForum on the same day the FedEx center is bombed just outside San Antonio, hosting the NCAA tournament in the same city where Tubby once won with the Wildcats. “Verrückt” as they say in Deutschland.

  • Penny Hardaway was 17,047 days old when he was hired as new Memphis head coach, the day before the Great Mills shooting. This number rings a bell because on this very day, the day of the FedEx Bombing in San Antonio, FedEx turned 7474 days old. Wildcat =747. Alamodome =474. Two Thousand Eighteen NCAA Final Four =1474. It also happened 704 days after Tubby =704 {J} resigned as head coach of Texas Tech.

And what’s funny is I google image search “great mills high school” and the 17th pic is a student with a bloody face on a stretcher – so I click thinking this is from the shooting and of course it’s from a Safety & Security Festival from 2013. Crisis actors. The 33 featured predominantly. School Shooting =1333. False Flag =33. FedExForum =303. Austin Rollins was killed by the school resource officer, Blaine Gaskill =33. And on this same day a gunman shot dead at Princeton University at a restaurant called Panera =330/133. 

Great Mills =696. Memphis Tigers =966. School Shooting =669. San Antonio TX =966. Two Thousand Eighteen NCAA Final Four =699. It’s all totally insane. And the shooter’s name was Austin, like the Unabomber 2.0 reincarnated currently in Austin TX, the hometown of Eagles’ Nick Foles, like Austin Dillon winning the Daytona 500.

And if anyone finds any good #246 or #757, as depicted in the top image, which is making the rounds worldwide, please share! All I found was “The Unabomber” =246 to go with the other story of the day and “School Shooting” =575 on the flipside. Maybe some NCAA teams share those numbers…

12 thoughts on “Coach Tubby Smith & the Great Mills High School Shooting

  1. Hey B.B,
    And yet another Austin….Austin Wilson (man aged 18yrs) dies in sleep!
    “On Monday night, Austin’s last, he ate supper at a long table with his extended ‘This Old House family’.” …….sounds biblical!!!


    • WRB, Interesting Find. Wilson’s alleged death(18yrs old) on 1/9/2018 has parallels/symbolism/foreshadowing with “Donald J Trump”/”Marjory Stoneman(Stonemason) Douglas School Shooting” and biblical Mocking/Mockery of “Christ’s Last Supper”. He was doing an “APPRENTICEship” with the show upon graduating from H.S. He died in his sleep while attending a conference in “Orlando” Florida. The word “MASON is coded in his MANufactured name “Austin jAMes Wil-SON”.

      “Austin Wilson”=888(Like “Donald J. Trump” in Sumerian & “Nikolas Cruz” in Rev.Sumerian)
      “The Last Supper”=171(The 18th triangular#) He was 18 yrs old
      “Marjory Stoneman Douglas”=1999(Eng.Extended) He was born on 2/5/”1999”
      “Stonemasonry”=52(52/25, 2/5/1999)
      He died 1 month, 0 weeks and 5 days(105) before the Stoneman School Shooting. “Orlando”=105 and “Marjory Stoneman Douglas”=1050(105)


  2. Texas Tech coach Christopher Michael Beard=246 and John Beilein will get his 246th win with Michigan vs Texas A&M. 757 rings a bell gotta do some diggin for this one

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  3. I think you cracked it! Few more things to add. Tubby fired from Memphis, where current Kentucky coach John Calipari led them to the National Title game with Derek Rose against Kansas last time the final was in San Antonio in 08. Also, I notice Tubby’s real name is Orlando, tying us back to the Pulse shooting.

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    • The Kansas Jayhawks first coach was Canadian – James Naismith, who invented the game of Basketball.
      He lived to see Basketball as an official event for the first time in the 1936 Berlin (Hitler) Olympic Games. Naismith was a Presbyterian minister, and was also a Freemason.
      James Naismith = 141. From his death Nov 28 1938 to NCAA final = 4140 weeks.
      The name “Jayhawks” comes from the Kansas Jayhawker freedom fighter and anti-slavery movement during the Bleeding Kansas era of the American Civil War.


  4. 34 being the key number because that’s the days between shootings. Gonzaga gets 34th win. It’s FSU’s 34th NCAA tournament game. Gonzaga being the 4 seed will play the 3 seed Michigan. Kansas State gets their 34th NCAA tourney loss. Eric Musselman bday was 4 months 3 days ago, and his upcoming bday is in 34 weeks 4 days. Bob Huggins gets his 34th NCAA tourney win. The FSU game is chock full of numbers. This is FSU’s 2015th game as a program, if they make it to the finals it would be their 2018th game in 2018! LMAO. Leonard Hamilton is coaching his 334th game with FSU, Gonzaga is 33-4. FSU has 1168 all time wins, Gonzaga has 1618 al time wins. Hamilton has 207 losses and in 2007 he had to vacate 22 wins because of violations. It’s the 22nd of the month and FSU has 22 wins. Leonard Ham could get his 327th win with FSU but take away the 22 wins and he is trying for his 305th win. The divisors of 305 sum to 372. Just a few Numbers to laugh at
    Loyola vs Nevada is classic good vs evil matchup. Only one sequence I will show you here because their are numerous as well. Date numerology of 63 Loyola won it all in 63’ and they scored 63 points last game and they could go 30-6 to end the year on date numerology of 36. Porter Moser=63 Eric Musselman 63. The nun is done!

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  5. Man, those Nuns die Hard…. I had em growing up, This is what makes this ‘stuff’ interesting. Love your work. We all got to keep on keeping on. (PS I don’t be grudge my ‘parochial’ upbringing, Sisters of St. Joesph/Grammer School, Irish Christian Brothers/High School, Jesuits/ College) Breath deep, I am unplugged from all that. I am still trying to figure it all out. There is a ‘there’ there.


  6. Duke wins today and ends up playing Loyola in Championship game. That’s the way it’s lined up now. Have plenty of numbers but I’m strapped for time. Texas Tech upsets Nova


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