The Ritual Sacrifice of Disgraced Cardinal Keith O’Brien

In the midst of this Irish research we get the news that Keith O’Brien, the former Archbishop of Edinburgh and leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland, has died on 3/19 from a fall at the age of 80. He was born in Northern Ireland on 17 March 1938, meaning that Ireland won the Six Nations on his 80th birthday. Cardinal O’Brien was forced to resign in 2013 following allegations of predatory sexual abuse, the stereotypical wolf in sheep’s clothing.

And as it turns out, O’Brien was tight with notorious paedophile Jimmy Savile (as was Prince Charles), and in the Savile report I did in August 2017 I even included a picture of the two sick fucks together. And now his death from a fall following his fall from grace perfectly fits the pattern of ritual sacrifice with the ongoing Jesuit tributes and the death of a former Arizona Cardinal from Syracuse leading to the Orange’s “improbable” run to the Sweet 16.

80 years is exactly 960 months. Keith Michael Patrick O’Brien =96. Scottish Roman Catholic Cardinal =96. Satanism =96. Royal Family =960. Gordon Gray =96 his similarly coded predecessor like his similarly coded successor, Cushley =96. Jimmy Savile =69. Savile =69. Catholic Church =69. Jesuit Order =196. O’Brien =196. Six Nations =196. Irish =196. 

  • Cardinal Keith O’Brien =666. Keith O’Brien =696. James Savile =696. Sexual Predator =996/669 [Jewish/Satanic cyphers]. Patrick =666, O’Brien’s middle name & he was born on St Patricks Day =996 reminding us that Michael Collins & Henry Wilson were born 9960 days apart. O’Brien’s successor as Archbishop is Leo Cushley =1666 who was appointed 1699 days before O’Brien’s death. Pope John Paul II, the second longest-serving pope in modern history (who installed O’Brien), served for 9666 days.

Pope John Paul II =66. Jimmy Savile =66. Savile =66. Roman Catholic =166. Cardinal Keith Patrick O’Brien  =1166 [Satanic]. His term ended 10,066 days after his installation and O’Brien =99 died 9009 days after the death of his predecessor. Paul VI =990. Thirty-Three =66 and 1999 is the 303rd prime.

O’Brien died two days after his birthday and Savile died two days before his birthday. Collins assassinated exactly two months before Wilson and O’Brien dead exactly two months before the royal wedding of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle =303. 

  • Patrick =33. O’Brien =33. Cushley =33. Cardinal O’Brien =331 was Archbishop for 10,133 days and appointed by Pope Saint John Paul II =133 who replaced Pope Paul VI =133 – known as the 33-Day Pope for dying 33 days into office.

James Wilson Vincent Savile =133. James Savile =33. Savile =33 died exactly 303 weeks before the death of Liz MacKean on 8/18/17, a journalist credited with exposing Savile’s atrocities, and 333 weeks 3 days before the death of O’Brien. CRAZY. Especially as we just discovered that Coach Eddie Jones was exactly 3033 weeks old when he lost the Six Nations final to Ireland, just as Sir Henry Wilson (the British Field Marshall in charge of stopping the Irish rebellion of the early 20th century) was assassinated at the age of exactly 3033 weeks old.

Cardinal Keith Michael Patrick O’Brien =447 was in office for 1447 weeks and died 14,470 days after the death of the 33-Day Pope, as well as 477 years after the Jesuits were founded.

Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh =1767. Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson =767. Father Keith O’Brien =167/76 was sacrificed 676 weeks after the death of Pope John Paul II =167/67 who created O’Brien as cardinal. Thirty-Three Day =676. More of these codes…

  • 6+7=13 and we find another wild long-count here based on the 13. Pope John Paul II died at the age of exactly 31,000 days old. Pope =13/103. The Vatican =103/131. Pope Paul VI =130 aka Thirty Three Day Pope =103. Thirty-Three Day =1300. Cardinal Keith Patrick O’Brien =130. Satanist =103. Scottish Roman Catholic Cardinal =130/1003 (J). Prince Harry + Meghan Markle =1003 (J).

The Beast =311. James Wilson Vincent Savile =311 born 31/10. Keith Patrick O’Brien =113. Satanist =113. That can also make 31,001 days old with Pope JP2 – and it’s also 1380 weeks. Which rings a bell because Michael Collins & Henry Wilson were born 1380 weeks apart. Jimmy Savile =138Saint Patrick =183. Prince Harry + Meghan Markle =1183.


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