Unabomber & the Austin Package Explosions: March Madness Riddles

March 20th: An explosion at a FedEx facility outside San Antonio – host of the ongoing Final Four tournament – is believed to be the fifth parcel bombing in Texas since linked the so-called Austin Package Explosions began on 3/2. I’m thinking we’ll find some Unabomber tributes – and clues to this year’s March Madness champion. Indeed post-thought searching turned up several articles suggesting there’s a new Unabomber out there – history repeating by the numbers, as wheels within wheels within wheels.

Austin Package Explosions =1081 [Satanic] that started on 3/2 have been subliminally associated with the Unabomber =181 who terrorized the American public in the mid-90s. If this is a clue to the code, we find Duke =181The Duke Blue Devils =181. Nevada Wolf Pack =1801 [in Jewish G]. Wolf Pack =181 is playing Loyola, whose coach Moser was 18,101 days old for their shock upset over Miami. The Society of Jesus =1181 [J]. Loyola Chicago VS Nevada, wolves versus wolves in what appears to me the most interesting matchup of the Sweet 16.

  • Ted ‘The Unabomber’ Kaczynski was arrested on 3 April 1996, two days after the Kentucky Wildcats defeated the Syracuse Orangemen in the NCAA Basketball Final. This year both teams have also made the Sweet 16, Wildcats playing the Wildcats (Kentucky V Kansas State) and #11 Syracuse facing off against #2 Duke. And continuing on the wolves theme in this the Year of the Dog, Ted Kaczynski’s alma mater was the University of Michigan – the Michigan Wolverines also in the Sweet 16, making quite the theme party.

It should also be noted that in 1978, the year of Kaczynski’s first bomb, the NCAA Basketball Champions were Kentucky Wildcats, again (over Duke). The year of the first Unabomber fatality, 1985, it was the Wildcats AGAIN as champions, only Villanova that time. If we look at our other example, FedEx was incorporated in October 1997, placing it between the ’97 Champion (Arizona Wildcats) and the ’98 Champions (Kentucky Wildcats) in the year Kaczynski was sentenced to life in prison at ADX Florence where all the government patsies go to retire.

And as always, the only evidence we have is a bunch of pictures of emergency personnel standing around behind police tape pretending to look busy.

Theodore Kaczynski =804 [Satanic] was arrested (4/3/96) a clean span of 8004 days before the Austin Package Explosions =84 began on 3/2. FedEx Corporation =804. Serial Bomber =408. Cats + Dogs =408. Bomb =84. Wolves =84. Jesuit =84. Austin =84. Austin Texas =48. Ted Kaczynski =148. Federal Express =148. Bomb =1480. 

  • And this may be totally inconsequential but I’m currently right near the site of the Battle of Teutoburg Forest, one of the most decisive battles in military history and Rome’s greatest defeat, as the Germanic tribes (many who would have been dressed in wolf skins) ambushed three Roman legions in one of the world’s most notorious inside jobs (a wolf in sheep’s clothing story). The date commemorated is 24 September 0009, which just so happens to be exactly 104,800 weeks before the 4/2 Hoops Final. Maybe we’ll see some ritual reenactment of this event. Prince Harry + Meghan Markle =1048. Meghan Markle =48/148 born 8/4. 

The first victim of the Austin Package Explosions was Anthony House (the second Draylen Mason). The first victim of the Unabomber to suffer a serious injury was John Hauser. Also interesting is that the first two Unabomber targets were at Northwestern University in 78/79 – that’s none other than Meghan Markle’s alma mater. Markle was born 166 weeks 6 days after Kaczynski’s first bomb for a cheeky 666 connect.

The Unabomber =43 was born on numerology of (5+22+1+9+4+2) =43. Unabomber =34. Kaczynski =434. Serial Bomber =434. The first victim of Austin’s mysterious serial bomber: Anthony Stephan House =343. FedEx =143. Parcel Bombs =403/191. The 43rd prime 191.

  • San Antonio Texas =191. Federal Express =161. Society of Jesus =191. False Prophets =191. Freemason=191. Wolves =191. Austin Texas =304/161. Alamodome =34/191. Manhunt =1043/343. 
  • Nevada Wolfpack =134. Wildcat =143. The Wildcats =43. Rachel Meghan Markle =434. The Michigan Wolverines =1434. Unabomber Ted Kaczynski =1434. Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing =1434.

While I haven’t watched it I have noticed that Netflix keeps promoting a series called Manhunt: Unabomber that premiered on 8/1/17. That’s 30 weeks 3 days before the Austin Bombings began on 3/2 and exactly 33 weeks before the latest bomb on 3/20. UNABOM =33 the name of the first episode after the government’s official nickname for Kaczynski. Wolves =33. Wolf Pack =33. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 3.04.30 PM.png

Manhunt Unabomber =302. Theodore Kaczynski =302. Unabomber =32. Austin Package Explosions =132. Parcel Bombs =32. Mail Bombs =32. Bomb =32. The first Austin package bomb on 3/2 and now the fifth on 3/20 at the appropriately coded FedEx =320 {Jewish}.

  • Austin Package Explosions =260. The Final comes exactly 20 years 6 months after FedEx =26/620 was incorporated. The Unabomber =620. Ted Kaczynski =162. Wildcat =26. UNABOM =1626/62/126 as the Feds called him.

“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” – Matthew 7:15. Emphasis on Ravening Wolves =676 [Satanic] for more insight on this code we’ve been following. Oh and how’s this, the 1986 film Wildcats starring Goldie Hawn opened 1676 weeks before the 4/2 Final.


So maybe the question now is, which Wildcats? The first Wildcats team to win after the movie released was the ’96 Kentucky Wildcats, exactly 3700 days later. Wildcats =37Ravening Wolves =370. Wolves =37. Kaczynski =37. Unabomber =37. 


5 thoughts on “Unabomber & the Austin Package Explosions: March Madness Riddles

  1. Year of the dog means Gonzaga Bulldogs. They cleared the left side of the bracket for them. Only team left is Michigan and they will lose to Zags in great 8. Gonzaga plays Nevada or Kentucky in final 4 and beat them, it’s an easy road to the finals! Villanova has been the best team this year no doubt, but I don’t see them giving Philly another title after the eagles won.


  2. I would guess the wildcats of Kentucky …… University of Kentucky (UK as in United Kingdom).
    The University is in Lexington and I’ve been harping on about the Lexington connection for over 3 months, lol.
    Lexington where the American Civil War started. The war ended in the ‘separation’ of the US and UK. As mentioned by a previous commenter …. Harry and Meghan representing a ‘marriage’ between the US and UK.

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  3. In 1963 Loyola won the tournament by defeating Duke in the final four and then beating Cincy in the championship game. 55 years ago. Loyola ended a 33 year tournament drought. Sister Jean has become more famous than The Rock. She was born 8/21/1919, 98 years old. Joined Loyola in 1991. They said she had the ramblers losing in the sweet 16 of her bracket.

    A win vs Nevada will give them their 12th tournament win and a date with Kentucky who has been to the big game 12 times (8-4) in the Elite 8 on the (24th) of March. It will be Kentucky’s 181st tournament game, 181 is the (42nd) prime.

    Kentucky after beating K-State will be 27-10(721), Coach Calipari will an all time record of (721)-203 and could get loss 204(24/42).

    The movie Rampage releases at a theater near you April 13, which is 11 days after the national championship or 1 week 4 days (14). Loyola would have 14 wins going into the championship game. Why do I bring up Rampage? Well….there is a giant wolf in the movie named Ralph and Ralph = 55.

    Kentucky is 4-2 vs Loyola, it would be the 7th meeting between them, 7 is the 3rd prime.


  4. Hey brother I found some killer Pi codes for the events that went on today. Cal Ripkin, Jr. was a Pi coded age of 21,027 days on 3/20/18. FedEx Corporation were incorporated October 2, 1997 and this was a span of 2 years 27 days since September 6, 1995 aka the day Ripkin broke the consecutive games played record held by Lou Gehrig. Orioles owner Peter Angelos’ birthday is 3 months 14 days after the Maryland School shooting/FedEx bomb. Peter Angelos bought the Orioles a span of 31 weeks 4 days after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Here in America it’s the [first day of Spring =227] (Jewish Ordinal).

    [The Iron Man =34] is the nickname given to Cal Ripkin due to his game steak. [Cal =34] was a span age of 3,004 weeks for the [GMHS shooting =304] (Baconis) in [Maryland =34].

    The Iron Man =137. Cal was a span age of 13,007 days old when Kaczynski was captured. [Peter Angelos =137] was sold the Baltimore Orioles on October 4, 1993 and that’s 1307 weeks to Game 1 of the 2018 World Series.

    Cal Ripkin broke the consecutive games played record in his 2,131st consecutive game. 2131 is the 321st Prime number. [Calvin Edwin Ripken Jr =321] in Frances Bacon and [Calvin Ripken Jr =321] in Franc Baconis.

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