Jurassic Park & The Sacrifice of Kirk Korver

NBA all-star and Cleveland Cavalier guard Kyle Korver was excused from a game versus the Toronto Raptors after the death of his brother, Kris Korver, on March 20th. That’s three days after Kyle’s birthday, born on 3/17 St Patrick’s Day just like Cardinal Keith O’Brien (born exactly 43 years apart) as we covered with Ireland winning the Six Nations on St Paddy’s. No slouch, Korver holds the NBA record for highest three-point field goal percentage in a season (with 53.6%). Further, he played college hoops for the Creighton Bluejays (another bird team / another Jesuit team) who lost in the first round of March Madness to the Kansas State Wildcats, now facing off against the Kentucky Wildcats, and brother Kris played ball at University of Missouri Kansas City.

Korver =37/73. Kyle was 37 years 3 days old for Kris’ death and Kris played for University of Missouri Kansas City =3703. A perfect hit, and these ritual events lately seemingly sponsored by FedEx Corporation =373. John Michael Crichton =373. And you know what’s great about this? Korver will be exactly 37 years 3 months old for Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

  • You’d think that’d be a sacrifice for another Cavs Finals, but perhaps this Raptors clue is worth exploring. As I wrote in a previous post, Raptor means “Bird of Prey” and as Jurassic Park taught us, dinosaurs evolved into birds. So they say. Jurassic Park was written by Michael Crichton and Korver played for Creighton. Those names are pronounced the same, and as we’ll now see there are some fun synchs here.

37 years 3 months is equal to exactly 447 months, Korver’s age on Game 7. As it turns out, Korver was also 4470 days old when Jurassic Park =47 opened in 1993, a span of 147 days before the Toronto Raptors =174 were founded. Jurassic =47. Raptor =147/74. The Raptors =47. Toronto =470 (J). Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom =407 opening this June 22nd, the 174th day. Jurassic World =1074. Vince Carter =1074.

Jurassic Park first premiered on 6/9, the day the ’93 NBA Finals began, where the Bulls beat the Suns for their third title in a row. Korver used to play for the Bulls and Penny Hardaway (who was just as big as Michael Jordan for a few years in the 90s) replacing Tubby Smith as Memphis coach the day Kirk Korver died, used to play for the Suns. And remember the scene in Jurassic Park where they’re feeding the raptors? They lower a sacrificial bull into the pen – the opposite result occurring in the ’93 NBA Finals.

  • Michael Crichton died on November 4th 2008 – incidentally, the 15th birthday of the Toronto Raptors, founded November 4th 1993. That’s exactly 180 months later. The ’18 NBA Playoffs begin 10,008 days after Crichton’s novel Jurassic Park published (11/20/90). Raptors =108. Twenty Eighteen =1080/180. Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom =810. Raptors coach: Dwane Casey =108. Casey =108. 

And now there’s a new Jurassic Park movie coming out on June 22nd, five days after Game 7 of the NBA Finals and the day after the 2018 Draft. It’s a sequel to Jurassic World which came out on 6/12/15 – four days before the Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Michael Crichton =193. Federal Express =193. University of Missouri Kansas City =193. Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom =93. Kyle Elliot Korver =193 was exactly 1931 weeks old. Two Thousand Eighteen NBA Finals =1931 in Jewish G, a perfect hit. Further, Kirk Korver was sacrificed 1931 days after the birth of Kris’ first born child (12/5/12). Toronto Raptors =931.

  • 1931 is the 294th primeAustin =294. Ted Kaczynski =294Raptors =492Fallen Kingdom =2640. Michael Crichton =264.
  • Let’s take this a step further and see that 193 is the 44th prime number. With end date Kyle’s brother died 4 days after his 37th birthday and 37 years is exactly 444 months, meaning Kyle Korver was 444 months 4 days old for the death of his brother. Raptor =444.

3/20 was also the gunman incidents at Princeton =444 and Great Mills =44 where Tubby Smith =44 was alumni and former coach, the day after his firing. Austin =440. Federal Express =440. FedEx =44. Raptors =44. Cavs =44. Creighton =144. Kyle Korver was born 441 days after his wife, a pop star named Juliet, and Kirk Korver wore #44 with the Kangaroos. Ritual Sacrifice =44. 

Kirk Korver =804. Michael Crichton =84 died exactly 804 weeks after the 6/9/93 premiere of Jurassic Park, which opened exactly 1148 weeks before Jurassic World, the latest of which itself opening 148 weeks before the ’18 NBA Playoffs begin. Two Thousand Eighteen NBA Finals =148. The Raptors =480/840. Life Finds a Way =804. Theodore Kaczynski =804 arrested 8004 days before the Austin Explosions began.

As another example of life as a wheel, 11 days after Jurassic Park hit first theatres in 1993, Ted Kaczynski mail-bombed a geneticist named Charles Epstein, followed two days later with a computer science professor at Yale. Of course other than dinosaurs Jurassic  Park is full of geneticists and computer scientists. Man playing god, just like the Programmers who rig reality by the numbers. And so-called coincidences never end.

*And Raptors Coach Casey ALSO alumni of Kentucky Wildcats, as a player winning the NCAA Title in 1978 over Duke – 40 years 7 days before this year’s Final, which could very well be a rematch – then coaching five seasons with the UK Wildcats.

6 thoughts on “Jurassic Park & The Sacrifice of Kirk Korver

  1. Fascinating Parallel! I forgot Korver had a brother. “Obama’s” birthday 8/4/1961 and “1984” the year Prince Harry was born.
    “United States Of America”=84
    Also, “Congresswoman Louise Slaughter” is from Kentucky, she attended the “University Of Kentucky”. She was a “Microbiologist” as well as a “Politican”. She was admitted to the hospital on “3/14” and died on 3/16. Which connects to the science theme, i.e. “Stephen Hawking” and “Elon Musk”.
    “Louise Slaughter”=84(84/48)


  2. Are you aware that the ‘Austin Bomber’ blew himself up in a car yesterday? His name: Mark Anthony Conditt (conned-it), age 23 or sometimes 24. Of course, your “44” got my attention: Mark Antony, Ides of March, and Caesar’s assassination in 44 BC, stabbed 23 times…the madness continues. And what do you know, just in time to heat publicity for dinosaur tales in film, a 6y old girl in Oregon found a 65 million yr old fossil at a soccer game. It reminded her of the mystical necklace from Disney’s ‘Moana’: CNN had to get that plug in, too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • BBerg: your post on “Unabomber,” regarding your visit to the Teutoburg Forest (Rome’s greatest defeat 104,800w before 4/2 Hoops Final), and also this post comparing #44, #84, and Kyle’s wife ‘Juliet’ ties in with Obama and Rome, too.

      From Caesar’s assassination 3-15-44 to Obama’s birth “8-4”-61 = 700,313 days.
      “The Rise and Fall of the Holy Roman Empire” = 1733 (rev satanic).

      Caesar’s death to eve of Obama’s birth 8-3-61 = 100,044w 4d.
      Scholars cite the beginning of Rome’s collapse as the year ‘410’ when the Visigoth’s sacked the Capital.

      ROMEo committed suicide (=140,41) after believing Juliet’s faked death. She then woke and saw Romeo dead, and followed him in death, after stabbing herself with his dagger.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Obama is the head of the first beast of revelation 13. (Last president will be re elected in 2020). Deadly wound healed is speaking of him 👍🏼


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