Carcassonne and Trèbes False Flag

Sorry for the delay in post, I was awol in Amsterdam. Friday, March 23rd saw yet another Islamic Terror attack in France, the most overtly militarized police state in Europe where troops patrol the streets of every decent-sized town in the country. The Caracassone and Trèbes Attack, as they’re calling it, started near the fairytale castle of Carcassone as a self-confessed Islamic State soldier named Redouane Lakdim hijacked a car then attacked a police station before storming a Super U supermarket. Here in the nearby town of Trèbes, Lakdim held dozens of people hostage while negotiating for the release of Salah Abdeslam, one of the characters from the Paris Attacks. A police officer named Arnauld Beltrame – notably a Freemason – ‘heroically’ traded places with the hostages before being murdered by Lakdim, who in turn was killed as police stormed the Super U. Yet another dramatic Islamic Terror tale coming out of France and imagined as a Hollywood film as The 15:17 to Paris is cranking full-steam propaganda in theatres across Europe.

Brother Beltrame =64, the hero cop character, was 16,411 days old when he died in the Hostage Crisis =146/64 being called the Carcassonne & Trèbes Attack =146/461 that happened on numerology of (23+3+20+18)=64. Beltrame was a member of the “Respectable Lodge Jerome Bonaparte” – named after the youngest brother of Napoleon I. Jerome Bonaparte =164. Freemasonic =164. The Islamic State =164. This March 27th is 6041 days after 9/11/01.

  • March 27th is also exactly 863 weeks after 9/11, and this number nails because Arnauld Beltrame died 863 days after the Paris Attacks.

863 is the 150th prime number. La Grande Loge de France =150. Salah Abdeslam =150. Carcassonne & Trebes Attack =150. Col Arnaud Beltrame =105. And 15 people were injured along with 5 killed. Napoleon I =1510 died exactly 10,150 weeks before the Paris Attacks, which is one to write home about (especially as 1150 is the fulfilment of 150). Arnaud Jean-Georges Beltrame =115. Sarkozy =115. Masonic =115. Freemasons =115. France =115. The Thalys Hoax happened 11 years 5 months 11 days after the Madrid Bombing.

Since we have the Napoleon synch in Beltrame’s Masonic lodge and we see the perfect 115 synch between the former French Emperor & the Paris Attacks, we can triangulate further – and see that Napoleon =372 died (5/5/1821) exactly 10,273 weeks before this event in Carcassonne & Trèbes =273. Hostage =273. What other 273s can we find?

  • The Paris Attacks also happened exactly 123 weeks before the Carcassonne & Trèbes Attack, and we know this as one of the core sequences. Conspiracy =123. Psychological Operation =123. Islamic =123. Hero =123. Mason =123. Hidden Hand =123. Monarchy =123. Martin Luther King Jr was shot 1 year 2 months 30 days after JFK and Hitler <allegedly> died exactly 12 years 3 months after taking power.

And have a look yourself at this duration between Napoleon’s death & the Paris Attacks: not only that beautiful 10150-week span but there’s a big 715 in the day count, reminding us of the 15:17 to Paris movie based on the Thalys Attack hoax. The Bataclan Massacre lasted until 0:58 so we could count it as ending 71,051 days after Napoleon died, a perfect reversal for a little more insight.

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 11.02.41 AM.png

Carcassonne and Trèbes Attack =1340 (EE). Of course we must explore this core code prevalent in every event lately. Carcassonne =34/403 (J). It happened the day before the March for Our Lives =403 protest, a last-minute reminder to kids about how scary guns are before marching for gun control in one of the largest protests in American history. Most of those kids would have heard the story of Constable Arnaud Beltrame =304/143 who is now universally celebrated as a Hero =134 (in Jewish Gematria) for sacrificing himself amidst screams of Allahu Akbar. Franc-Maçons =341 (in Jewish Gematria) which is ‘Freemasons’ =43 in French. Freemasonic =134 (Francis Bacon).

  • Respectable Lodge Jerome Bonaparte =314 (Reverse Reduction). Jerome Bonaparte =314 (Franc Baconis). Franc-Maçon =314 (Reverse Franc Baconis). Carcassonne and Trebes Attack =314 (Kabbalah, no accent) which happened a Pi-Perfect 314 days after Macron took office. President Emmanuel Macron =314 (Kabbalah). The Madrid Bombings of 3/11/04 that happened 14 years 13 days earlier. And looking back the Paris Attacks wikipedia we see that they now called it 413 injured.

We also find this perfectly framed in his date counts, as Arnaud Jean-Georges Beltrame =434 died 3 weeks 4 days before his birthday, and 340 days after his birthday. It also occurred on the day that Macron turned 40 years 3 months 4 days old. I mean c’mon. Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron =1043. Hostage =34. France =34. French =34/134. Sarkozy =34/43. Masonic =34/43. Allahu Akbar =34/43. It happened 43 days after the release of The 15:17 to Paris.

Speaking of ‘coincidence’ – like the American soldiers saving the day on the train (then playing themselves in a movie co-starring several comedy actors) – there was another major demonstration going on in France, as hundreds of thousands of workers were striking in protest of Macron’s neoliberal attack on public services; the most violent protests in France in some time being called Macron’s first big test. Then BOOM, this false flag / staged hoax occurs and Macron is the president in crisis reading the script with stoicism, saved by the proverbial bell, as the complicit media now focuses solely on this drama while ignoring the French strikes & protest.

It reminds us of the Champs-Élysées Attack (which I reported on) that coincided with Macron’s election. And, incidentally, former French president Nicolas Sarkozy was charged with corruption the day before the Carcassone Attack.

  • Carcassonne and Trèbes Attack =1126 which happened on numerology of (23+3) =26 and (2+3+3+2+1+8) =26 and a span of 26 days before Beltrame’s birthday. The terrorist, Lakdim =260 (Satanic), was also 26 years old. Redouane Lakdim =126. La Grande Loge de France =261. Hostage =261. Hostage Crisis =206. Sacrifice =206. Franc-Maçons =206. The Knights Templar =206. There are 206 sovereign nations on Earth and 206 bones in the human body.

Salah Abdeslam, the character Lakdim was trying to have released, was 26 years 6 months 2 days old the day before his capture and this event just so happened to come 26,626 days after the death of Hitler. Hero =26/62. Mason =26/62. Royal =26/62. Super U =62. Super U Trebes =62. Lt Col Arnaud Beltrame =62. Islamic =162. French =162. Franc-Maçonnerie =626.

President Macron =174 was also 14,704 days old for the hostage-taking by Lakdim =47/74 (JO/J) at the Supermarket =147/47 on the same day that Salah Abdeslam =174 was 10,417 days old. Islamic State Soldier =4017. Islamist Terrorism =74. Nicolas Sarkozy =174. Sarkozy =74/147. Masonic =74/147. GLDF =174/47 (Grand Loge de France). Freemasonry =1147. Freemason =147. Hitler died exactly 147 months after taking power.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 9.20.43 AM.png

«The Grand Lodge of France pays tribute to his Brother, Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Beltrame: It is with great emotion that the Brothers of the Grand Lodge of France learned today of the death of their Brother, Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Beltrame, member of the Respectable Lodge Jerome Bonaparte in the Orient of Rueil-Nanterre. They join forces to pay homage to this “hero-party” man, who showed a sense of duty and exemplary sacrifice. This act of bravery and its unfailing patriotism saved lives and reminded us that we must never bow to barbarism. (LINK)

  • Arnaud Jean-Georges Beltrame =333 (Kaballah) was also born with numerology of 33 (4+18+1+9+7+3) which is hilarious. President Emmanuel Macron =330 (Kabbalah). Franc-Maçons =330. Sarkozy =33. Secrecy =33. Masonry =33 with their 33 degrees and the logo G=33 in Francis Bacon gematria. France with the +33 country code. The 33rd prime number is 137 and there were 137 killed in the Paris Attacks. Hostage-Taking =137. Supermarket =137. Super U Trebes =137.

The Grand Orient de France (GODF) is the largest of several Masonic organizations in France and the oldest in Continental Europe, founded on 6/24/1773. That means it was exactly 12,770 weeks old the day before the attack. I mention this sequence because 10,277 weeks after the death of Napoleon gives us 21 April 2018 as a target date – incidentally, Queen Elizabeth’s 92nd birthday (or exactly 1104 months). 

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