The Death of DuShon Monique Brown and the Loyola Ramblers

Dushon Monique Brown from the TV show Chicago Fire died suddenly at the age of 49 on the date of 23 March 2018 – incidentally, the fifty-fifth anniversary of the Loyola-Chicago Ramblers winning their first & only NCAA Championship back in 1963, exactly eight months before the assassination of John F Kennedy. I’d identified her back then with an XL date count synch, though since Jeremy at Fields of White drew the connection with the Jesuit underdogs Loyola now in the Final Four, it’s now worth a closer look.

Chicago Fire =181 in Jewish Gematria, and Dushon Brown was a perfect 18,010 days old when she passed away. The Society of Jesus =1181 (JG), which is the name of the Jesuit Order. Loyola-Chicago Ramblers =181 who previously defeated the Nevada Wolf Pack =1801 (JG) and now play the Wolverines. Again, here in the Year of the Dog according to Chinese astrology, where the biggest upset in NCAA history was delivered by the #16 Retrievers.

And as I reported (post here), when Loyola upset Miami Hurricanes (at almost the exact same time as the Miami bridge collapse) Loyola’s coach Porter Moser =108/810 was the pitch-perfect age of 18,101 days old – making him 18,108 days old for the death of DuShon Monique Brown =81 and 18,118 days old for the Final. And curiously enough, the day after the ’63 Final, Loyola’s then-coach George Ireland just so happened to be 18,180 days old.

181 is the 42nd prime like the Final on 4/2 and this sequence everywhere this year. Moser =420/240. Coach Porter =242. Chicago =2420. Chicago Fire =424. 

Ramblers win in ’63 came 20,090 days before Brown’s death (2870 weeks), 2008 days before the death of George Ireland, and 20,080 days before Loyola upset Miami. Incidentally, DuShon Brown was born 2080 days after that ’63 Final; which is pretty crazy. Michigan-Loyola =208. 

  • Loyola Ramblers =210. Loyola-Chicago Ramblers =201 last won the ’63 Final a span of 20,100 days before this ’18 Final; and incidentally, the series premiere of Chicago Fire =201 (on 10/10/12) was 2001 days before the ’18 Final. Interesting eh. And Brown played the role of Connie =102/112. 

Loyola-Chicago Ramblers =102. Rambler =120. Wolverines =120. Coach Moser =1020 and the coach in ’63, George Ireland =120. Sister Jean =120/1020 (JG) the unofficial mascot for the Ramblers; and Moser’s record with Loyola is 121-110, and 211 losses in his entire career. Wolverines Ramblers =112. 

Continuing on that predator-prey theme we’ve been playing with, in a fight between a wolf & a wolverine it’s almost always going to be the wolverine coming out on top. And you know how I’ve been hunting for 767s? Michigan-Villanova =767 in Satanic Gematria. There’s some good stuff with X-Men’s Wolverine and Teen Wolf there, so stay tuned for that. Brother Berg is back in Berlin for a spell and on a better schedule for the next little bit, covering everything I can for us.

7 thoughts on “The Death of DuShon Monique Brown and the Loyola Ramblers

    • Ah! Nice one. Good fact check. I summarized a quick google search results page including links to YouTube videos of single wolverines fighting off full wolf packs but that’s why we gotta read more than the headline 😉


  1. Main stream news never seems to focus on real life positive events. Its been that way forever I suppose. Nevertheless, I still believe good news is as prevalent, if not more so, as the bad.
    People appear to be addicted to stories about death, terror, ritual sacrifice and anything with negative connotations…as you’re most assuredly aware. 😐


  2. Hey B.B.,
    Haha…..Loyola has Sister Jean and Villanova has a Father Rob…… beloved team chaplain.
    The Rev. Rob Hagan, (53 years old – 16th prime) “is a product of 16 years of Catholic school”……..


  3. Hi B.B.
    That 55 years is certainly a stand out to me. “Blessed are the “MEEK” for they shall inherit the earth.” [Matthew 5:5]
    Meek Mill sentenced to “2 – 4 years prison” on November 6th 2017 (like 1161)
    DuShon also starred in the TV drama “Prison Break”.
    From Nov. 6th 2017 to Dushon’s death on 23rd March is 137 days! (& 33rd prime)
    Some say Meek was/is being used to represent the Church of Philadelphia …….Revelation starting at Chapter 3:7. Cheers.


  4. There could be a link to the ‘American Civil War’ = 161/966 with the Wolverines.
    The Wolverines were the Michigan Brigade or known as Michigan Cavalry Brigade or Custer’s Brigade.
    Dawn featuring Tony Orlando = 1776, had the ’73 song – ‘Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree’. (A yellow ribbon for someone in the U.S. Cavalry).
    Connie Francis had the response song – (should I) tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree?


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