Michigan Wolverines: Red Dawn & X-Men Predictive Programming

The old 80s flick Red Dawn full of Cold War propaganda features a militia of teenagers saving the United States after the evil Soviets launch an invasion. We’ve decoded this story several times in the past (just run a search on Extra-Capsa) and how that militia is called the Wolverines – named after their school mascot, just like the Michigan Wolverines now in the Final Four. Reading a little deeper here we see that the movie from 1984 was filmed in Las Vegas, New Mexico though was set in the fictional town of Calumet, Colorado – based on the actual village of Calumet, Michigan… thus making a solid connection with the Michigan Wolverines.

Red Dawn =314. The Wolverines =227. This year’s NCAA Basketball Tournament began 12,270 days after the release of Red Dawn and the Final Four game plays 7 months 22 days after the 33rd anniversary of its release. Saddam Hussein =722. Michigan Villanova =1722. X-Men Origins: Wolverine =314. Twenty Eighteen March Madness =1314. 

  • Red Dawn =33. Calumet Michigan =133. The 2012 remake of Red Dawn opened 10,333 days after the original and 3303 days after a South Park episode parody called ‘Grey Dawn’. Operation Red Dawn =133 was the mission to capture Saddam Hussein =133/3310 – the targets labelled Wolverine 1 & 2 in tribute of the movie, no shit. Michigan =303. Logan released on 3/3 and the Final Four is on 3/31. 

Red Dawn 1984 opened on 8/10 and Kim Jong Un was born on 1/8. The Wolverine opened 8 months 1 day after Red Dawn 2012 (which features the North Koreans as the bad guys). X-Men Origins Wolverine =108/81 opened 8 years 11 months 1 day before this 4/2 Final. Wolverine, also known as Weapon X =180, first appeared in #180 of The Incredible Hulk =181 then had a full appearance in #181. The Society of Jesus =1181 and the prevalence of this code during this March Madness.

The first Wolverine film, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, opened in the USA (5/1/09) exactly 407 weeks before the premiere of the latest Wolverine movie, Logan (2/17/17) which, incidentally, came a parallel 407 days before this 3/31 Final Four.

  • The second movie, The Wolverine =174 released (7/24/13) a span of 4 years 7 months (and change) before this year’s March Madness, just as the Michigan Wolverines ’89 Title (their one & only) came 4 years 7 months (and change) after the release of the original Red DawnThe Wolverine also opened 1704 days before Michigan’s Sweet 16 win this year and 1714 days before the upcoming Final. Michigan University =1740 [J]. James Howlett =74 is the Wolverine’s real name and the character first appeared in comics in ’74. 

Logan =1130 premiered 1 year 1 month 13 days before the Final Four. Calumet Michigan =113. The Michigan Wolverines =113. Their German star player Mo Wagner =1113 like their coach John Beilein =113. And this one is awesome: Michigan University was established 101,130 days after the formation of the Society of Jesus, for a big Jesuit connection to Michigan playing Loyola then possibly Villanova (which was founded 301 years 1 month after the Jesuits =113).

Using this same ‘birth’ date, Michigan University =278 opened 200 years 7 months 8 days before the 4/2 Final. Michigan Villanova =287. 

That being said, the Kansas Jayhawks have the Civil Rights theme in full force, directly associating with the other Marvel superhero movie, Black Panther. A panther is a wildcat like the Villanova Wildcats here in the Year of the Dog. Essentially there are strong narratives in play for the four potential matchups in the Final; the angles focused here on Superheroes & Jesuits with a side of Civil Rights. It reminds me of Super Bowl 50, come to think of it, which as we reported on at the time, was very much Batman (Peyton Manning) versus Superman (Cam Newton) with major tributes to the Black Panther Party. As it turns out, Super Bowl 50 was exactly 112 weeks before these Final Four games with the parallel themes, and we know 112 is a core Jesuit code.

Anyway. Food for thought.

6 thoughts on “Michigan Wolverines: Red Dawn & X-Men Predictive Programming

  1. Nice work! There are so many possible scenarios in play…. Looking at the religious angle with the games being over easter, plus Easter Sunday being April fools day (granted the final being on Easter Monday), do you see any tie-in with the ‘falling’ Chinese fake station, called Heavenly Palace, which is due to ‘chash’ over this weekend?
    Would be hilarious if it crashes on April fools day.


  2. It’s a tough call between Loyola vs Michigan. I like the run of 227 and 314 numbers going in the paragraph for all the Pi tributes, but the Loyola coach is sitting on 226 career wins, going for his 227th. Cinderella = 227.
    Another “Brown” has bitten the dust, with the death of Linda Brown on 3/25, she was a girl during the Civil Rights case of Brown v. the Board of Education which happened in Kansas. Another thing to look into.
    There’s also a lot of 34 & 98 coding on this tournament (all 4 teams have 98 connections)(Kansas 34th state)(34th tournament since 1985 expansion to 64 teams), and we have Wrestlemania 34 coming on 4/8, the 98th day of the year.
    Still have a few days left, so we can keep researching to hopefully get this championship figured out!


  3. The Ireland link to Loyola could be the key?
    George Ireland winning in ’63. Sister Jean is a sister of the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the founders of which were from Ireland.
    Remember Ireland rugby win over All Blacks, played at Soldier Field, their first win in 111 years, three days after the Cubs world series. The score 40-29.
    The game played 5 Nov 2016 duration to final (incl. end day) = 1y 4m 29d.



  4. BB,
    You mentioned in a post previously, that wiki reads the following regarding Meghan Markle’s connection to the Royal Household –
    “Markle’s father’s family history revealed that Meghan’s great great great grandmother, Mary Bird, was a member of staff of the Royal Household at Windsor Castle in 1856.”
    Below is a link to Kansas Jeyhawk alumni Scot Bird and his wife Mary Bird in a Vets Day 5K run at KU 12 Nov 2017.
    Mary Bird wearing number 173.
    173rd prime is 1031 … Championship = 131


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