The Deaths of Hoosiers Daryl Thomas and Huskers David Humm

We got another basketball player down, this time Daryl Thomas – who won the 1987 NCAA Championship with the (#3) Indiana Hoosiers – has died at age 52 on March 28th. Thomas had been a high school basketball coach for Montini Catholic in Lombard IL, a suburb of Chicago for another sacrificial association with Loyola. That tournament’s Most Outstanding Player was Keith Smart of Indiana who just so happens to currently be the assistant coach of the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies – another synch with Memphis and a canine in the Year of the Dog.

The day earlier, March 27th, saw the death of David Humm – who won the 1971 NCAA (Football) Championship with the Nebraska Cornhuskers – at age 65. Humm was a career backup quarterback who went on to win a Super Bowl with the Oakland Raiders (1976) and another with the LA Raiders (1983). So already we can see quite the thematic relationship between these two men dying earlier than they should have, and on the eve of this year’s NCAA Championship. But as always, it’s the numbers that tell the tale.

What’s immediately intriguing is that Daryl Thomas =114 [K] was exactly 1140 weeks old when he won the ’87 Final with Indiana =114 [K]. Daryl Thomas + David Humm =114 [R].

  • (11×4) =44. Bob Knight =114 [K] – the legendary Hoosiers coach – was exactly 4040 weeks old when Thomas died, exactly 44 weeks after his (Thomas’s) last birthday. Coach Knight =44 [S]. Hoosier =44 [R]. David Humm won his college final 4404 days before winning Super Bowl XVIII as the backup for Ken Stabler =44 [R] aka Snake Stabler =444 [J] whose death we were deciphering back in 2015.

This 114-44 synch is especially awesome when we see that the 44th prime number is 193: Daryl Thomas played for The Hoosiers =193 [FB] and died at the age of exactly 19,300 days old; on the very day that his old coach Knight was exactly 4040 weeks old. That’s a very impressive synchronization. Humm =193 [RS].

D Thomas =413. This Final falls 31 years 4 days after the ’87 Final of Indiana over Syracuse.

  • Indiana Hoosiers =161. Daryl Thomas =161. D Thomas =161. Indiana University Hoosiers =191Twenty Eighteen NCAA Final =191 at Alamodome =191, the 43rd prime.
  • David Humm =143 from the Cornhuskers =143 won the National Championship when he was 1030 weeks 4 days old and died at the age of exactly 3443 weeks old. Nebraska Cornhuskers =343. Twenty Eighteen NCAA Final =343. The ’87 Hoosiers finished with a record of 30-4.

Humm born on 4/2 (like the final on 4/2) was also 24,100 weeks old at death. Indiana =124. Daryl Thomas =124. Thomas =24 who wore #24. Indiana University Hoosiers =402. Twenty Eighteen NCAA Final =241. Humm also died exactly 142 weeks after the death of Kenneth Stabler =204. Daryl Thomas + David Humm =2040.

And another fun fact is that on the day of the Final Four, it will be exactly 555 months after Humm won his National Championship on 1/1/72. And on the 4/2 Final it will be 999 days after the death of Stabler who died age 69 years 6 months old.

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