Decoding the Aussie Cricket Scandal

The Australian cricket team has been disgraced after three of their players (captain Steve Smith, vice-captain David Warner, & rookie Cameron Bancroft) were busted in a ball-tampering scandal during a test match versus South Africa on 3/24, reminding us of Tom Brady and his ball-tampering scandal with Deflategate. It also reminds me of the bizarre and potentially-faked death of Aussie cricketer Phillip Hughes (Fill Up Pews) back in 2014, one of my first major decodes. Like the death of Hughesy, this latest cricket heart-breaker comes as a massive blow to the Australian psyche/ego; in effect another psyop to a population obsessed with its cricket.

David Warner =504 (Satanic G) and Steve Smith (the 45th Captain) made their public apologies on 3/29 when Smith was exactly 1504 weeks old. Phillip Hughes =504 (Jewish G) would have been exactly 1540 weeks old this 4/5 (May Fifth) and Cameron Bancroft =45, not wanting to miss out on this ongoing pattern, is Cap #451. Warner + Smith + Bancroft =451. Malcolm Bligh Turnbull =451, the Aussie PM, connected numerically in more ways than one. Australian =154/504.

  • That’s a lot of synchs right there. And it gets even crazier because Australia’s coach has now stepped down in the wake of this scandal – his name? Darren Scott Lehmann =405 (Franc Baconis). And Smith was replaced at captain by Tim Paine. Paine =45/54/540. Now I recall another truth-sleuth talking about this 504 number, but I can’t remember who or where. Anybody help illuminate?

Cricket Scandal =54. Cheating Scandal =5045. Scandal =54/45. Phil Hughes =545. Thomas Brady =54/45. Brady =54 was suspended for Deflategate on 5/11/15, or another parallel span of 1054 days 150 weeks 4 days before the Aussie press conference. David Warner =1154. And wouldn’t you know: SHAME =154 (in English Extended). Keep our eyes peeled for upcoming events on 4/5; going through my notes here I see Phillip Hughes =504 was hit 50 weeks 4 days before the Paris Attacks (that were allegorically associated with Philip IV and the Knights Templar).

Smith =66. Steve Smith =166. Steven Peter Devereux Smith =1166 apologized 1166 days (and 166 weeks) after Deflategate. Australian Cricket =66. Cricket =66. Aussie Cheating Scandal =66. Hughes =66. Cameron Bancroft =661.

  • The apology press conference that made international news was also 1167 days after Deflategate. Darren Lehmann =167. Steve Smith =1067. Australia =167. Australian Cricket =176. Brady =76. And it was 17 weeks 6 days after the test debut of Cameron Bancroft =67. Lehmann =67. Cheating =67. Australia Test Cricket =607. The ball-tampering game in South Africa =176 happened 10,706 days after Hughe’s birth, again fitting neatly with the pattern. Ball-Tampering Scandal =76. Ball-Tampering =676.

Rigged Sports =167. Sports Theatre =167. With this big run we see that PM Turnbull was exactly 761 months old for the game; and all this really makes me wonder what they’re distracting from there Down Under, as especially with how ridiculously perfect all the coding is, the chances are very high that this is another staged spectacle by design, the players going along with whatever they’re told to do. And right on queue: a psychological warfare attack on the Australian public.

It should be noted that all this is happening while Australia sits at 911 total one-day international matches. Cricket =119. David Warner =119. Cheater =119. Hoax =119. Bancroft born on 11/19. Another number we know shows up here as the ball-tampering game happened 1161 days after the Deflategate game. Cricket Scandal =161. Scandal =161. Philip IV =161. That’s Phillip the Fourth of France, the enemy of the Templar, and Philip Hughes was on an IV intravenous for two days before his death. And what were we saying about 1-1-9 

This is the shot of Hughesy =119/191 getting hit, the ball taking a mean bounce right up into his jugular and him dying two days later. I was living in Perth when it happened and witnessed many grown men balling their eyes out. Especially with all the Phillip symbolism that would come over the next year, and the constant repetition of the numbers 408 & 63 that came to be the taglines for Hughes memorial – numbers we’d then see showing up in major events to come – the whole thing seemed fishy to me.

We were told his fatal injury happened in front of a big crowd in Sydney yet all the images show empty seats. Try it yourself, nowhere on Google Image can I find one person in the stands. Further, the only video footage that exists is too choppy to see anything conclusive. It skips and freezes just as the ball is thrown. But you know, it MIGHT have happened as they say and if so RIP Hughsey.

Phil Hughes =113 born on 11/30 became the first Aussie batsman to score a century on debut on 1/11/13. Hughsey =113 was then hit at a Sheffield Shield Match =113. Those 113s followed by the Sydney Siege on Phillip Street and the Paris Attacks on 11/13 (the worst European terror since Madrid 3/11 happening 311 days after the Charlie Hebdo hoax) and were connected to the mass arrest of Knights Templar on 10/13, Friday the 13th. Malcolm Bligh Turnbull =1013. 

And a reminder about Hughes =408 (Sumerian), he wore the gematria-friendly cap #408 and was hit while ’63 not out’ as they say in cricket. He’s thus been memorialized as 63 Not Out Forever. As our research shows, two numbers most associated with 666 are 63/36 and 48. Six Six Six =48/63. Baphomet =480/36. Satan =480. Hughsey =48. The 36th triangular number is 666 just as it appears to represent 3 6s.

  • Not surprisingly then, this next major psychological blow to the Australian collective consciousness occurred in similar duration. The ball-tampering game was 1216 days after Hughes was hit – and when new captain Paine was a perfectly synched 12,160 days old. Australia =612. That’s (6x6x6) =216. Similarly (6+6+6) =18 days after Phillip Hughes’ death was the “Sydney Siege” hostage crisis on Phillip Street. And the day before this ball-tampering game was the hostage crisis in Carcassonne & Trèbes (looking just as staged and phoney as that in Sydney). Flashbacks  & déjà-vus being the thing here.

Australian =696. Hughes was struck exactly 696 weeks after the Port Arthur Massacre in 1996, another event that struck a major blow to the Aussie psyche. Port Arthur Tasmania Australia =666. Cameron Timothy Bancroft =669. Hoax =669.

Here’s another shot of Hughes going down in front of an empty house, and on the left it’s former Aussie cricket captain Michael Clarke reading an obituary at Hughes’s funeral. Notice the IHS logo of the Jesuits aka The Society of Jesus =227Malcolm Bligh Turnbull =227 was in office for 131 weeks 4 days during the game in question. Hughes was struck 7 months 22 days after Clarke’s 33rd birthday when Cameron Bancroft just happened to be a perfect 22 years 7 days old. The three cheaters:  Smith + Warner + Bancroft =227. 

All this pi-coding connected right to the source: Cricket =314 (Satanic G).

Bonus Factoid: Tom Brady’s loss in this past Super Bowl was exactly 143 weeks or a perfect 1000 days after his 5/11/15 suspension, perhaps suggesting another duration factor for these repeating pi-cycles events.

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