Teen Wolf: Michigan Wolverines Predictive Programming

I’ve been meaning to decode the predictive programming in Teen Wolf (1985) as it pertains to the Michigan Wolverines & their run for the 2018 title, and now that they beat Loyola & are facing off against Villanova Wildcats – one Jesuit team to the next, cats & dogs here in the Year of the Dog – we may as well dig in. And prepare yourself, this is one of the greatest examples we’ve seen.

  • So on the surface, we have Michael J Fox as a kid who becomes a werewolf and star of his high school basketball team, the Beacontown Beavers, in the yellow & blue colouring of Michigan University. FOX. WOLF. WOLVERINE. DOG. And the kid even wears the classic #42, incidentally 4/2 the date of the 2018 Championship. Werewolf =42. Beacontown High School =402. Wolverines =142. Two Thousand Eighteen Final Four =142/421. San Antonio =421. The Teen Wolf cartoon series (1986-87) ran for 421 days. The film’s 1985 release was also 4 years 2 days after the release of An American Werewolf in London.

We’ve been seeing this canine theme in full force lately, identified originally with the Philadelphia Eagles as the only #1 seed to be Playoff underdogs and the forced trend of Eagles fans and players wearing dog masks in the lead-up to their Disney-themed win. Then there was the Valentines Day Massacre on Lupercalia, the ancient Roman festival of the Wolf, and here in March Madness, we see the #16 Retrievers beat the #1 Cavaliers in the biggest upset in NCAA basketball history. Appropriately then, in Teen Wolf the werewolf kid’s sudden popularity leads to the school being overwhelmed by “Wolf Fever.” Which really is too perfect.

I also see the fun fact that the Beavers mascot was directly borrowed from the Oregon State Beavers; the furthest their basketball team ever got in the NCAA tournament was the Final Four in 1963 – yes, the year won by Loyola-Chicago, as we’ve been discussing. The same underdog team that Michigan Wolverines just defeated to reach the final. A Jesuit team just like Villanova; just as Wolverines’ coach John Beilein played for the “Wheeling Jesuit Cardinals.” No shit.

Teen Wolf =116. Michigan University =116. Wolf Fever =116. Canine =116. Wolverines Wildcats =116. Exactly 11,900 days after Teen Wolf opened was the Wolverine’s Sweet 16 game. With end date that’s 11,901 days for our Phi-coding; repeating again with the Championship played 11,910 days later – and 191 days after the series finale of the Teen Wolf television series.

  • Michael J Fox =191. Society of Jesus =191. Alamodome =191. San Antonio Texas =191. Twenty Eighteen NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship =191. Ann Arbor Michigan =191 the home of Michigan University.

Teen Wolf Too =119 (as its stylized) opened 11,090 days before the 3/31 Final Four game and 11,091 days before the Final. The fucking sequel coded up with the exact same sequences. That’s insane. AGAIN: The Wolverines Final on 4/2 in the same yellow & blue jerseys comes both 11,910 days after Teen Wolf 1 and 11,091 days after Teen Wolf 2. And for another mind-blowing synch, the high school in the movie: Beacontown =1191 in Jewish Gematria.

  • An American Werewolf in London opened 1910 weeks 1 day before this Final Four.
  • If we wanted to properly triangulate this bitch, Michael Andrew Fox =161 (as he was born, on 6/9/61) was 10,161 days old when the Michigan Wolverines won their first & only NCAA Championship on 4/3/89. True story.

And even if we’re being sloppy and rounding to years, that’s ’85 Teen Wolf, ’87 sequel, ’89 Wolverines win. Dog =16/61. Scott Howard =106/61. Moritz Wagner =161. John Patrick Beilein =161. San Antonio Final Four Twenty Eighteen =161. Rod Daniel =161, the director of Teen Wolf (his first & most popular film) – who just so happens to have had a holiday home in Michigan, for a pretty close association with the Wolverines.

Teen Wolf =71. Fox =71. Dog =71/17. Werewolf =107 and Scott Howard is a 17=year-old playing for the Beavers =117. Year of the Dog =1170. The two Teen Wolf movies happened to release exactly 117 weeks apart.

  • Further, Teen Wolf’s director Rod Daniel =71 just died in 2016 (from complications of Parkinsons =71, like Michael J Fox has too) a perfect 1 year 11 months 17 days before the 4/2 Final. Parkinson =1107/117. 

Michigan =107 (JG) and their aforementioned Sweet 16 win on 3/23 was exactly 1700 weeks after the movie opened; their Final Four victory exactly 1701 weeks later – and 7 months 10 days after Teen Wolf’s anniversary. April Second Twenty Eighteen =1171 which is on numerology (4+2+2+1+8) =17. Michigan Villanova =107.

Teen Wolf =696 and the Wolverines’ first game of the tournament (3/15) was exactly 1699 weeks after the film’s release date – as well as 6 years 9 months 9 days after the (6/5/11) premiere of the TV spinoff & 699 days (or 99 weeks 6 days) after the death of Rod Daniel =966. Werewolf =1966 (JG). The Beavers =996 (JG). The rival team is The Dragons =666Dragons =666. Fox =666. Canine =696.

  • In case that’s enough, Michael Andrew Fox =966 was 9660 days old on the day Teen Wolf Too opened in cinemas (not starring him though). And the day before the 3/31 Final Four, the lead actor in the Teen Wolf television series, Tyler Posey, just so happens to have been the exact same age of 9660 days old. Just a ridiculous onslaught.

San Antonio TX =996. Two Thousand Eighteen NCAA Final Four =699. National Championship April Second Twenty Eighteen 669. That’s some crazy tight coding, and some crazy tight predictive programming. And I’m looking at the B on Teen Wolf’s letter jacket there and damn if it isn’t the Michigan M rotated 90 degrees. The identical M of the Marshall Thundering Herd, as I was covering weeks ago. Now we see if the Wildcats are allowed to win in the Dog Year.

8 thoughts on “Teen Wolf: Michigan Wolverines Predictive Programming

  1. B-Berg, Just had a personal ‘revelation/connection’ this Ishtar/April Fools morning, not quite related to the topic, yet may help others ‘unravel’ this puzzle of the ‘matrix’.

    Growing up there’s a reason now we called the TV Antennas ‘Rabbit Ears’, (programming) FWIW

    Then I was guided to this article. In the Beginning was the code. Which became Words, which are spells! (spelling) Give new insight to John 1.

    Article here http://dreamcatcherreality.com/matrix-code/

    Thanks for all you do. Let’s keep on keepin on and help others who have the ‘want to, to want to’.


  2. Lovely work …… I see the reports (c b s) that after the final four games, Michigan are being installed as the underdog, with the reports saying the Wolverines need a ‘prayer’ to beat Villanova in the final.


    • Seems as though the religious theme, since the 74 point SB Philadelphia Eagles win, has won out with Villanova of Philadelphia triumphant (over the Easter period).
      The Church of Philadelphia mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Jay Wright was born in Churchville.
      It could be said that a bird theme being tied in, as a Jay is a bird.


  3. B-Berg, I’m not a deep diver on Gematria I get ‘drive-by’s in my mind. As you pulled out Teen Wolf’ movie, I was promoted to another movies for the ‘Wildcats’ possibly something in there, called ‘ High School Musical. Again thanks for all you and others do.


  4. Wow, how blatant can it get?! Of course, on 3/31, there was a second blue moon or was it…Wolf Blue Full Moon = 1666 (Tri), 1619 (J)…;D


  5. Very very sweet indeed BB!
    And how about a score tomorrow of 81-80? (Total 161)
    {8 months and 1 day after the Pope turns 81 will be 8/18/18 I believe.}
    Should be fun!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Would be Michigan win #1587. 587 being the 107th prime, to go with your 107 train above. I also like how Michigan has been stuck at a champtastic 1031 losses.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Also interesting that the Alamodome broke ground a very revelation-friendly 10,010 days ago. This would seemingly point to the philly team, but this being Michigan’s 101st season, who knows ..


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