John Du Pont & Rollie Massimino: Decoding Villanova Wildcats Tributes

The backstory to the Villanova victory revolves around the sacrifice of their former coach Rollie Massimino and the tale of John Du Pont, heir to the Du Pont family fortune, whose name bestowed the original Wildcats Pavilion – until he was arrested & died in prison, the only member of the Forbes 400 richest Americans ever to be convicted of murder. On 1/26/96 at Foxcatcher Farm, his private estate, Du Pont shot and killed Dave Schultz, a world champion wrestler who won gold at the ’84 Olympics.

The ’84 season of the NCAA ended in the ’85 Final, the first championship for the Villanova Wildcats and their coach Rollie Massimino, who just passed away last year on 8/30/17, harmonically timed, as we’ll see, with the Wildcats 2nd title in 2016 and their 3rd here in 2018. We’ll also tie in that Amtrak Derailment from 12/18/17 in none other than DuPont Washington, perfectly synchronized with all this jazz.

John Du Pont =47 killed Dave Schultz =47 then died 74 days after the 470th birthday of The Jesuit Order =147. John Eleuthère du Pont =147. Team Foxcatcher =470/74. Coach Massimino =470. Rollie Massimino =474 died 7 months 4 days before the Final on April Second =174. Amtrak Cascades =47. Derailment =47. Labrat Knats =47. Wildcat =74/747. The Wildcats =74. Villanova Wildcats =147. 

John Eleuthère du Pont =84. Jesuits =84. The Jesuit Order =84/184. Coach Roland Vincent Massimino =184 won the ‘84-85 season Rollie =184 died 11,840 days after that Final. Wildcats now play at Wells Fargo Center =84In It Four Villanova =184. 

Du Pont =540. Notice that Rollie was 50 years 4 months old when he won his first & only title with the Villanova =450 Wildcats =405 hailing from Philadelphia Pennsylvania =504, just as Coach Pederson was 50 years 4 days old when the Eagles won Super Bowl LII. And now this matchup of Wildcats Wolverines =504. Jesuit =504. Labrat Knats =504. 

  • Society of Jesus =191. Rollie Massimino =191 defeated the Georgetown Hoyas =191 in ’85, another repeat of Cats over Dogs remembered as one of the greatest upsets in NCAA history. San Antonio Texas =191. Alamodome =191. Twenty Eighteen NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship =191. 

Foxcatcher Farm =191. Jerold Taylor Wright Jr =191. Du Pont murdered Schultz when Schultz was 1191 weeks old and Villanova won 19 years 1 month 10 days after Du Pont was charged with murder. Philadelphia Pennsylvania =1611. The Amtrak Derailment in DuPont happened 6111 days after Wright’s hiring.

IHS =141. The Society of Jesus =1410. NCAA Final Four in San Antonio =1141 hosted by the University of Texas at San Antonio =1410 in San Antonio TX =141. Rollie =141.

  • Foxcatcher Farm =141. The movie Foxcatcher =41 opened on 11/14/14 a span of 1414 days before the Wildcats 2018 Championship, played on the day that John Du Pont was exactly 4141 weeks old. Dave Schultz =141 died 14 years 10 months 14 days before the death of Du Pont and exactly 141 weeks after Alamodome opened.

Wells Fargo Center =141. Jay Wright =41 won 14 weeks 1 days after his birthday. Sosa =14 was installed on 10/14 as leader of the Jesuits and the Wildcats won exactly 104 weeks after their last championship. Jesuit =104. In It Four Villanova =104. Nova Nation =41.

Universitas Villanovana =314 as the school is called in Latin and the Wildcats’ 2016 title came 31 years 4 days after their 1985 title, which in turn came a parallel 31 years 4 months after achieving university status – 413 years after the founding of the Jesuits & 314 days before its birthday. Safe to say we have some pi-coding here.

  • The Society of Jesus =227. Coach Jay Wright =227. Finneran Pavilion =227 named after William B Finneran =722. Nova’s first title came 1722 months after their school’s founding, their second title at NRG Stadium Houston Texas =1722.

John Du Pont died when he was 72 years 2 weeks old. Wildcats won their third title 22 years 2 months 7 days after the murder & 3 years 10 months 14 days before the premiere of Foxcatcher, which opened 3 years 11 months 4 days after the death of Du Pont and 72 weeks 2 days before the Wildcats 2016 Title.

Villanova founded 301 years 1 month after the founding of the Jesuits =113 just as San Antonio itself was founded 311 days after the founding of Freemasonry. Foxcatcher Farm =1113. Massimino =131 born on 11/13 and Du Pont died after 13 years in prison. Nova =103. Nova Nation =1031. Championship =131. Jesuits =131. 

Coach Wright also won in San Antonio =888 exactly 888 weeks after his hiring. That Final also came 7707 days (exactly 1101 weeks) after Du Pont’s conviction. And there’s lots more to this story but you get the gist of it.

11 thoughts on “John Du Pont & Rollie Massimino: Decoding Villanova Wildcats Tributes

  1. Wow, this post is awesome, mind blowing.
    The Amtrak train crash connecting to du Pont, connecting to Villanova is brilliant.
    I also notice a connection to Somerset, which I kept mentioning leading up to the Eagles SB -John du Pont was pronounced dead in Somerset Community Hospital.
    There is also a connection to Lexington – Rollie Massimino coached Lexington High School in Massachusetts to a 160–61 record.
    The du Pont family famous for horseracing. John du Pont’s father and his father’s sister Marion duPont Scott (she married actor Randolph Scott – which we were mentioning a good few months back) both big in horseracing. Marion produced the horse ‘Battleship’ – the only horse ever to win both the American Grand National and British Grand National. This year’s British version is run on 4/14.
    Epic decode BB

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  2. Beauties as always. Here is one I was surprised eluded you: the first Nova championship came exactly 1722 weeks prior to this one. Also I should’ve gone with my gut regarding the Alamodome breaking ground 10,010 days before the game, that points to Philly all day every day. A couple other gems: coach Wright picked up his 422nd win with Villanova, on 4/2/2 (2+0+1+8), he was born 12/24, and coach Beilein’s tournament record fell to 24–12.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah shoot! That 1722 weeks was the one that started me down the pi-hole, so deep I forgot what brought me there in the first place! NICE finds on the 422. And the synchs from the proverbial dates of conception & birth of the arenas playing a vital role in the event was a theory very much validated if not confirmed with this event.


  3. Great Find, B Berg! You unraveled the whole piece of “Pi” that was attached to the “Labrat Knats Train Derailment” in Dupont. I did a decode on one of your older posts connecting Gonzaga Bulldogs/Coach Mark Few/Chinese Year Of The Dog and the “Labrat Knats Amtrak Train Wreck”. Because Gonzaga is in “Spokane, WASHINGton”, maybe next year (2019, 219/912). Dave Schultz’s brother, “Mark Philip Schultz” (PHI-lip/PHIladelphia) is a Wrestler and was in that bizarre “Foxcatcher” movie.

    “Foxcatcher Movie”=219-Francis Bacon
    “Mark Norman Few”=912- The Duodecimal Value of “912” is “640”(64)
    “Mark Schultz”=912
    “Gonzaga Bulldogs”=64

    “912” is an Area Code in Georgia and Superbowl LIII is in Atlanta, GA in 2019. Maybe this Amtrak Train Wreck storyline will carry over into 2019(219/129)
    “Amtrak Train Wreck”=129
    “Coach Roland Vincent Massimino”=129

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