Humboldt Broncos Bus Crash – Part I

I was away for the weekend hiking in NW Germany and heard the news that not only was there a vehicle ramming in Münster, a town just a few km away for me, but a nasty bus crash close to my hometown stomping grounds of the Canadian prairies – hitting even closer to the core of Canadian culture as it involved a junior hockey team with 15 killed 14 injured, two days before the end of the NHL regular season.

The Humboldt Broncos were traveling to Nipawan Saskatchewan to play the Hawks in game 5 of their league’s semi-final playoffs when the team bus t-boned a cemi. I have a lot of friends associated with Saskatchewan junior hockey and Canada is unusually upset over this; bus rides a very important part of junior hockey culture – and I know that there will be clues from the universe as to the Stanley Cup champion, because despite all the tragedies we live in a weird and wonderful world, of at least this there is no doubt.

  • Humboldt =401/414 (JG). Broncos =41. Nipawin =41/104. Crash =41/14. Bus Crash =41/414. The 15th person died in hospital later, meaning the initial crash left 14 dead 14 injured there in census division 14, the appropriate number for the rural community of Armley =114. Especially as the bus struck a cemi hauling Peat Moss =114. Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League =114/141 aka the SJHL =114. Among the dead their head coach, Darcy Haugan, and their captain, Logan Schatz =104. 
  • Canada =14. Canadian =1014. Trudeau =114 took office on 11/4.

This sequence has been identified as core to this NHL season that began on 10/4 and ends on 4/11 which is April Eleventh =141. April Eleventh Twenty Eighteen =401. And I noticed on the Humboldt Broncos wikipedia page that their mascot is a horse named SlapShot =41/104. That’s something, as I’d already seen a few clues lately for the classic hockey comedy from 1977, Slap Shot, featuring the fictional Charlestown =104 Chiefs =41. The Chiefs =141. And it opened 40 years 1 month 14 days before the end of the regular season.

Since last season there’s been chatter that a Canadian team is due to win this year, which leaves either the Jets or The Leafs =41/104/140 valued at $1.4 billion and going for their 14th Stanley Cup. Leafs =41. The Playoffs starting 140 days after their 100th birthday and their coach: Mike Babcock =411.

  • Brophy =104. John Brophy, former Leafs head coach from ’86-’88 (fired 33 games into the season) recently died on 5/23/16 (a perfect 1 year 10 months 14 days before the bush crash) – is the inspiration for Paul Newman’s character in Slap Shot, player-coach Reggie Dunlop. And Brophy himself was involved in a bad car accident back in 2000.

We also see a few matching gems for the other Canadian squad: The Winnipeg Jets =1104/140. Jet =140/41. But there’s another direction I’m being led in here. The Humboldt Broncos colours are green & gold, which make me think of the Minnesota North Stars =1414/1004 (the latter in JG) which segues to the find that Paul Newman died at the age of exactly 1004 months old.

If you’ve been following along there’s been so much associated with Minnesota lately, much more than the host city of Super Bowl LI. We also see that George Roy Hill, the director of Slap Shot is from Minneapolis Minnesota =114. Minnesota =41/104. Which points us in the direction of The Minnesota Wild =1411 (JG).

  • Coach Bruce Boudreau =140/104. As it turns out, their current head coach Bruce Boudreau had a minor role in Slap Shot, briefly wearing the green sweater (#7) of the opposing Presidents VS the Chiefs. Presidents makes me think Washington Capitals and as it turns out, just like the Humboldt Broncos, the Capitals mascot is also named Slap Shot.

We find another connection the Minnesota Wild, as their assistant coach Bob Woods =401/41 grew up on a farm twenty minutes from Humboldt SK. Small world, family members still live and his youngest son played for the Broncos two years ago, and knew some of the victims. That’s close to home. And if we click through the profile of Bob Woods, we see that he played for the Johnstown Chiefs, whose home arena was the setting of Slap Shot. That’s Johnstown Pennsylvania. And before they were the Chiefs they were the Jets (yes like the only other Canadian team still alive) and who played for the Johnstown Jets but Bruce Boudreau. That’s a lot of synchronicity.

Especially since the Jets & Wild are playing each other in the first round of the Playoffs – one to watch; though they’re going to need all the number synchs they can get to beat the Predators in the next round. 

And there’s more, because the Wild’s goaltender, Devan Dubnyk, is from Regina – the capital of Saskatchewan, a couple hours south of Humboldt. Wearing #40 and born on the 4th, Dubnyk was drafted 14th in ’04. Dubnyk’s got some more good numbers on him, 31 years 11 months 13 days old for the bus crash, exactly 1666 weeks the day after it, and 11666 days old for the Playoffs.

  • The day after the crash Boudreau =33 turned exactly 3300 weeks old for the end of the regular season, 3 months 3 days after his birthday. We saw that Brophy was fired 33 games into his final season as Leafs coach and as it turns out, the Humboldt Broncos had (you guessed it) 33 wins at the time of the wreck. Twenty Eighteen Stanley Cup =303. 

And of course there’s even more than that, but we’ll just stick to the 14 coding for now; Wild currently the 12th favourite to win the Stanley Cup. As it turns out there’s a CRAZY perfect long-count with another Broncos bus crash that necessitates a Part II follow-up here so stay tuned.

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